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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn shows back up at the office and grills Wyatt about being with Steffy. He jokes that he is not one to kiss and tell. Aha, there is something to tell, she is hopeful. He says Liam is moving on so he doesn’t even know if he is in town or not. Quinn recommends that he makes his move as Wyatt does not know how long Liam will be off the grid. He says for the first time it is just him and Steffy without Liam and he is not going to blow it by rushing her. Angrily Steffy tells Thomas that Liam ended it all with a text. He says he does not want her hurt again. But he gets angry too when he finds out she has moved on and has feelings for another Spencer, Wyatt. She says Wyatt is very special and she never realized it before so they are there to help each other. He tells Thomas that he is going to show Steffy how to be treated and he would never abandon her.

Quinn goes home and finds Liam passed out on the floor. She gives him a shoulder rub and tells him that he needs to be more careful. He will get better but he finds that hard to believe right now. She promises him that she will get him a sandwich and take care of him. She closes the curtain to keep the light out of his eyes and feeds him. He has no memory yet he keeps trying to remember. He wonders why she cares so much. She is so kind. He’d like to stay there with her if she does not mind. She agrees. He does not know who he is or where he has a place to even go. He holds her hand and says he can not thank her enough. She says no one has touched her like that and they can’t do this. He takes her hand again and smiles at her lovingly. She remembers the times when she locked him in the steam room, kicked his casted foot, and held the sword to his neck. She knows he will hate her when he finally remembers, but she needs just a little more time to give Wyatt and Steffy a chance. Wyatt tells Steffy that he would never try and change her. That is the major difference between the two brothers. It is terrible that Liam broke up with her on a text but he is there for her and they can get through this. She will never have that kind of pain with him, not ever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip and Deimos talked on the phone about getting the serum Victor had for Caroline.  Belle caught Philip on the phone.  Ciara realized Chase was the one sending Theo the texts.  Steve told Joey that he had a lead on finding Avaís son.  Joey was worried that they still wouldnít find Kayla.  Ciara told Hope and Rafe that Chase was bullying Theo.  Rafe went to look for Chase when he ran away.  Philip told Belle to go back to Shawn.  Ciara thought Chase bullied Theo because of her.  Steve told Ava about his lead on her son.  Ava didnít think the lead was good enough to tell her where Kayla was.  He had a deal for her.

Deimos approached Victor at Danielís shrine and hoped Victor didnít lose anyone else.  Philip told Belle how he got mixed up with Deimos.  He told her that Deimos is blackmailing him to turn against Victor.  Steve told Ava he would walk away from Kayla and Joey in order for them to be safe.  Steve tried to convince Ava that he wanted to be with her.  Deimos threatened to take everything from Victor.  Victor wasnít threatened.  Belle wanted Philip to talk to John about Deimos.  Chase sent Ciara a text apologizing for what he did to Theo.  Chase also told her goodbye.  Ciara got in touch with Chase and talked him out of running away.  Steve kissed Ava to prove that he wanted her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Kristina is alone in her mom's house, an attractive woman comes to talk to her alone, revealing that she is Professor Parker with whom Kristina almost had an affair yet who turned down Kristina's "proposition" because the female professor's wife could not find out. They argue about who is blackmailing or seducing whom and each know how they cannot afford for their secret to be exposed. Lulu pays Dante a surprise visit with a romantic dinner which he really appreciates, and they express their love for each other and desire to get back what they had. Yet she admits she cannot sleep with him in their mutual bed, remembering it was in that very bed that their marriage fell apart. At that point, they conclude that they cannot repair or rekindle the love they once had and so they have to go through with divorce proceedings. Jason, Elizabeth, Franco and Dr. Renault are all very worried and concerned about Jake. When they return home, Elizabeth and Jason see a broken window yet Jake is not there so they assume he's run away. They are unaware that Sam has come to visit and fallen down the basement stairs and Jake is there with her refusing to help her. Nina approaches Olivia and encourages her to go public and get national coverage, through the magazine for her protest to the mayor to be able to breastfeed in public. At first, Olivia is not comfortable with Nina's idea yet Nina knows how to sell and encourage her, along with Alexis. Julian has his reservations, from the viewpoint of baby Leo having the right to privacy yet all three women relentlessly urge him to know they are not giving up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy decides to work for Jabot again and is released from the hospital then he goes home with Victoria to see his kids.  Billy tells Victoria that they will never be apart again and they make love.  Jack tries to persuade Adam to sell Jabot the internet security project, but he refuses to go behind Victor's back while he's out of town.  Victoria tells Billy, Phyllis, and Jack that she is in charge of the internet security project while her father is out of town.  Sage persuades Dr. Anderson and another staff psychiatrist that she needs to go to Fairview to deal with her grief, but Dr. Shelby knows that Sage is acting like she is crazy and asks her why she wants to go to Fairview. Sage admits to Dr. Shelby she is pretending to be crazy, but she lies and says she has to prove that Nick and Dr. Anderson are having an affair.  Dr. Shelby signs the papers to have Sage committed. Although Nick warns her that their plan is getting too risky, Sage insists on going to Fairview to prove Dr. Anderson isn't fit to treat patients. 

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