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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It was all a fantasy. Brooke calls out Bill’s name and he snaps to. She cajoles he must have been deep into his next business conquest. She says he looks a little distracted. She needs a little feedback on her first drawings for the fashion magazine. She also apologizes for kissing him much earlier at home. She does not want things between them to be awkward. They agreed to forget but she didn’t. She does not want to be a distraction to him or her sister, she loves her too much. He laments he had not thought about it until she brought it up. He wants to make it crystal clear. He is committed to Katie. She says good, then there is nothing to be concerned about. Sasha gushes on and on about being a model now and it is not just a trial run, Rick has okayed it. She models more and even wants Nicole to join in. She nixes that, saying she is not feeling that good. Sasha expresses it is fortunate for her that Nicole had morning sickness as that is what led all of this modeling for Sasha.

Nicole marches straight to Rick and questions why he hired Sasha, thinking she is more into attention than actually being a model. And Rick does not have to thank her for being her best friend. That is not why she is here. She says she is not here to stab Sasha in the back but she does not feel comfortable with her around, it’s like they are competing like they were in school when Sasha was more popular. Brooke says her past always has a way of catching up with her so she is glad this is not going to affect her relationship with her sister. She is looking forward and very excited about working here with them. She wants them to be friends. Katie walks in and is glad all is going so smoothly. She tells Katie that she always stayed at FC because it was so safe but that is no way to live. Now she knows she does not have to prove herself to Katie and Bill. Katie says she can feel the excitement already and there is no telling what they can all accomplish. She has a meeting to attend so leaves Bill and Brooke together. Brooke is glad they are on the same page, as friends. Gazing at her he sees her move closer and imagines they kiss again. She says again she wants them to be friends, not just co-exist. He lies and says yes. But he notices her every move, her tight dress, her blonde hair, her legs. Don’t think this will be easy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to confront Eric.  Hope had a nightmare about shooting Stefano.  Andre showed up at Hope's house asking about Stefano.  Lani was suspicious of Rafe trying to protect Hope.   Andre questioned Hope about what she "figured out".  Nicole tried to talk Parker into going back to Chicago, but he didn't want to go.  Victor let Theresa know that Brady was moving back to the mansion.  Theresa gave him a piece of her mind.  Theresa was sure that Brady would hate Victor for breaking them up.  Brady advised Eric to get used to feeling guilty because he killed someone.  Hope reminded Andre of what happened to Bo and what he did to Ciara.  Andre wanted to know why she didn't have a warrant.  Andre didn't believe that Stefano would just leave town because of Hope's accusations.  Rafe put Lani in her place about accusing Hope of murder.  Brady got upset when Eric felt sorry for himself.  Brady told Eric to let it go and feel feel guilty for what happened.

Nicole wanted Parker to think about the good times with Daniel.  She was finally able to convince Parker to go home.  Brady advised Eric not to drink again.  Theresa visited Brady and they talked about Victor wanting him at the mansion.  Rafe apologized to Lani for the way he spoke to her.  Andre was determined to find out what happened to Stefano.  Hope almost slipped and said Stefano died.  She managed to cover her tracks and kicked Andre out.  Brady let Theresa know that he didn't blame her for the accident.  Eric told the priest about his accident and he wanted to get help.  Andre checked on the plane that Rafe had chartered.  Rafe went to see Hope and warned her that they had to deal with Dr. Malcolm's murder.  Brady had a dream about Nicole.  Stefano was Hope's only proof that she didn't kill Dr. Malcolm.  Hope decided to plead guilty.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Johnny informs Lulu that he's ready to "accomplish their mission" with Valerie as he runs into her and gets her to give him a ride. Right while that is happening, however, Maxie goes to the station and informs Nathan and Dante that she has spoken to Johnny although she denies that he's been with Lulu nor that Lulu has helped him hide. Right then, they get her to give a formal statement to the police commissioner. Right as Johnny is riding in Valerie's car, he discovers she listens to a police scanner. And right then, they hear the APB announcement that Johnny Zacchara has escaped, with a physical description, noting that he's wanted for murder and may be in Port Charles under an assumed name working as an auto mechanic. Valerie listens but suspects nothing at that point. Dante goes to find out if Lulu really has not seen or heard from Johnny. She denies it although she knows he does not necessarily believe that. Meanwhile Johnny gets Valerie to transport him out of town in the dark in the middle of nowhere and reveals to her that he cannot be trusted and may be "dangerous" as she appears scared. Jordan, Anna, Michael and Felix all know that they have no information about where Sabrina has gone. The present and former police commissioners know not to reveal to the two guys that they suspect Carlos is alive and probably with Sabrina. Yet Anna runs into Robert after Mac has encouraged him to reach out to her and told him about their theory regarding Carlos and Paul Hornsby. Right then, Robert knows he may be needed in her life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea is worried that Adam didn't call to tell her he arrived in Spain, so she goes to Victor and persuades him to call the hotel where Adam is supposed to be staying and find out if he has checked in yet. Victor makes the call and discovers that Adam has not arrived yet. Victor has his security team make some calls and is informed that Adam never arrived in Spain. Kevin continues to struggle to decide if he should partner with Jack in Billy's name or partner with Victor for the internet deal. Michael tells Kevin that he shouldn't partner with Victor, because he will take all the profits from the deal and leave him with nothing. Michael also tells Kevin that the Abbott family is taking Billy off life support. Kevin doesn't want to lose the deal so he makes a deal with Victor, because he feels he has no other choice.

The Abbott family goes into Billy's (Jason Thompson) hospital room to say goodbye to him. After Jack tells the nurse to turn off the machines, the family goes in the waiting area to wait for Billy's heart to stop. Billy's soul leaves his body, and he goes around saying his goodbyes to his family although they can't see him. Billy decides his family and friends would be better off without him and his only regret is not being around for Johnny and Katherine. Billy almost decides to stay when he hears Katherine say her first word "Dada" but he knows the kids will be okay. Delia's spirit arrives to tell Billy she is okay, but Johnny and Katharine and his family need him. Delia tells Billy that there is still time to fix his mistakes, and he should stay with his family. The Abbott family all go into Billy's room, so he won't be alone, and they are shocked when the machines go off and the nurse tell them that Billy has brain activity.

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