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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy reads the message and hands it to Wyatt – Liam is not coming. They hug and cling to each other. She says she knows he wants to help but it’s clear that Liam no longer wants her. Wyatt says then he is an idiot, nothing could keep him away. Quinn is on the laptop trying to figure out Liam’s symptoms. He is out cold and has been for a while. She whispers to him that someday he will appreciate all of this. Brooke knows that Bill is worried about Liam and he has tuned out all she is saying about work. She advises him to call Liam then he will feel better. Quinn gets the message and texts back on Liam’s phone that he can not talk now. Bill tells Brooke that he can’t get through to Liam. Brooke tells him sometimes dreams do come true. She was only going through the motions at FC but here she can reach her potential. Bill fantasizes about grabbing Brooke and putting her on the table and kissing her passionately. Quinn tries to wake up Liam to no avail. Wyatt tells Steffy to just shut up and do as he says. This always works for him. Wyatt takes Steffy out on the beach with the waves roaring around them. It does not get any better than this. He just wants one afternoon to change her prospective. They frolic on the beach, watching the surfers, playing a little football, operating a drone and giving hugs to each other. It seems to have taken her mind off of Liam for the moment.

Quinn tries often enough that Liam finally opens his peepers just a tiny bit. She tells him he is looking good, she was so worried. She tries to explain that she did not think he would want the big fuss of going to the hospital. He can stay here and she will take good care of him. He kisses her hands and passes out again. Bill tells Brooke that he remembers all that happened to them and he feels the same way. She tells him that nothing can happen. He is married to her sister so just forget about this. They can not think about it, ever! Wyatt and Steffy take their turns at surfing and she says this is just what she needed. He laments that she is a true surfer girl now and they have to travel the world and find the best spots. She is glad he made her laugh and enjoy herself again. He kisses her and she returns them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

André told Chad that Hope killed Stefano.  André sowed Chad the blood oh the statue.  Chad didn’t believe that it was Stefano’s.  André told Chad that he had the blood tested and it was Stefano.  André tried to convince Chad to help him find out what was going on with Stefano, but Chad refused.  Philip wanted Belle to stay with him instead of going back to Salem.  André tried to convince Chad that Hope tried to kill Stefano but Chad wasn’t convinced.  Belle didn’t want to leave Salem to be with Philip. 

Chad went to see Hope.  He warned her that André was after her.  Chad wanted to help her if she could tell him that she had nothing to do with Stefano’s disappearance.  She said André’s claims were baseless.  Before he left, Chad warned her to be careful.  Ciara wanted to know what was going on between Hope and Chad.  Ciara said she overheard Hope and Chad talking about André being after her because of Stefano.  Ciara was worried that André would seek revenge.  Hope assured her that everything was okay.  Later on, Hope dreamed about killing Stefano.  Chad also had dreams about André telling him that Hope killed Stefano.  Chad also dreamed about Hope denying killing Stefano.  Shawn went to see Belle when she and Philip came home from their trip.  Shawn questioned Belle about being with Philip.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam is able to convince Jason that all the evidence points to Elizabeth "staging" the belief to both him and to Jake that there's an intruder in the house, so she can have Jason come to her rescue and manipulate him using their kid. Carly believes that theory also while she is making plans to have a celebration of Jason's birthday and wants Sam along with Sonny and Michael to all attend so they can celebrate, if nothing else, the fact that Jason is back with them and that he beat the charges that could have gotten him in prison for his scuffle with Nikolas not long ago. Yet he is not in the mood for it, uncomfortable with the pressure as he does not remember being Jason. As soon as he and Sam are alone in the rain on the terrace, however, he admits that the memories and feelings have come back to him about being with Sam and falling in love with her. Sonny admits he has concerns about his sons needing him yet not being able to be the man they need him to be, while in the wheelchair. Dante expresses to his dad that he doesn't know how or if he can trust Lulu again, given what she got involved with, hiding Johnny and putting him up to "doing her bidding" with getting Valerie out of town and almost getting her killed. Lulu wants to give them another chance but he wants a divorce. As soon as Sonny is alone in the gym, after dismissing both Michael and Dante, he privately attempts to get out of his wheelchair, stand up and walk.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Abby buys Max a video game in an attempt to win his affection. At first he rejects the gift but later plays it with Ben. Ben and Abby see this as a win. Kevin tells Jack that he told Billy about selling the deal to Victor. Jack and Phyllis go to the hospital to make sure this hasn't interrupted Billy's recovery. Billy insists he is fine with it because he gets to go home with the woman he loves. When alone, Billy admits to Phyllis that he is upset about losing to Victor. Dylan tells Chelsea about their plan to get Adam back. She suggests they use her fashion show as the venue. Dylan agrees but Victor doesn't want Chelsea involved. Paul tells Victor that the police are in charge. Chelsea snaps at Natalie for putting Adam in this position. Natalie sends Kevin a video message saying she's alive but she doesn't know for how long. Victor tells his men to listen only to him, not the police. Adam tries to get information about the kidnapper from the man who is guarding him but gets nothing. When the man leaves his phone behind, Adam tries to escape, but is caught.

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