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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls a quick family meeting to inform all that it did not work out at Spencer Publications and she is no longer working there. Katie walks into the office and kisses her handsome husband. He is not complaining. Nicole tells Zende that she knows he is disappointed in her, so is she. She felt as big as a horse compared to Sasha looking so gorgeous. She is sorry and hopes he can forgive her. Sasha tells Julius she can not believe Nicole went and got her fired. And Julius can be so cold. He offers that he is not cold, she just does belong here. She says he is her family and she thinks she does belong here. She says if she wants to become a Forrester model, then she is not going home. He can give up that dream. All her life she has given in to Nicole, her best friend, but she is his child too and he should have thought of her too. He tells her that he will not have her upset this family, she will keep their secret. He can not imagine living without Nicole. Before they are through she says that Zende is fine and way too good for that nerdy Nicole. He is waiting for her now for photo shoot so off she goes.

Rick tells Brooke that she should not have left Forrester in the first place but this surprises him. Bill tells Katie that Brooke is gone so let it go. She says she betrayed her once again and she can not forget that. She cries that Bill is married to her but apparently that does not matter. She did not want to see it but Brooke knows how to play her, she has had plenty of practice. She wonders if Bill is defending Brooke as she really does not want to hear that. Zende locks the door and says maybe they should try again now that Nicole is not sick. She scoffs that some people wait until marriage. He hopes she is not being serious. Maya interrupts before any more happens. Rick says he feels like he is missing a few pieces and if there is some trouble with Katie he would like to know now. Bill tells Katie that he is not trying to defend Brooke, just trying to save their relationship. Katie laments that she feels so stupid and angry at her self. She is the biggest fool in the world. She will not put herself through this again. Nicole tells Maya that it was a cheap shot what she did to Sasha and she could not let that stand. Maya asks if she really is okay with Zende and Sasha working together again. Sasha comes on to Zende during the shoot and says she owes Nicole nothing. Brooke confides in Eric that she feels stupid and selfish. Nothing was going to come of her telling Bill that she still loved him. She wishes Katie would never have heard that. Katie says it makes no sense. She wanted Brooke to be a bigger part of her life, not to cut her out. The feelings did not just pop up, she has had them all along. She wanted Bill back in her bed. She is a human wrecking ball but she will not let her do that this time. Why does Brooke’s love hurt her so much? She knows how much Bill loves her and he would not fall for Brooke again. She hugs him and says he is hers and she is his. He tells her never doubt that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava wanted Steve to sleep with her to prove that he wanted her.  She agreed to tell him where Kayla was if he did.  Eve and Belle argued over Eve helping Claire.  Claire saw Belle with Eve.  Nicole and Theresa talked about starting their own business.  When Eve walked away from Belle, Belle and Claire got into an argument when Belle didn’t want Claire to work with Eve.  Joey caught Steve and Ava kissing.

Claire tried to talk Belle into making her marriage work.  Claire got furious with her and walked away.  Nicole told Brady that she and Theresa wanted Kate to buy them out so they could buy their own company.  Steve tried to go after Joey, but he ran away.  Ava wanted to finish what she and Steve started, but he choked her.  Nicole asked Brady to be a partner.  Steve wanted Ava to tell him where Kayla was or he would kill her.  Ava told him that he would never know if he killed her.  Kate agreed to buy out Nicole and Theresa.  When Steve stopped choking Ava, she had one more offer for him.  She wanted him to go with her to find her son.  Once he was found, she would tell Joey where Kayla was.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jake gets taken to the hospital after being injured when his parents have found him, believing he ran away yet unaware that Sam has fallen down the stairs in the basement alone. When regains consciousness yet cannot reach her phone and has no heat. It appears she might go into hypothermic shock when she's trapped in the basement. Ava is ready to put her foot down to Paul, and refuse to do work that puts her or her baby daughter at risk. He reminds her that he can easily make the taped confession that she committed murder re-appear and send her to prison. Yet she is no longer motivated by that. She lies to Kiki telling her she's sick so Kiki will watch Avery for the day. Unknown to her, Kiki has taken Avery to Sonny's house so he can be alone with Avery while Kiki and Morgan go out together. Monica tends to Jake while Elizabeth and Jason are together wondering and worrying about their son. He manages to utter to them: "what about Sam?" although they haven't a clue what he means nor what has happened to Sam. Anna and Robert spend the night alone in jail after it appears the Halifax police have them mistaken for other people. Mac and Felicia come to bail them out, assuring them the local authorities know nothing about their pursuit of Carlos and Sabrina. Yet Anna gets a call from Paul who knows where she is although he does not reveal it. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Michael goes to find Felix at the hospital hoping he can find a way to track down Sabrina. Yet Felix urges him to give it up and realize Sabrina has left and doesn't want him in hers' or the baby's lives.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Coffeehouse, Nick finds out from Faith that Sharon told her that Sage would not be coming home for awhile. Nick sends Faith for some hot chocolate and then he confronts Sharon about telling Faith without discussing it with him first. Hilary tells Neil that she didn’t signed the divorce papers because she wants Devon back. At Fairview, Sage has a meeting with Dr. Anderson and apologizes for hitting her. At the Athletic Club dining room, Devon and Lily discuss how Cane is treating her. Cane and Michael discuss his options concerning custody of the children in the event that he and Lily get divorced. Michael and Cane re-join Jill, Colin, and Lauren to plan the anniversary celebration which is really meant for Cane and Lily as a way of getting them back together. Jill also invites Devon, Lily, and Neil to the celebration. Neil hesitates but Michael tells him that it is for Cane and Lily. Dr. Anderson tells Sage to distance herself from Nick by leaving town. Nick tells Sharon that Sage is seeing Dr. Anderson as a therapist. When Dr. Anderson leaves her alone for a few moments, Sage takes advantage of it by going through Dr. Anderson’s desk. Sage calls Nick to keep Dr. Anderson occupied so she can find out more about her.

Nick picks up the picture off the table to take to Sage and he leaves. Nick calls Dr. Anderson to meet him so they can talk about them. Hilary looks at the divorce papers and then takes out her wedding and lays it on the papers. Everyone gathers at the Athletic Club dining room for the anniversary celebration. Jill and Colin stage a fight to get Cane and Lily to think about their own marriage. Cane motions for Lily to join him across the room and then they go somewhere private to talk. Dr. Anderson and Nick meet to discuss Sage which results in Dr, Anderson kissing Nick. In rummaging through Dr. Anderson’s office, Sage finds a book on “Living with Paralysis.” Devon meets with Hilary, who tells him that she wants him back but Devon refuses to go through all this again and walks out on Hilary. Faith tells Sharon that she wants to live with her, Dylan, and Sully. Lily and Cane make love.

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