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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt plays Devil’s advocate and wonders if Steffy is only delaying the obvious that Liam is leaving her and no amount of talking will change that. Despite Bill saying he does not want to micromanage Brooke’s efforts she wants his help. She says if Liam comes back here she does not want it to cause problems. Bill has not heard from him and is not sure what is going to happen. He just knows there is a problem with Steffy. He is sure this is not a good thing. Steffy says she just needs to know there is something to fight for so she needs to talk more to Liam. Wyatt just wants to see her happy and says he will not try any more to stop her. But he says a woman like her should not be fighting for anyone much less Liam. He hopes Liam knows how lucky he is. Quinn manages to get Liam in his expensive fancy car and next thing we know she is in her cabin snapping her fingers and trying to wake him up. As Brooke talks to Bill about her piece he has another fantasy of Brooke kissing him. He brushes her off quickly. He assures her everything is all right when she asks. Obviously thinking about his feelings for Brooke, he says some storms are harder than others to navigate and they have to sit tight and wait for this between Liam and Steffy to blow over.

Quinn looks on the laptop and tries to figure out Liam’s symptoms. Wyatt calls her and says they missed a meeting and he is worried about her. She asks about Liam and tells Wyatt again that he needs to go to Steffy as Liam may never show up for her. She does not think he is capable of doing that right now. Meanwhile Steffy keeps texting Liam and saying she is waiting on him. Wyatt walks in and asks if she would like company until Liam comes. Liam is a fool if he doesn’t appreciate all this caring for him. She thinks she made it so easy for him, just come home but he is not here. Wyatt says he gets it that she is going after what she wants. She is doing everything she can but some things can not be undone. He gives her a hug. Quinn tells Liam that she wants to help him but she can’t until he wakes up. She promises to take him to the hospital when she has to but she needs him to stay put a little longer. She sees all the messages from Steffy. Steffy cries when she gets one in return from Quinn but supposedly from Liam that he is not coming.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John made Maude think she drugged him.  John put a gun on her and a henchman.  When John knocked him out, he put the gun on Maude.  Ciara walked in on Rafe and Hope after they nearly kissed.  When Rafe left, Ciara grilled Hope about falling for Rafe.  Hope told Ciara how she left the force. Hope thought about what she and Rafe did to Stefano.

John went back home.  He told Marlena about meeting his mother and how she tried to kill him.  Marlena was worried that the people who tried to kill him would come after him.  He said he was ready.  John wanted to continue investigating his past.  Nicole went back to work.  When the photo shoot was over, Theresa talked to Nicole about Brady.  Theresa told Nicole that Brady has been dreaming about her.  Hope and Rafe thought about how they nearly kissed.  John met Eduardo and told him what happened when he met his mother.  Eduardo warned John that the guy John attacked would come after him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly goes to find Ava while she has her meal at The Metro Court and urges her, yet again, to let Sonny spend some quality time alone with his baby daughter, without having to be watched over by the social worker. She protests that Ava knows Sonny would never put his daughter in danger nor kidnap her and that Avery needs her daddy as much as he needs her. Ava does not budge or listen. Yet Kiki overhears and tells her mom that throughout her childhood, there was one thing she always wanted and needed but which her mother prevented her from having which was a father. She urges Ava to learn to be a better mother this time around, if she really cares about her two daughters as she wants Kiki to believe she does. So, Kiki tells her, she needs to let Avery get to know her father. Carly overhears and Ava knows the two of them get along really well. She does not want to lose her adult daughter to Carly or to Sonny. So she realizes she has no choice except to appear as though she will reconsider. Sam goes to talk to Jason at Elizabeth's home. Elizabeth and Jake both make it clear they do not want Sam in their home and believe she's there to break up their family. Jason however makes it very clear that he trusts Sam much more than he trusts Elizabeth and he listens to her theory that there's no evidence nor witnesses to corroborate this "danger" that Jake (as well as his mom) apparently needs Jason to protect them from. He admits to Sam he believes Elizabeth may be lying and making it up in order to manipulate him into getting back with her. Sonny tells Morgan he knows he might be secretly trying to get into his dad's business. He firmly tells his son he has to take his medication just like Sonny has had to and when Morgan expresses that his life has no value unless he feels himself having a purpose, job or some way of helping his dad. Sonny the offers Morgan a job with Corinthos coffee. Hayden knows she has to meet up with Curtis and "settle up" by offering him money so he keeps his mouth shut and not reveal what he knows about her. He is concerned, however, that she does not seem to want to know or be able to protect herself from the man who intended to kill her and who could still do it as long as he is free. Yet she indicates to him she knows that "this man" is no longer a threat to her. Although she does not realize that the man in question is Nikolas, Curtis is able to put two and two together knowing she's living with him and his luxuries, developing "romance" with Nikolas and does not want to find out who gut her killed although she wants to pay Curtis off not to reveal what he knows about her to Nikolas. Jordan informs Nikolas that all charges have been dropped against Jason and she knows both he and Hayden have falsely accused Jason of illegal actions. At that point, he realizes he may lose ELQ to Jason but needs (and is confident he will have) immunity from getting prosecuted and going to jail, if Hayden marries and refuses to testify against him, as she has already offered. When Hayden returns to him, however, after her conversation with Curtis, she realizes that maybe she should not trust Nikolas nor make any efforts in order to help him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby tries to make friends with Max by playing a game with him, but Max still won’t be friends with her. In the hotel room, Marisa and Kevin discuss Noah being responsible for all this mess with Billy. Paul arrives at the hospital to talk to Billy about the accident. Even though Victoria is reluctant to let him, Billy agrees. Abby is discouraged that she cannot get through to Max, and Stitch confesses that he can't either. After Abby leaves, Stitch tells Max to be kind to Abby but all Max asks is if they can get something to eat. At the Athletic Club bar, Marisa tells Noah that if Luca knew anything about the accident, he would say so. Abby joins Marisa and Noah to discuss Stitch and Max and what has been going on since he arrived in town. Abby mentions to Noah that Billy is awake and she is going to see him. Noah asks to go with her. When Paul asks Billy what he remembers about the accident, he says he was beat up by Gil. Paul tells him that he was the victim of a hit and run. Victoria comes in and stops the questioning. Kevin lets Marisa know that without Natalie there is no deal with Victor. Kevin tells Mariah that he understands Natalie. Dylan still pursues questioning Victor about Adam’s disappearance. Dylan offers Victor the help of the Genoa City Police Department to help to get Adam back. At Crimson Lights, Stitch plays a game with Max. When Stitch asks him to like Abby, Max closes the lid down on the game and insists he doesn’t care about his mother. Stitch tries to break the ice with Max concerning his mom. Abby is reminded of a talk that she had with Dylan concerning Stitch and Max. Noah joins Abby to go to visit Billy. Luca rejoins them and apologizes for earlier. Abby and Noah leave. Luca tells Marisa about the call from his father who wants Luca to go back to Spain with her. Marisa lets Luca know that Noah is suspicious of him knowing the truth about the accident. Luca assures her that he will never say anything. Marisa and Kevin interrupt Victor and Dylan and let Victor know about Natalie’s disappearance.

Billy asks Victoria where Adam was the night that he was hit by a car and left to die. Noah and Abby arrive at the hospital to check on Billy. Abby goes in to see Billy while Noah talks to Paul. Paul tells Noah that when he finds the man who hit Billy, he will put him in a cage. Noah leaves abruptly. Abby hugs Billy and they discuss what he saw of her wedding. Victoria tells Billy that Adam came to see him when they thought that he was going to die. Billy asks to talk to Kevin. Victor lets Kevin and Mariah know that their deal is off, and he wants his money returned. In the hall, Kevin and Mariah find out that Billy is awake. Marisa refuses to go back to Spain with Luca. Billy has a flashback of the car that hit him.

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