Friday 1/29/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn assures Liam that he has been out for a long time but he will feel better in a day or two. Steffy is stunned that Wyatt bought her a motorcycle. He says it is an important step, she needs this. As Bill is thinking of Brooke and what Katie just told him, Eric walks in and says they need to talk about Brooke. Katie goes to Brooke’s who is very happy to see her until……Katie tells her she can see Alison for her things as going back to the SP building is not an option. She does not want Brooke in the building, in her home, not near her son and certainly not ever again with her husband. She laments she had thought Brooke had changed but she will not make that mistake again. Brooke was just waiting for her chance. Brooke says she guesses she was naïve but she thought enough time had passed. Bill tells Eric that Katie is hurt and in pain but she wants Brooke out of their lives. Eric tells him to make Katie understand this before it is too late. Bill says he wants to help but there is only so much a person can do. Eric says there must have been some signal from Bill. He’s been there and he knows the feelings for Brooke do not go away.

Katie reminds Brooke that Stephanie never should have forgiven her. She fought to keep her away from her family for a long time and she is going to do that too. She will not invest a single second to her; she hurts people too much. None of them matter, her mother-in-law, her husbands, her daughters. She sees her for who she really is, every man is her conquest, it’s pathological. She can not be saved as she is sick. Quinn goes out and gets Liam some soup and brings him a tray in bed. She tucks in a bib and helps him with the shaky spoon. He smiles and says she is nice to him. She has kind eyes. Steffy tells Wyatt that she can do this and she take off on the bike. Back again, she gives him a big hug. She needed this. Katie yells at Brooke that Bill is married to her, this is not a game. She can not just take any man she wants. She calls Brooke a liar when she says she was not coming on to Bill. She was only telling him the truth how she feels. Katie starts clutching her heart and Brooke tries to get her to sit and calm down. She reaches out but Katie slaps her hard across the face. Steffy is grateful that Wyatt is there for her and they kiss. He says he understands what she needs and he can deliver that. She says he is an unique man and knows what she wants and that means everything to her. They kiss again. Katie laughs and says it is all her fault; she was the one who insisted that Brooke take the job. Brooke said she buried herself in her house and started drinking all to keep from hurting her sister. Katie cries those are just words, they mean nothing. She came here to tell Brooke to stay away, she means every word of that. Brooke says she will, she promises but she will always be there for her. Katie says she will never ever need her again. Steffy stops in the middle of the kiss so Wyatt walks away. He says wow, here is another woman who won’t see Liam how he is and let him go. He wants to help her do just that. He kisses her again passionately. Liam tells Quinn that someone needs him and he feels like he has to go. She says maybe it is her that he needs. He says yeah it’s like being in the arms of an angel and at least he will be safe here. He kisses her on the neck. She touches the spot in amazement that this is happening.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to Nicole to apologize to her.  He wanted her forgiveness.  She said things would never be the same between them.  At the Horton cabin, Ciara tried to get Hope to be with Rafe.  Andre wanted to deal with the people who killed his father before he would follow the doctor’s orders to get rest.  Andre called one of his henchmen to find out where Hope was.  When Andre found out, he wanted to take care of it himself.  Brady talked to Finn about his dreams.  Nicole blamed herself for letting Eric drive drunk.  She wanted him to stay away from her.  Finn told Brady about Daniel’s time in Malibu.

Jennifer caught Eric drinking.  She wanted him to go with her so she could get him help.  Andre broke in Hope’s house.  He found a gun in her closet.  Shawn showed up while Andre was in the house.  Nicole suggested that she and Theresa dump Kate and start another company.  Jennifer took Eric to see Lucas.  Lucas and Jennifer talked Eric into getting help.  Andre hid from Shawn while Shawn was looking for Hope in the house.  Eric refused to listen to Jennifer and Lucas.  Andre got out of Hope’s house without Shawn seeing him.  Jennifer kept trying to get Eric to get help.  While Ciara was looking through Chase’s bag, she saw something o his phone that made her react.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Franco is able to convince not only Elizabeth but Sam as well, that Jake has some "issues" and may be dangerous, by what he's seen him draw in art therapy. Jason also agrees with that when he looks at his son's drawings only made in black markers of negative, dark and troublesome expressions. Jason specifically takes note of a woman whom it appears Jake has drawn who resembles Sam, as he remembers his son's angry outburst at Sam and his telling his parents that she is "bad" and wants to break up their family. Right then, Sam goes to the house to talk to Elizabeth. She is not there and Jake is alone when he answers the door. Sam notices a window broken and Jake has cut his hand. She can see that the windows was broken from inside and knows he broke it and is lying about the break-in. She attempts to talk to him but he runs down the basement stairs. Sam runs down the stairs after him and falls, wearing her spiked heels and is hurt and unconscious on the floor. Only Jake is there making it clear he does not intend to help her and might want her to die alone without anybody knowing or doing anything. Kristina is keeping a secret about her professor from both her mom and sister. While Alexis wants to take legal action against the city and file a suit in Olivia's behalf for the Mayor attempting to prevent and arrest Olivia for breastfeeding her baby in public, Mayor Lomax goes to talk to Dante. He tells her he backs his mom 100% and will not be intimidated by any threats she makes to him for doing so. At that point, the mayor tells Olivia she will take action against her by canceling all future events scheduled at The Metro Court, which Olivia is not happy with. Lulu is determined to get her marriage back even though Dante has already called a lawyer to draw up divorce papers. She and Maxie go to the empty apartment to plan a romantic surprise dinner to get Dante back with Lulu but discover the divorce papers. They notice, however, that he has not yet signed so there is hope. Maybe he will reconsider and get back with Lulu yet.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Abby takes a leave of absence from Newman Enterprises because she wants to do something to make a difference in the world. She turns Jack down too and goes to work for Ashley and Simon. Ashley fears Abby will find out the truth, that Ashley is dying. Simon asks Ashley if they will ever talk about the kiss. Ashley says they probably won't. Neil and Devon butt heads and Devon tells Neil to stay away from him. Later, Devon gives divorce papers to Neil to give to Hilary. Neil gives them to her and says that if she looks deep enough she will realize she loves Devon. Hilary realizes Neil will never love her. She finds Devon and gives him the papers unsigned. She claims she can't sign them. Victoria tells Natalie to stay away from Billy because Victoria doesn't trust her. Phyllis warns Natalie to stay away from Victoria. She also warns Natalie not to do anything to come between Victoria and Billy. Jack asks Billy to help him rebuild Jabot. Billy accepts the offer. Adam assures Chelsea that he is working with Victor and everything will be fine. Nikki advises Chelsea to just love Adam. There will be hard times but the important thing is that they love each other. Chelsea tells Adam she doesn't want to be like Victor and Nikki, breaking up and getting back together over and over. Adam promises they won't be. Adam tells Victor his plan- Victor goes away for awhile and that makes Luca put his guard down, making this the perfect time to take him down. Victor agrees to the plan. Nikki confesses to Victor that her "affair" with Neil was just a ruse to get Victor to notice her. Victor tells her that she doesn't have to play games with him. They've been through so much together and he'll never stop loving her. He tells Nikki to point her finger on the globe and that's where they will wake up in the morning.

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