Wednesday 1/20/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/20/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill watches the two women in his office, Brooke and Katie and keeps comparing them. Brooke says she needs a little help. Katie reminds her that Bill taught her everything she knew so he can help her too. Brooke informs them that she still has contacts over at FC and she hears that Liam may resign his position there. Katie says it is true, he has handed in his resignation. Quinn tells Wyatt that Deacon is a good man but they are separated now. He went to Europe to be with Hope. Steffy tells Liam that she knows she can be crazy at times but she has learned her lesson. He wonders if she is going to blame Ivy for this. He says that is good enough, he’s gone. She accuses him of still being in love with Ivy; he is not over her. He says excuse him but there is only one woman he ever loved and it is not Ivy. She says they can not let this destroy them. She is going to go home and wait for him there and hope they can give this another shot.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he knows Steffy is hurt and confused and he only wants to help her. Quinn says this is where it starts with friendship so he should go and be there for her. It could lead to more if Liam is leaving her. Brooke tells Bill and Katie that it bothered her when the Spencer brothers were competing in that mess with Hope. Bill admits that he wishes they got along better. They ask about Hope and Brooke said she heard from her yesterday and she is in Milan with a friend and doing well. Wyatt sees Steffy as she leaves and asks if she is working it out with Liam. She says she is going home and hopes to. It is their home and they share it together and all they need is one more chance to fix this. Quinn walks in on Liam and wants to know if it is true, that he is leaving Steffy. He tries to avoid the question and asks if there is something she wants as he no longer works here. He feels woozy and stumbles a bit but tells Quinn to just keep Wyatt away from Steffy. As he leaves, Quinn runs after him to the outside. They argue and he feels more dizzy and sees double and then he doubles over on the parking lot. Quinn looks around to see if anyone notices and gives him a gentle kick on the shoes to make sure he is out and not coming to any time soon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman wondered when Hope was coming back to the force. She didn’t know when she was going back. André noticed blood on a statue. John questioned Maude about his father. Maude told him where he was born. Roman tried to convince Hope to go back to the force. Abby and Jennifer were grateful that Chad got her to the hospital. Claire tried to talk Shawn into fighting for Belle. André went to Rafe to investigate Hope. André showed him a picture of the statue with the blood on it.

Shawn and Claire continued to argue over Belle. Claire kept trying to convince Shawn to fight for Belle. André told Rafe that he is having the blood he found analyzed. André knew it was Stefano’s blood. He thought he would be able to prove it in court. Maude showed John his father’s medals. She told him how he was adopted. Shawn called Belle and told her he loved her. He also told her that he wanted to work out things out. Rafe tried to make excuses for the blood André found. André realized Rafe was working with Hope. Rafe went to see Hope. He warned her that André knew Stefano was harmed. She panicked that they were going to get caught since they left blood in the mansion. Maude ended up drugging John’s tea.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jason reveals he has real concerns about Jake's "real or alleged" fear of the break-in at the house and he seems to know the only person he can confide in about that is Sam. Elizabeth takes Jake to the hospital to consult with Dr. Kevin Collins who recommends a child therapist. Dr. Renault speaks with Jake then tells Elizabeth that her son is having difficulty communicating his feelings. She has found that children with his particular issue can benefit from art therapy. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells them she has concerns, not about art therapy, but about working with Franco. Both psychiatrists tell her that they know about Franco's history, but he's been proven to be successful, and it's in their best interest to give it a shot. Jake instantly rushes to work with Franco and draw the moment he sees him and seems a lot more comfortable with him than he is with his mom. Elizabeth talks to the two docs while Jake and Franco are together and as soon as she's done, she tells her son it's time to go home. He wants to continue his last drawing but rushes to leave two of them with Franco. After Jake leaves, Franco reviews the drawings and goes to consult with Kevin, telling him his concerns as he remembers himself as a child making similar drawings, and warns Kevin this is "not good."

André meets with Anna and Robert to brainstorm about how and where to find Sabrina and Carlos. He tells them that given all the information he knows about both of them and the situation, he bets they have fled to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sabrina is with Carlos somewhere in a private cabin where she is having difficulty separating from everyone in Port Charles. After Carlos finds her talking with Felix, Sabrina decides to make the break immediately and flings her cell phone into the woods. Mayor Lomax has gotten Olivia arrested for verbally assaulting her when she tried to stop her breastfeeding her baby in public. At the police station in handcuffs, Olivia calls Julian for the sole purpose of watching their son. When he finds out what happened to Olivia, he and Alexis rush to the station. Alexis instantly decides to represent Olivia and file charges against the mayor for violating her civil rights. Nina meets with Brady, a reporter who is very encouraged by her sudden creative success with the magazine. Although she is not certain what she is going to do in the next Crimson issue, Nina fakes it by mimicking what Brady says about seeking out real women. When Nina hears about the controversy with the mayor and Olivia, she decides to concentrate on the issue of breastfeeding in public.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Phyllis visit Billy and find out from Victoria that he is awake and talking but still has to undergo more testing. Jack feels responsible for Billy’s condition. Nick asks Dr. Anderson what is on her agenda concerning getting involved with him and Sage. Natalie visits Victor and lets him know that she is the girl that they all want. Victor doesn’t exactly believe her but wants to know what she knows. Mariah visits Dylan and Kevin and lets them know that Natalie is gone. Natalie lets Victor know that the project is hers but there has been some glitches that she has to work out.

Nick and Sage along with Jack and Phyllis find out from Billy about the fight that almost cost him his life. Victoria wants to stay longer with Billy but knows he needs his rest. Dylan questions Victor about Adam’s kidnapping and wants answers. Kevin and Mariah search Natalie’s room to see if they can find clues as to where she might have gone. Sage questions a nurse at the hospital about Dr. Anderson and her background. When Dr. Anderson comes in, the nurse tells her that a woman was asking about her background. Jack tells Nick that he expects Victor to step aside and let him be the contributor in the project. Marisa is released and reunited with Luca. Marisa and Noah discuss his being responsible for Billy’s accident. Victoria asks Billy to come home.

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