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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie looks up from the floor and chides Brooke to just lie to her once again. It should not be that hard as she has done it before. Brooke wants to get Katie to a doctor. Katie says no, her real disease is trusting Brooke. Brooke bends down to the floor and insists again that nothing happened, nobody crossed the line. Katie argues back that she heard Brooke say she loved Bill so she must have wanted something. Of course she meant it that it would never happen again as she believes everything that comes out of her mouth. She cries Brooke doesn’t even realize when she is lying. She loves confiding in Bill with her little secrets and knows he will not tell Katie as it would hurt her. Brooke tells her that it was she that held on to those feelings, not Bill. Katie accuses her of going after Bill as he was gettable when Ridge wasn’t, with a baby now with Caroline. Then she realizes that Brooke thinks all she has to do is wait her turn until Katie’s heart plays out and she is no longer here. She’s a medical hardship case. Brooke must not think she has to give Bill up so there is no competition. Katie will be gone and Bill will reach out and Brooke will be there to comfort him. Katie says that she should have known the minute she turned her back that Brooke would betray her. They almost come to fists but Brooke says she is going to leave since Katie will not listen to her anyway. Katie scoffs that she heard all the rumors but did not want to believe they were true. The things she did for the men. Women like that should be paid and now here Brooke is asking to be paid….in tears, in love and forgiveness. She sneers that she is not buying, so run along she can take her business elsewhere. Brooke can not say a word, she slams the door when leaving.

Wyatt and Steffy reflect on their love lives and he says basically he knew how to be happy before. They want to get out of this rough patch they are in so she should stick around and get through it together. Liam wakes up long enough to try to get out of bed. Quinn tells him he has been out for a while so he should not try to leave. She apologizes for bringing him here but she found him unconscious and did not think he could make it on his own. He thanks her and then says it is odd as he doesn’t even know her name. She thinks at first that he is kidding her when he calls her a beautiful woman and then realizes that he does not know they once were arch enemies. Quinn gets Liam a drink of water and he says he probably needs to sleep some more. She calls Wyatt and wants to be sure Steffy is still there. She recommends that Wyatt try to prepare Steffy to shut the door on Liam as he is not going to be there for her. This is typical Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor offered Deimos money to leave Salem.  Nicole was glad to see Eric get arrested.  Brady tried to talk Nicole out of being angry with Eric.  Deimos ripped up the check.  He wanted Victor to apologize to him.  They argued over Deimos being in prison.  Victor wanted Deimos to stay away from him and his family.  Nicole confronted Brady about the dreams he has been having about her.  He told her about the dreams.  Shawn confronted Philip about being with Belle.  Theresa overheard Brady and Nicole talking about his dreams.  Theresa let Nicole know that Daniel's funeral was tomorrow.  While Victor and Deimos were arguing, Victor grabbed his chest.  Deimos walked away.

Philip showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and thought Victor had a heart attack.  Victor said he faked it to see what Deimos would do.  Philip let it slip that he knew Deimos went to prison for 30 years for killing Victor's fiancée.  Victor wondered how Philip knew about that.  Philip lied and said he overheard Victor telling Maggie about it.  Marlena and Belle talked about Belle's problems with Claire.  Victor wanted Philip to stay away from Deimos.  Victor wanted to get Deimos after Daniel's funeral.  Belle apologized to Claire for going to Las Vegas.  Shawn went to see Belle to talk about their relationship, but things didn't go well.  Marlena went to the police station to check on Eric.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Carlos and Sabrina are on the run in Halifax Nova Scotia, Anna and Robert are right in town tailing them. At first, they search every OB-GYN clinic yet do not find them. Sabrina expresses to Carlos that she does not want to be on the run with him, needs urgent medical care and her number one priority is the well-being of her baby which she will deliver very soon. Yet he does not want to risk being seen in a public place and possibly found out. After she convinces him to go with her to the clinic, he is able to see Anna and Robert in the waiting room although they do not see him and tells her they need to get out of there. After the appointment is cancelled, finally the clinic administrator is able to access information about them to give to Anna and Robert. At that point, Carlos knows he has to get out of there and flee. Yet she informs him it's urgent as she can tell her water is breaking and she's ready to give birth right then and there. Back at Port Charles, Ava goes out of her way to see Carly and sounds like she might have "reconsidered" her original decision to not let Sonny have any unsupervised visits with Avery, after Kiki presented her case to her mom. After getting Carly's hopes up, however, Ava "surprises" her telling her she is not about to do any such thing because she doubts they would do that for her if the positions were reversed. Carly angrily tells Ava she and Sonny only care about the best interest of the baby and would do whatever is best for her, including letting Ava see her. She tells her she and Sonny, unlike Ava, care about their kids. She knows Ava could care less about either of her daughters. She goes to talk to Sonny at the coffee shop. At first, they both catch Morgan secretly with Darby and are concerned about their son's "impulsive" behaviors and his need to continue taking his meds. Carly also informs Sonny that, unfortunately, Ava won't budge on her decision with letting them see Avery. He tells her, however, he's not worried about that. He is confident, although he does not tell Carly the exact reason why, that they can very soon win their custody case and Ava will no longer have any rights to his daughter. As soon as he is alone, once again, Sonny pushes himself out of his wheelchair and stands up. Although he does not intend for her to see that, Carly notices and rejoices. However, Sonny warns Julian he knows that Julian is not to be trusted, as Sonny has insider information about Ava's present illegal activity and assumes her brother has to be a part of it also. Julian meets with his sister and firmly tells her that after his confrontational conversation with Sonny, he suspects she's up to doing dirty business. He won't let her ruin his future leading a normal life with Alexis and his family. Kiki also indicates to her mom she knows Ava has not only no regard for Sonny or Carly. She does not care about Avery. When Carlos can see Anna and Robert looking for him, he contacts Paul to warn him and Paul knows he needs to take drastic action.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

After an afternoon of ice skating, Abby and Stitch feel that Max is starting to like Abby until Stitch is called away and Abby must spend time with Max alone. Then Max shows her how he really feels. She takes him to the Jabot lab and introduces him to Ashley and Simon. Later, Stitch complains that Abby didn't ask him first about this and he doesn't trust Simon. Abby tells Stitch that he shouldn't have left Max with her. Max overhears. Ashley wants Simon to be the one to pull the plug if his treatment doesn't work. After watching her family go through so much pain with Billy, she doesn't want them to have to do that again. Simon declines and believes the treatment will work. Tests later confirm this. When Ashley reads the test results, she kisses Simon. At the police station, Nick and Sage discuss their plan to get more information on Sandy. Nick tells Sage that he needs to get close to Sandy for this to happen. Nick signs the papers for Sage to be committed and Sage pretends to be livid about this. At the hospital, Sage continues to feign anger. Adam and Chelsea show up and Adam wants Sage to walk out because she doesn't belong there. She refuses, saying that Nick is doing this because he loves her. Nick arranges for a meeting with Sandy at Crimson Lights where he says she can't understand how Sage is feeling. Sandy loses control and implies that she knows what it's like to lose the thing you most want. Upset that she lost her cool, she leaves.

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