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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick calls Zende and Sasha in and says it is some of the best photography he has ever seen. He likes Sasha’s energy and it has led him to a decision. He asks her if she would like to be a print model. They both definitely have chemistry for the camera. Nicole tells Maya that she wishes it were her modeling and not waiting for a year for her to lose her baby fat. And these ill feelings come on at the least opportune time. Sasha is hot while she is turning into a blimp. But she surmised that Sasha is her best friend so it’s not like she and Zende will be together every day. She makes a doctor’s appointment and Maya tells her she and Rick will be there. Katie welcomes Brooke and says it is their company now, she is happy to have her, so is Bill. Alone Brooke and Bill try to pretend all is okay. But he remembers a few kisses and so does she. And a few comments from Stephanie about the whore in heat.

Sasha preens for the camera and giggles to look at her, she is a model. Rick tells someone on the phone to keep this quiet about Sasha, he’d like to keep this from Ridge. He asks Katie how his mom is doing on her first day at the job. He says his mom has not been very active here at FC and she needs that. Katie says she knows and when she is bored her demons take over. Nicole catches Sasha doing her bit for the camera and Sasha gushes that she just became a model, believe it or not. Brooke walks into Bill’s office, locks the door, turns out the lights and tells him to tell Allison to hold all his calls. She does not want to be interrupted. She tells him this is a wonderful opportunity but it is very painful. He is her stallion and they have gone places like no other experience she ever had. But it was wrong and she left and tried to find her true self. And now they are offering her this job but she just can’t do it. They both know why. Katie tells Rick that what happened between Bill and Brooke happened and she can not change that. But she has chosen their sisterhood and that is bigger than their past and she will always be there for her. Rick says Brooke is lucky for Katie to be watching her back. Brooke tells Bill that he should not have come to her house and made the offer. He says her feelings came out of the blue and he had no idea. She says she did not allow herself to have these feelings either but she has been fighting it. He reminds her that she kissed him. She admits that was wrong. She should have kept it inside. He says it is still there in his heart and waiting to be released. He grabs her and kisses her and she tries to slap him first, but ends up going in for another kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa offered her condolences to Maggie. Victor saw them and yelled at her for what happened. Victor blamed Theresa for Danielís death. She was shocked and walked out of the mansion. Eduardo visited John and told him he discovered info about his mother. Roman and Justin let Marlena know that Eric would get charged for the accident. Marlena tried to blame someone else for the accident, but Roman told her that Eric was at fault. Melanie arrived back in Salem because of Danielís death.

Eduardo gave John his motherís name and phone number. Eduardo warned John that it could be a set up. John wasnít sure if he should believe that the information Eduardo had was true. Melanie went to see Maggie. Melanie felt that she shouldnít have moved away. Maggie wanted Melanie to focus on good memories of Daniel. Nicole arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to help with the funeral arrangements. The three of them were talking and then Nicole broke down and cried. She couldnít believe that she was planning Danielís funeral. Nicoleís outburst made Maggie cry too. Victor visited Brady at the hospital and wanted him to move back in the mansion. Jennifer ran into Theresa and she let Jennifer know that the accident was her fault. Chloe told Nicole that Parker wanted to stay in Salem with her. John called the number and a woman answered the phone. Jennifer assured Theresa that the accident wasnít her fault. Brady didnít want to move in with Victor without Theresa. Brady let Victor know that the accident wasnít Theresaís fault. Brady told him that it was someone elseís fault. Eric cried over the accident.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sabrina gets an urgent call from Carlos informing her he's been hiding out in Port Charles hoping she will go away with him and now he has to leave before terrible consequences happen to him. At first, she refuses to come with him but realizes he is the father of her child, she's broken up with Michael and there is not much left for her in Port Charles any more than there is for Carlos. Meanwhile, Anna briefs Jordan on her theory that Carlos has to be alive. Sabrina must know that. And Paul Hornsby is involved in Carlos' underhanded business. They know the only way to find out about Carlos is through Sabrina. Meanwhile, Dante encourages Michael not to give up on being a husband and father, the way he fears he has regretfully done with Lulu. This motivates Michael to find Sabrina before it's too late. By the time he gets to her apartment, she's not there but Felix gives him a letter she wrote to him about how she regrets lying to him and that she needs to leave town because Port Charles is his home and not hers' and he needs to find the right person who is not herself. Anna and Jordan go to the apartment. But right at that point, Carlos convinces Sabrina to go away on the boat with him and it's too late to find her. Maxie is wondering if she should give Johnny up to Nathan, knowing that they cannot have lies in their relationship as she sees how it has ruined the relationship of so many others around her. Nathan then admits to her that he's been investigating a suspected fugitive which he reveals to her is, in fact, Johnny Zacarra. Meanwhile, Johnny finds Valerie, determined to run her out of town as Lulu wants. Olivia makes it clear to Valerie she wants her to leave town but Valerie adamantly tells Olivia she won't be intimidated. She realizes, however, it's over between herself and Dante. She doesn't have too many friends in town. So maybe Johnny is the one person she trusts, or so it appears to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Mariah and Kevin discuss Jack having to decide whether or not to take Billy off the respirator. Jill argues with Jack over his decision to take Billy off the respirator. At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Neil discuss their pretending that they are a couple. They discuss Victoria and what she is going through with Billy. At the Newman offices, Abby, Marisa and Chelsea discuss Ben and him having his son here and Jenna being dead. Adam and Noah discuss the activity in the Pasadena plant but Noah seems preoccupied. Adam and Noah discuss Victor and what he will be up to next. Noah changes the subject and asks Adam how he coped with the lie of pretending to be Gabriel Bingham. Adam lets him know that he took it one day at a time. Traci arrives at the hospital to lend moral support to the family. Luca tells Adam that Marco is dead. Jack tells Abby to get to Memorial Hospital, because they are going to take Billy off the ventilator. Chelsea lets Adam in on the news. Noah and Marisa join Kevin and Mariah and fill them in on Billy. Jill refuses to let Jack take Billy off life support but Jack insists. Victoria asks for Jill’s help in letting go of Billy.

Victor consoles Abby at the hospital just as Ashley arrives. Jack informs the family that they need to say good bye to Billy. Each Abbott has their turn with Billy and telling him what is in their heart. Chelsea and Adam also have their turn. Luca joins Marisa to let her know about Marco’s death. Marisa tells him that he has her but he asks her, “Do I?” Jack orders the nurse to take Billy off life support. Kevin strikes up a deal with Victor. Adam leaves his apartment and is confronted by someone with a black hood over his face.

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