Friday 1/15/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/15/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke suggests to Bill that they take a pledge to be friends and nothing more. Reluctantly he shakes hands on that. She says she does not want to be a problem for him and Katie, so she will do her best. More and more Bill finds it unsettling just to stand by Brooke in the office. Rick asks Nicole what does she want him to do – tell Sasha she can not be a print model anymore? Nicole admits that she feels venerable with Sasha around because Nicole is going to be pregnant and fat and Sasha is not. Rick says he knows how to handle this. There is not a thing that Nicole, the baby mama, could ask him that he would not do for her. Sasha gushes that Zende made her look good enough to be a model for FC. This is better than any dream she has ever had. She does not know how she will thank Nicole. Rick goes to see Sasha and she jumps in for the chance to thank him once again. Rick looks at the shoots and praises Zende but laments to Sasha that he does not think she is going to work out for them after all. She might need a little more experience and he does not have time to do that on the job. She is disappointed and tries to smooth it over for having the opportunity. Zende tells her it is just the two of them so she can confide in him. She says yeah she is feeling sort of rejected and sorry for herself but it is what it is and she did get to share it with him for a short while so all is good.

Katie shows Liam’s office to Brooke and says the two of them can work in here now. Allison brings Will in and Brooke notices the chill in the air. Katie says Allison feels like she is Bill’s office wife and that might be fine except his real wife is still here. Nicole tells Veronica that she does not intend to let this pregnancy/surrogacy come between her and Zende. Veronica tells Carter that it almost sounds like he does not approve of Nicole and her pregnancy. He says it is not fair to Zende. Zende walks out and looks dejected. He tells Carter that he just saw something happen right in front of him that he does not understand. Nicole stops in to see Rick and he tells her it is all handled. And if he knew her past relationship with Sasha then he would not have offered it in first place. She says she has never felt this insecure before. Rick tells her she is allowed and it will eventually pass. Sasha is listening at the door and hears Nicole say she feels awful and she wishes she could leave Zende and Sasha in the same room but she can not. And there is nothing wrong for her to keep protecting what is hers. Katie glows that she and Bill are so together now; she loves her job and she owes it all to Brooke. She gives her a hug. Bill pours a stiff drink and remembers his times with Brooke. He tells himself that he is a husband and a father and he can not go there again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Kayla that Ava had his baby. Kayla found that hard to believe. He also told her that Ava wanted him to help her look for the baby. Andre asked Chad if he heard from Stefano. Chad got a text from Stefano. Andre got the same text. Chad didn’t care if he heard from Stefano again or not. Abby told JJ and Jennifer about getting engaged to Chad. They weren’t over the moon with her news. JJ reminded Abby about being engaged to Ben. Abby was convinced that she knew what she was doing with Chad. Rafe and Hope talked about what she was going to say when she confessed to killing Dr. Malcolm. Joey went to see Ava and he admitted that he was in love with her. Ava said she couldn’t be with Joey because she’s dying. Steve told Kayla that Ava’s son was sold. Kayla couldn’t believe that Steve fell for that lie. Steve continued to convince Kayla that he couldn’t turn his back on the child. Kayla wasn’t sure that Ava had a child. Abby didn’t want to hear what JJ and Jennifer had to say about Chad. Abby’s jaw dropped when JJ reminded her about her affair with EJ. Andre told Chad that he believed that Hope either killed Stefano or held him captive because of what happened to Bo. Chad believed that Stefano got what he deserved if he was guilty. Andre couldn’t believe that Chad could be so cold towards his father. Chad wanted Stefano and Andre to leave him alone. Rafe and Hope continued to talk about how they were going to cover up what she did.

Joey was surprised by Ava’s news. Ava advised him to get over his crush on her. Joey shocked her by kissing her. Kayla wanted Steve to wait for her to come back before he investigated the child. Abby wanted JJ and Jennifer to be at her wedding, but she was getting married whether they were there or not. Chad spotted blood on a figurine. Rafe and Hope prepared to go to the station to see Roman. Ava told Joey again that he had to get over her. She told Joey to leave and not come back. Ava opened the door and Kayla was on the other side of it. Kayla wanted to know why Joey was in Ava’s room. Kayla was upset and ordered Joey to leave. Kayla yelled at Ava about Joey being alone in her room as well as because of the story she told Steve. Joey told Steve that Ava helped him get him and Kayla back together. Steve was upset that Joey lied to them. Joey was upset that Ava told him that she was dying. Kayla told Ava that she was going to tell Steve about Joey being alone with her. She also told Ava that Steve wasn’t going to help her look for the fictional kid and that she was going to jail. Ava snapped and hit her in the head with a candlestick. Ava dragged Kayla’s body back into her room before anyone saw them. Rafe and Hope arrived at the station to see Roman. Hope confessed to Roman that she killed Dr. Malcolm.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The manhunt is on for Johnny. He is able to tell, while listening to Valerie's police scanner that the cops have an APB on him and he's wanted for murder. Dillon goes to the station looking for Valerie since they have dinner plans and finds it odd she's nowhere to be found. Dante and Nathan ask him if he might know the whereabouts of Johnny. He tells them he does not although he admits that around Christmas, Lulu was harboring him at The Haunted Star although she told him it was just for one night. At that point, they realize that Lulu may be aiding and abetting Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny has kidnapped Valerie and leaves her tied up and gagged at an abandoned cabin. She struggles to break free and only knocks over a candle that causes the cabin to catch on fire while she's there alone and unable to get out. Sam is determined to clear Jason's name knowing he could get charged with murder if she cannot find a witness to corroborate that he did not intend to push or kill Nikolas. Carly shows her where to find Dr. Shepherd, who happens to be the doctor who helped her prove that Jason is really Jason although nobody else knew. At first, he and his mistress to not want to get involved in police matters and be found out. Yet Sam urges him to help her with the man she loves. When he finds out the man in question is in fact Jason, he and his fiancé assure her and assure Jason that they will help him because they owe him that. Meanwhile, Nikolas is happily with Hayden assuming there are no witnesses that can testify on Jason's behalf so he is in the clear, although he is unaware that is not true. Unknown to Sam, Elizabeth and Jake are staying at the Metro Court not far from Jason's room. She goes to announce the good news to Jason and sees Elizabeth in his room, assuming the obvious.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Billy wakes up long enough to recognize Victoria. They share just a moment before Paul and Dylan barge in asking questions about the hit and run. Billy slips back into unconsciousness. Victoria becomes angry and snaps at Paul while Dylan tries to keep the peace. The doctor encourages Victoria to talk to Billy. At the station, Paul admits he shouldn't have pushed Billy that way but he was impressed at how Dylan kept his cool. Paul offers Dylan a position of detective. Dylan accepts. Chelsea demands to know where Adam is but Victor doesn't know. He has one of his investigators looking for him and he says he will let Chelsea know when he learns anything. Marisa wants to help Luca bring his father to justice and offers to find some useful information in her journal but Luca doesn't want her to get involved. Chelsea meets with Marisa to discuss her wedding line but really wants answers about Luca's family and their whereabouts. She tells Marisa that she suspects the Santoris have taken Adam. Kevin tells Mariah that Billy didn't die when they took him off life support and regrets making the deal with Victor. Natalie arrives and says she is being followed and needs to find a safe place. Mariah is suspicious of Natalie and doesn't like her but she agrees to help protect her. They take her to GCAC and Mariah, again, offers her negative opinion of Natalie. Kevin thinks she is jealous. Luca is summoned by Victor, who accuses him of kidnapping Adam. Victor tells Luca that, if Adam isn't brought back safely and unscathed, he will retaliate in kind. Luca meets Marisa at the top of the tower and she accuses him of lying to her and working with his father to take down Newman. Victor receives an email that reads, "Give us the girl, and we'll give you your son".

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