Thursday 1/28/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/28/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke confides in Eric that she was tempting fate. She knew it would be wrong to go to work at SP and now Katie knows the truth that she still loves Bill. Bill tries to smooth things with Katie and she is having none of it and says she now knows who the love of Brooke’s life is – it is Bill. Quinn sits and watches Liam and tries to figure out what is wrong or why he does not recognize her. She takes off his sword necklace. Brooke tells Eric that yes she is still in love with Bill but Katie will not forgive her a second time. Katie lets loose on Bill. Look what she gains for her trust. How could Brooke do that to her again? Wyatt returns and is surprised that Steffy is still there. He takes her to the garage where his favorite things are stored. He shows her a big bike that he bought her. She thinks it is ridiculous since she had a miscarriage while riding hers. He says he knows, but he also knows she overcomes challenges and he thought this might be good.

Eric tells Brooke that Katie will realize she is only protecting her when she finally calms down. Words were spoken in anger. She and Katie will get back together. Brooke is not so sure but says she will try no matter what she has to do. Bill tells Katie not to worry about him, he is only worried about the relationship with her sister. Katie says she felt so sorry for Brooke so she gave her this job and Brooke said she would not betray her again. Now Katie wants her gone, out of their lives for good. Bill tries to persuade her and she says no, she has done this dance before. He tells her to calm down as it is not good for her. She cries that Brooke ruined their happiness and she will never trust her and wants her out of the company and out of their lives for good. Liam feels like Quinn is his guardian angel and then says he feels like someone needs him. Wyatt say he is not bashing Liam but his brother never understood her free spirit. He would not change a damn thing about her. He just wants Steffy to take a step forward and move on. Katie hands the phone to Bill and tells him to have Brooke removed. He won’t. She says nothing is sacred to Brooke and if she thinks she is going to walk away from this then she is mistaken. She will protect what is hers and she will never let Brooke have him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready for Danielís funeral.  Victor and Theresa got in an argument over Brady.  Brady wanted Victor to back off.  Abby talked JJ into going to Danielís funeral.  Theresa told Brady how she regretted the things she did to Daniel.  Brady talked her into going to the funeral.  Nicole made Parker feel better about going to Danielís funeral.  Everyone gathered for Danielís funeral.

Brady and Melanie talked at the funeral.  Theresa interrupted to offer her condolences.  Brady comforted Parker about Daniel.  There was a shrine for Daniel at the town square.  Eric showed up at the town square, but walked away.  Roman went after him.  Roman wanted Eric to go to the shrine, but he refused to go.  Theresa saw Brady and Nicole together and tried to get him to go home with her.  When Nicole went home, she thought of Daniel.  Eric went see Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Franco is keeping note of the "troubling" drawings Jake has given him. He talks to Sam, realizing that she might be able to communicate and maybe he can help her with her current "dilemma" regarding her uncertain future and uncertain feelings about Jason. Jason also has a chance to notice the black, negative and morbid drawings his son has made of people and houses. He knows how Jake cannot accept his dad not being with his mom and how he dislikes, vilifies and blames Sam for his family breaking up. Sonny reveals to Carly that he can stand up but demands she keeps it a secret. He reveals to Max that he's lied to her, not even wanting her to know what he hopes he can achieve. He tells him he needs to continue having all of his enemies believing he's weak, helpless and crippled and then, when they least expect it, he will surprise them. One major concern he expresses is how Ava is putting their daughter in danger while she continues to do business with Raj. Sabrina and Carlos know that Anna is looking for them. Carlos warns Paul. Paul calls Anna while she's in the Halifax clinic although he does not reveal why. She concludes she knows Paul is onto her. Morgan tells Kiki she is his best friend and so he'd like to take their relationship to the next level and be more than friends. Yet she tells him she can't do that because she still has reservations about his behavior and his need to take meds. Yet they are mutually very attached to each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan asks Natalie who is the woman behind Adam's kidnapping. Natalie, not wanting to reveal that it was Phyllis, makes up a bogus story to tell Dylan. Victoria walks in and interrupts them. She asks to talk to Dylan alone. In the outer office of Newman Enterprises, Victoria points out to Dylan Natalie’s bad points. Jack and Phyllis visit Billy at the hospital and find him looking much better. Jack offers for him to come home with them, but Billy says he's going home to Victoria’s. Billy reminds Jack that he should have backed his investment instead of turning him down. At the condo, Adam and Luca discuss how to bring both their fathers down. Adam tells Luca that they need proof of Luca’s father's bad business dealings. Noah and Marisa discuss who was behind her kidnapping. Marisa tells Noah that Victor will be brought down. Chelsea interrupts them and asks to talk to Marisa alone. Chelsea demands the truth about what Adam and Luca are up to. Marisa tells her that Adam and Luca are going after both their fathers in order to bring them both down.

Victoria and Natalie have a confrontation over her software scam and Victoria orders her to leave town. Victor joins them. Victoria tells Victor to take the software and let Natalie go before there is any more trouble. Victor decides to side with Natalie and to keep her working on the software to perfect it. Dylan and Kevin compile a list of who was behind Adamís kidnapping. After Natalie leaves the office, Victoria tells Victor that this is not worth all the trouble. Victoria gets a call from Memorial that they want to meet with her about the treatment for Billy once he comes home. Victor tells Victoria to tell Billy that he is not part of this deal. Phyllis notices that Billy is not as enthused about the idea of bringing Victor down but then changes his mind and tells her that he is in. Dylan thinks that Ashley may have a motive in having Adam kidnapped, but he has other suspects on the list including Phyllis and Billy. Adam and Victor are at the condo discussing how to bring down the Santori family when Chelsea comes home and is upset to see Victor there. After he leaves, Adam confesses to Chelsea that he and Victor are working together to bring down the Santoris and to get them out of Newman. Abby joins Jack for a meeting and he asks her to rejoin the team at Jabot. Abby is hesitant at first, but after talking to Victor decides to take the job at Jabot. Natalie visits Billy in the hospital to see what all the fuss is about concerning him when Victoria walks in and wants to know what is going on.

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