Tuesday 1/19/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/19/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam looks at Steffy’s photo while packing up his stuff at the office. She says she did not expect this. He is not resigning. He says that statement is too late. Wyatt tells Quinn they need to finish these pieces so they have zero time to talk about Liam running off with Ivy. As far as he knows he is still down under. And Wyatt admits that he spent the night with Steffy but nothing happened. He knows and wants her to stop trying to push him and Steffy together. Zende tells Sasha that there must be some mistake. He can not believe Nicole would have said that about Sasha. Sasha says Nicole is her best friend and she can not believe it either, it makes no sense. Except that she does not want Sasha near Zende as she is a threat. She is just as shocked as Zende but she heard it right out of Nicole’s mouth. Sasha says she is not perfect but she is not a home wrecker. She has been with Nicole her entire life. Nicole walks in before they finish. Nicole asks them not to hate her. She has not been herself and when she saw them having so much fun with so much chemistry she could not handle it. She knows they were just having fun and she realizes it now. It should not have bothered her. She tells Zende she hates to admit it but she is afraid of losing him. Her hormones are all over the place. She is not herself. Zende tells her she needs to talk about it. She can not keep pushing her feelings down. She tells Sasha that she should have trusted her. She wants her to do well so she will talk to Rick again. She hopes Sasha can forgive her. They hug.

Steffy tells Liam that he can’t quit, he can not just walk away. Both she and the company need him. He tells her that he is going to need her house key now but she can pack and her get things later. She says she is not going to leave until they work this out. Wyatt walks in and says he is surprised. He thought Liam was with his ex. He tells Liam that he is over reacting by resigning over this. Liam says they are no longer part of each other’s lives and he is moving on. Wyatt tells him that he is making a huge mistake throwing away a woman like Steffy. Wyatt tells Quinn he did not get to talk to Steffy as Liam was with her. Steffy says she does not know where this is coming from. Liam tells her do not blame Ivy, it is Steffy’s fault. She says he is looking at her like she betrayed him. Quinn wants all the details if Liam is packing and moving to Australia. She wants to know exactly what he said. All Wyatt will say is that not only is Liam distancing himself from the company but from Steffy as well. Steffy yells that she hates that she disappointed him but she is disappointed too. She waited at home for Liam and texted him and nothing. Now he is leaving. He says he has said all he has to say, he feels betrayed too. He can not be around her like this. Quinn can not contain her glee. She is going to find out all on her own what happened. Wyatt says he will tell her if she will just listen and then let it go. Quinn thinks that Wyatt is so good for Steffy as she deserves someone better. Steffy tells Liam that she knows he still loves her but she does not know what to say or do now. It matters if there is hope for them. Bad things happen but she is not a bad person. Nothing happened they can not survive. They can do this. No one, not even Ivy can come between them. She cries she wants to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. She wants to understand but she does not know where this is coming from. It is not over for them. She kisses him. He only looks at with contempt.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava sent a text to Steve and Joey from Kayla.  Victor told Maggie about Deimos and how he stole his former fiancťe.  Brady told Theresa about his visions of Nicole.  She suggested that he talk to Marlena.  John opened up to Marlena about Eduardo helping him find his mother.  She told him to find his mother.  Marlena got a text from Theresa to see Brady.  Theresa went to Nicole to check on her and to get her to come back to work.

Marlena went to see Brady.  He told her that he was having dreams about Nicole.  She told him that it is normal to have Danielís feelings, but he wanted them to stop.  She advised him not to fight the feelings.  Victor thought about how his fiancťe cheated on him.  Nicole went to see Brady.  Steve went to see Ava to confront her about Joey.  He warned her to stay away from Joey.  She tried to play innocent, but he didnít fall for it.  She was afraid he noticed Kaylaís blood on the candlestick.  She wanted to know what he was going to do about their son.  He didnít know because he didnít trust her.  She gave him some information about their son.  Theresa walked in on Brady and Nicole hugging.  John went to see his mother.  When Philip and Belle got to Vegas, she kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dante, Nathan, and Jordan find Johnny and question him for his actions before he can escape town. He finally states to them that he "threatened" Lulu into giving him a place to stay and found a way to "use" Valerie Spencer as a way to get a "rookie cop in his pocket." They take him into custody and are content with that although Dante is very upset and feels betrayed knowing that Lulu obviously put Johnny up to what resulted in his kidnapping and almost getting Valerie burned to death in a fire. She protests to Dante that she "can explain," but he concludes he cannot trust her anymore. Robert meets with Anna and she fills him in on all the details of the latest corrupt happenings in Port Charles since he's been gone. Knowing that Mayor Lomax has gotten her election fixed and has enabled her cronies to take over police commissioner as well as DA positions, and knowing her recent relationship with Paul Hornsby, they know there is something up. Robert concludes to his ex that he thinks she can use her sex appeal to her advantage in beating him at his own game. Although Anna does not consider it and questions the validity of Robert's theory, he tells her it's obvious Paul has the hots for her. So, he believes she can manipulate Paul, without having to "do much" into confessing his illegal secrets to her. It appears Robert is definitely correct that Paul has "feelings" for Anna as we see him frustrated and fuming to see that Robert gets to have a "relationship" with Anna whereas he does not. Ava goes to Paul's room for an "encounter", which he takes her up on. Yet he clearly has somebody else on his mind. Olivia meets with Mayor Lomax to plan the menu for the governor's event at The Metro Court, but when she starts to breastfeed baby Leo, Janice is horrified. Olivia protests that she has the right to feed her child while working although Mayor Lomax tells her it's "indecent" to expose half her body in public. When Olivia continues to argue and protest, the mayor threatens to have a security officer come to detain Olivia.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby sits at a booth at the Athletic Club, deep in thought when Devon joins her. Abby reveals to him that Stitch told her that she didn’t know what love was. Devon is surprised by this remark. In Victor’s office, Kevin and Victor are having a chat about the “girl” that they want in exchange for Adam. Nick walks in and wants to know what they are talking about. After Kevin leaves them alone, Nick begins to ask Victor who is holding Adam hostage. Victor refuses to give him any info. Luca and Noah join forces to find Marisa. The camera shows Marisa tied to a bed. In a room upstairs in the Athletic Club, Mariah and Natalie argue as to who the men are really after who are holding Adam. At their home, Dylan tells Sharon that he has joined the police force as a detective. Sharon is quite upset with this news. Chelsea finds out that Adam has been kidnapped. Nick and Sage are at the Coffeehouse when Dr. Anderson walks in. Sage tells him that Dr. Anderson is after him, but Nick doesn’t quite believe her.

Chelsea goes to Dylan for help. Nick is still at the Coffeehouse when Dr. Anderson comes back. After a few minutes' conversation, Nick realizes that Dr. Anderson is after something and wonders what exactly she wants. Kevin visits Victor in his office and Victor asks him for his help in finding Adam. Marisa wakes up and yells if anyone is there. Natalie runs off from Mariah. Noah sees Mariah running down the stairs and wonders what is wrong, but she refuses to tell him about Natalie. Kevin goes to Dylan for help in finding Adam. Mariah joins them and tells them that Natalie has run off. Victor gets a text with a pic of Adam tied to a chair and a message that they will give him Adam in exchange for the girl. Devon asks Abby to come to work for him at the Athletic Club but she refuses. Natalie pays Victor a visit. Sharon and Chelsea have a run in over her getting Dylan involved in finding Adam.

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