Monday 1/25/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/25/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn asks Liam why he kissed her hands. She asks how he is feeling. He can not tell her who the President is or what day it is. She grabs the medical book again to try to find out what they might anticipate with him later. He keeps drifting in and out. She thinks he passed out in front of her for a reason, giving Wyatt and Steffy a change to be together where they should be, it’s cosmic action. She will take care of him until he gets better. This will give Wyatt a chance. Katie drops in on Eric to let him know Brooke is changing a few things and just giving him heads up. Brooke tells Bill that none of the things they said to each other matters. All that matters is his life with Katie. That is all she will allow herself to think about it. He says maybe she can turn off her memories but he can not get it out of his mind. They had the best of intentions but they shared a lot and the way they still feel about each other. But he will not compromise Will’s place in this world so he and Katie are strong. Brooke says that is as it should be.

Wyatt and Steffy have fun on the beach flirting with each other. He is serious about finding a beach shack in Hawaii and take every day as it comes. Quinn jokes how is this, Liam shacked up in her bed and he is not even tied up. She is sure he will be okay but she needs just a little more time. Katie tells Eric that living in the past is a mistake. She has accepted what happened and now moved on. She and Bill are so connected and she is rebuilding her relationship with her sister so it’s all good. Brooke tells Bill that she should not have told him how she felt but she felt it was best but not act on it. They pledged to be friends so they need to do that. She says betraying her sister again is not an option. He says he will live with Katie but he can not erase Brooke from his mind. She says she wishes they had a chance to be together but obviously that is not in the cards. Steffy tells Wyatt that she appreciates what he did for her today. She did not think of Liam more than two seconds. He says he has an idea to keep that from happening more. He thanks her for trusting him. She thanks him for making her feel like herself again. Quinn calls Wyatt and asks if Liam ever showed up, and how is Steffy. She says it is cold of him to text he was not showing up. She is glad he had some quality time with Steffy today. She wants him to take advantage of the situation by charming her. Katie comes back and cracks the door just enough to hear Bill and Brooke talking. Brooke clasps Bill’s face in her hands and says she will always love him but Katie must never know that. Katie backs out, doubles over and almost hurls.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve was determined to find Kayla since she hasn’t been in touch with him.  André found Stefano in the abandoned building.  Ciara invited Rafe to go to the Horton cabin with her, Hope, and Chase.  When Ciara left, Rafe wanted to know what was going on with Hope.  The construction workers blew up the building while André was inside.  Joey wanted Ava to move away with him.  Steve broke in Ava’s room and found a charm from Kayla’s bracelet. 

Hope told Rafe about what happened with Ciara and why she wanted him to go with them to the cabin.  Chad told Abby how he wanted to save the DiMera mansion, but Abby didn’t want to live there.  Joey was determined to get Ava to leave town with him.  When he told her he loved her, she told him she loved him too.  Rafe convinced Hope to leave town so André wouldn’t come after her.  She was concerned about what André will do to Rafe.  Ava wanted Joey to move on with his life without her.  When he left, Steve showed up.  Chad continued to talk Abby into moving in the mansion.  Ava and Steve got into an argument over Kayla.  He refused to help her find her son.  She slipped and said he and Kayla ruined her plans.  Hope convinced Rafe to go with her to the Horton cabin.  Ava told Steve that she knocked Kayla out.  When he wanted to know where Kayla was, Ava told him he had to find her son and bring him to her before she would tell him where Kayla was.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis and Julian are planning their wedding, ready to declare their love and their commitment to everyone and she wants her 3 daughters to be her maids of honor. Yet Kristina is very concerned about having her secret found out and does not trust Molly nor Sam to keep it from their mom. We see her on her phone when Parker calls and threatens to expose her and she tells him if he refrains from telling her parents their secret, she will refrain from telling his wife. Sam is with Jason at the Metro Court, in the rain, on the rooftop where they fell in love a while back and he is able to remember the feeling he had although he has no conscious recollection of the event the way she does. She then concludes that as much as she'd like to be there for him and have him regain his memory, due to the fact that he has not yet, as well as the fact that she is a part of this and cannot be objective, that she has to let him make decisions and process what he needs without her. Yet we see the mutual interest and trust they have in each other. At first, Hayden is very stand-offish and hesitates when Nikolas proposes to her. However, she realizes that if she helps him keep his ELQ holdings, Tracy can have her way and in the end and won't expose her secret. Tracy is vacationing and happy to be away from all the men in her life whom she cannot trust when she runs into Larry Ashton. At first she is charmed by him, but later realizes he is not worth having any interest in. Jordan makes it clear she does not trust Curtis nor want him around her son yet TJ wants to welcome his uncle and make him a part of his life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sage decide to team up and devise a plan to discover Dr. Anderson's hidden agenda. Sage gets upset with Sharon when she takes Dr. Anderson's advice and keeps her away from Sully. Nick meets with Dr. Anderson and tells her that Sage is becoming unstable. She tells him she thinks Sage should be committed. Sharon continues to be upset that Dylan is on the police force and tries to stop him from going to work. Dylan assures her that he will be okay and heads to Chelsea's fashion show. Dylan's plan to rescue Adam works, but Natalie takes the opportunity to escape. Adam tells Paul that he overheard the people that were holding him and found out his kidnapper was a woman. Phyllis finds Natalie and tells her that she escaped from her once before, and she won't escape from her again.

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