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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thinks back on his adventures with Brooke. Katie brings Will in to play. Katie rambles on how much they have all grown this past year and how proud she is of Brooke. And their family has never been happier. Brooke asks Bill how does it feel to be a man who gets everything he desires. Veronica and Carter hear it from Zende that Rick has now changed his mind and perhaps Sasha can not cut it as a model. Nicole tells Rick that she hates to say it but Sasha could try to cut in with Zende. Rick says he will take care of it. Sasha makes a beeline to Nicole and tells her she will not be a model after all. Sasha says it might sound silly but she kind of liked being discovered. It doesn’t have to change anything between them. She came to L.A. as they are like sisters. Carter tells Zende that he likes Nicole but Zende is a young, talented guy and he should not be caught up in this drama of surrogacy. Sasha shows up at Julius’s while he is alone. She unburdens on Julius that she was going to be a model but then Rick took it back…….all because of what her sister, Nicole, told Rick. Nicole tells Rick she feels badly over something she said against Sasha. She says she knows there never will be anything between Sasha and Zende. Sasha tells Julius it is not fair. Nicole said she was getting too close to Zende and she has never even come on to him. Julius says sure. But bottom line this was not meant to be. He offers her some money to get a ticket back to Illinois. Nicole does not need a best friend right now. She will always be his daughter but he and her mother had an understanding. Illinois is where she belongs.

Sasha is waiting when Zende comes to the Forrester home. She asks if she can stay there to see Nicole. Zende tells her he feels so sorry for her to have this opportunity taken away. They both lacked experience but they picked him and yet let her go. She says it is okay, she is thinking of going back home anyway. He says she can not go, Nicole will want her to stay. She says no and as a matter of fact Nicole probably will be glad. It was an incredible opportunity but it was Nicole who told Rick that she was jealous of Sasha and did not want Zende working with her. Brooke tells Bill that she has some new ideas for her first issue……the power of the kiss. She wants to capture the provocative and passionate in ways they have not shown before. As she goes on Bill is drawn out of his fantasy of Brooke’s lips and kissing her. He doesn’t hear anything else.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman questioned Hope about her confession. Philip wanted Belle to go to Las Vegas with him, but she wasnít interested. Caroline told Justin about her vision of Victor, but Justin wasnít convinced she was right. Victor put a gun on Deimos. Deimos wanted to talk to him. Hope told Roman that she blocked out killing Malcolm. She said it was self-defense. She also told him that Malcolm extorted money from her. Lani questioned Rafe about why Hope confessed to a murder she denied committing. Philip tried to convince Belle to go with him to Las Vegas. Hope lied to Roman about killing Malcolm. Roman didnít believe her story. She tried to get him to believe her. He told her she had to convince a judge and jury. She thought she would be able to convince the judge and jury.

Caroline was upset that Justin didnít take her warning seriously. Victor thought Deimos wanted revenge, but he didnít. Deimos wanted Victor to give him a job. Victor wanted Deimos out his house. Deimos warned Victor that he couldnít escape his past. Victor told Deimos that he was dead to him. Deimos reminded Victor that he was family. Roman questioned Rafe about Hope killing Malcolm. Belle went to the police station to represent Hope. Hope wanted to make a statement to Justin. Hope made her statement to Justin. Justin decided to drop the charges against Hope. Deimos and Philip met at the park.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Johnny left Valerie in the cabin in the forest, she struggles to free herself from the ropes binding her legs and arms and knocks over a lit candle, which immediately catches fire. She screams for help until she can no longer breathe and goes unconscious in her chair. Back at the station, the cops are looking for Johnny and come across an anonymous picture of him with Valerie handing her cash. Jordan suspects that very possibly Johnny is paying Valerie off to help him escape. Yet Dante does not believe that nor does Bobbie when they question her about Valerie. They continue to search security camera footage to determine where Johnny has taken her. Lulu drives to the cabin area looking for Johnny and notices the fire. Thinking he's inside, she rushes in to save Johnny but discovers Valerie trapped inside. She cannot carry her cousin outside, so she slaps her hard to wake her up. When Valerie is finally conscious, Lulu unties her and gets her out. Back at her car, she realizes her phone and car keys are inside her jacket which is back in the burning cabin, so now they're stranded. Luckily, the car is unlocked, so Lulu gets some blankets from the trunk and they both huddle up to spend the night together. Dante keeps trying to reach his wife and leaves her yet another voicemail, saying that he knows she's in the middle of the whole Johnny & Valerie mess, and fearfully wondering what she has done now.

Sonny tries to praise Kristina for success in college, even though she doesn't get in touch enough for him. Kristina assures Sonny she will be seeing more of him now that her mother is getting remarried. Sonny is shocked by the news, which Alexis was planning on sharing with him that day. When the subject gets back around to school, Sonny informs Alexis that Kristina's tuition check was returned by Wesleyan. Kristina makes up a story about their computers being down and goes to join Sam at the bar where she reveals that she got suspended from school for "offering" to sleep with a professor in exchange for changing a grade. Unfortunately for her, the professor turned her down and reported her. Sam agrees to help her through this period by providing physical and financial help and keep her secret from her parents. However, Kristina might have more going on, because the professor texts her to meet with him. Jason is happy that Sam has found him an eyewitness to the fight with Nikolas, but Jake reveals to his parents he does not trust Sam because she wants to break up his family. Jason insists that Sam only wants to find out the truth, because lies always hurt people. All Jake cares about, though, is if his dad is coming back home. Elizabeth tries to remain optimistic, because anything can happen.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah tells Nick to keep both eyes open around Dr. Anderson, because she suspects he has an agenda. Nick starts to think Mariah may be right when he finds out that the doctor has been telling him to keep Sage away from Sully. She told Sharon that she has to be careful around Sage, because she could harm her progress and she wouldn't want that to happen since she has come so far in the treatment of her bipolar disorder. Sage feels an unexplainable bond with baby Sully who is really Christian.  Chelsea asks Nick to help her figure out what Victor knows about Adam's kidnapping. Sharon isn't happy that Dylan has become a police detective. Victor thinks that Luca's father wants Marisa in exchange for Adam. After Kevin and Natalie hack into Victor's e-mails, Mariah figures out that Luca's father wants Natalie, because the Santoris are the secret investors from whom Natalie is running. Luca and Noah begin the search for Marisa who is also missing.

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