Tuesday 1/26/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/26/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie slowly closes the door and starts crying over what she just heard between Brooke and Bill – that he will always be Brooke’s true love. Steffy and Wyatt spend the day at the beach with no word from Liam. Wyatt thinks it is clear where his head is since he texted he was not coming. Steffy says yes all he had to do was come home and give her one more chance but he didn’t. Steffy says Wyatt is better at hiding his feelings and hurt than she is. She laments that now he can just have a huge bonfire and get rid of Ivy’s things. Brooke tells Bill that she has to leave; working here is not a good idea. Katie stumbles into another room and cries over and over that her sister promised her this would not happen again. Out of the blue, Quinn gets a call from Ivy who begs her not to hang up. She says she really wants to talk to Liam and is concerned. She fills Quinn in on the details that he got on the plane to Sidney but did not intend to fly with her….fell in bathroom and hit his head and now she can not track him down. Quinn tells her to just throw another shrimp on the Barbie. Bill tells Brooke that everything is still fine. They had feelings and they lived together but they are not acting on anything now. They will not cross that line. He does not want to lose his family and she does not want to lose her sister. They must put their feelings away. She vows they will do that for Katie.

Katie is a wreck, shaking all over. She pours herself a stiff drink. Wyatt reminds Steffy that life goes on and she has to roll with it. She likes being adventurous with him. He says the kiss with her was good too. First she says her mind was fuzzy but yes she does remember it. He says it took him by surprise as she kissed him back. She wants to get on with her life and she wants to laugh again. She is confused by the other things. Bill tells Brooke they are strong, they can fight this. Because of Will, he deserves both parents together and that is what he is going to get. He reminds her that Katie wants her here so Brooke has to do this for her. Katie will never find out. All of Brooke’s old words about not interfering in her marriage floods back to Katie. She cries more and pours another drink. Quinn as Liam texts Steffy and says he needs time on his own. Wyatt bellows at Steffy to screw Liam. He has done enough to her. Wyatt says he feels something between the two of them and he thinks she does too. He’s that man that she can move on with. He kisses her again and she responds. Katie collaspes on the floor and Brooke finds her there and immediately wants to call the doctor for her heart. Katie looks at her with contempt and tells her do not dare touch her. She knows it is her heart, it has had too much damage. She knows exactly what Brooke said that she still loved Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Joey showed up drunk at Ciaraís kickback.  Roman and Rafe talked about Hopeís confession.  Roman was surprised to find out that Rafe was going with Hope to the cabin.  Claire let Ciara know that Chase liked her.  Rafe denied having feelings for Hope.  Steve started to search for Avaís baby.  He was upset when she started talking to him about the baby.  He handcuffed her to a table when Joey called him to pick him up.

Ciara didnít believe that Chase liked her.  Ciara talked Claire into going after Chase herself.  Hope went to see Rafe and told him about seeing Stefano in her head.  Claire asked Chase out on a date, but he turned her down.  She asked him if he wanted to go out with Ciara, but he thought Ciara didnít like him.  He didnít want to talk about his feelings for Ciara.  Steve took Joey to Ava and told him how she kidnapped Kayla.  Ava told Joey that she got in a fight with Kayla.  Steve told Joey that Ava wanted him to find his son.  Rafe told Hope that the building they put Stefano in was being demolished and that they wouldnít have to worry about Andre.  Hope wasnít so sure that they didnít have to worry about Andre.  Steve warned Joey that Ava couldnít be trusted.  When Joey went upstairs, she told Steve that she loved him.  He said he would never be with her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dante admits to his mom that he and Lulu have irreconcilable marital problems. The fact that, had Johnny not taken the rap for and told the truth to the cops, she'd be in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder. Olivia tells her son she realizes there are no easy answers but urges them both to not make any rash decisions or sign divorce papers until they take some time. Sonny secretly shows Epiphany that he can stand up. She is elated, proud and encouraged and wants him to tell his family. he tells her he can't do that and she is very disappointed that he can't share this with Carly and his kids. He admits a major reason he does not want anyone to know that he's not bound in a wheelchair is so he can stay one step ahead of his enemies. Julian happily announces to his son that he's marrying Alexis and would like Lucas to be his best man. Lucas happily accepts and shares with his dad all the plans and festivities he will coordinate. Sonny overhears and when he's alone to talk to Julian, Julian tells him he wants to call a truce. They both know they are connected. Julian's son is Carly's brother. Julian will be Sonny's daughter's step father. Baby Leo is Sonny's son's brother. Baby Avery is Julian's niece. Yet Sonny makes it clear he does not trust Julian and regardless of anything else, he intends to take him down for killing Duke. Lulu privately meets with Johnny in the police interrogation room before he gets shipped back to Pentonville. She cries and tells him she regrets having him taking the rap and ruining his future for her. She tells him that by saving her from going to prison, he gave her a second chance when she could have been taken away from her son. She tells what she wants to do is make her son proud of her and a major priority is to encourage him to get the "good guy" he used to be back. She does not want him to give up on being rehabilitated and release from prison. Hearing that, he asks if he achieves that, will he get to "have her" when he gets out. She cannot answer that but tells him she will always love him. After he's gone, Dillon goes to find her and consoles her knowing how upset she is. Dante runs into Valerie and informs her he and Lulu are through. Hearing that and assuming that might mean he has the idea he can get back with her, Valerie clarifies that she cannot do that and has to move on without having further "relations" with Dante.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Nick and Sage argue over the fact that Sharon will not let her spend time with Sully. When Nick suggests that they go somewhere to talk, Sage calls him a “traitor” and slaps him. Dr. Anderson looks on. At Sharon’s home, she and Mariah discuss Dr. Anderson and how she is always hanging around Sharon, Dylan, Nick and Sage. Mariah gets a call on her cell that something is going down at Newman Towers. Sharon immediately leaves to go to check on Dylan. Dylan and Paul question the kidnapper but all he will tell them is that a woman had given him his instructions on what to do. Phyllis is with Natalie and lays out the plan to get revenge on Victor. Natalie is hesitant of how all this will turn out. Adam, Chelsea, Jack, Victor and Nikki discuss the new software program that will revolutionize the world. Jack comes to see Billy to let him know what was coming about the software deal. Paul and Dylan want to question Adam, but Nikki puts a stop to it by telling him that Adam and Chelsea need to get home. Kevin lets Sharon and Mariah know that Dylan is safe. Sage apologizes to Nick for her actions but goes on to attack Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson tells her that either she gets treatment at Fairview or she will go to jail. The police officers arrive to find out what is going on. Sage holds out her hands to be handcuffed.

Sharon and Dylan are reunited at the police station. Paul questions Kevin and Mariah about the software deal. Phyllis tells Natalie how Billy was hurt and almost killed. In his office at Newman, Nikki finds out about Victorís plan to use Natalie in order to get Adam back in one piece. Nikki is quite upset at Natalie's involvement in all this. At the condo, Adam lets Chelsea know what it was like when he was away from her and how they were always on his mind. Kevin and Mariah find Natalie in the hotel room, working on the software program. Natalie assures him he is not out of the software deal. After they leave, Phyllis comes out of the bathroom and makes a deal with Natalie. Phyllis visits Billy in the hospital and lets him know that Natalie is working with them. At the police station, Sage is brought in for questioning about what happened at the Athletic Club. Paul takes her into his office to question her. Nick asks Dylan for his help in getting Sage out of there. Paul lets Nick know that Sage will not be arraigned until the next day. Dr. Anderson offers comfort to Nick by laying her hand on his arm which Sage sees as she is marched to her cell.

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