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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Something startles Liam and he jumps to it, feeling dizzy and shaky but he does remember what he saw last night – Wyatt and Steffy asleep in his bed. Wyatt wakes Steffy up. He says no word from Liam. She is not surprised but says she did not need a lover last night, just a friend and he was that. He helped her get through a frightful night. He can’t believe he was so innocent with a lovely girl like her in bed. Eric tells Quinn that Brooke is going to work for SP and it is a brand new day and he will announce it this morning. He also tells them that Ivy has gone back to Australia but he hopes that Quinn and Wyatt can work with her long distance. Quinn nixes on that and hopes her son does not ever have to be in touch with her again. Katie and Bill find Liam in the office, obviously having slept there, took a shower and even put on Bill’s clothes since his had been around the world and back. He also tells them that he is stepping away from FC. Bill says that is fine but Brooke is going to join them as Editor. Bill does want some details though on why he broke up with Ivy, but orders him to go see Steffy first and explain to her.

When Wyatt comes in Eric tells him that Ivy won’t be returning and he will be making other work arrangements. Quinn is upset that Wyatt did not answer any of her messages and apparently wasn’t even at home when she went by. He says he was somewhere else. And he knows she was all about go to Steffy. He got that message. Liam goes home and has to take another look at the unmade bed where Steffy and Wyatt were. He meets up with Steffy who says he has on different clothes than he left with. He says if she wants to make accusations, he can do better. How did she sleep? Katie tells Brooke this is her first day and they are the welcome committee. Quinn finally drags it out of Wyatt that he spent the night with Steffy at Liam’s. He did not want to leave her alone. Liam was on a flight to Australia with Ivy. Liam tells Steffy that he is not moving to Australia and this is his home, not hers. She can’t believe he is still blaming her for something she did not do. He continues on and it falls on deaf ears. He tells her that he is not coming back to FC and she can leave the ring anywhere but take all her things with her. She is stunned when he says this is no longer her home. Quinn is happy to hear that Liam is pissed now with Steffy. She does not think Wyatt should have left Steffy alone this morning. Steffy tells Liam that this is not the way they do this. He told her they were done and that was the last she saw of him. So what is with the attitude? He blasts at her to think hard and can she say she did nothing unforgivable here. Life has thrown them curveballs many times….but it boils down to people including their baby are not safe around her. He is not safe around her. He starts to leave and she cries after him that he can not leave.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby was surprised that Chad proposed to her. She thought he did it because he felt pressured. He wanted to be with her forever. Ciara was upset when she saw the insulting picture in Theoís locker. Ciara was determined to find out who was bullying Theo. Theo didnít want Ciara to help him. He felt that would make him feel worse than he did. Rafe and Hope began to move Stefanoís body and fix the crime scene. Hope wanted Rafe to change his mind before it was too late. Rafe was determined to help Hope. They took Stefanoís body through the passageway so no one would see him. Steve gave Ava the pictures of the baby. Ava was surprised that Steve didnít have any questions about it. Ava wanted to know if Steve wanted to know about it. Steve noticed that the baby in the picture looked like Ava. Ava admitted that the baby in the picture was hers. Abby wasnít sure if she was ready to get married to Chad. Chad understood that she was hesitant to get married after Ben, but he did want to get married. Abby agreed to marry him. Andre walked in the room and saw Chad with Abby. Needless to say, Andre was surprised to see them together. Rafe and Hope took Stefano to a building that is going to be demolished. He felt that no one would find his body. Hope didnít regret what she did. She regretted that Rafe was dragged into it. Rafe wanted to help her and didnít regret anything. Andre wanted to know what was going on with Abby. Chad let Andre know that he remembered what was important to him. Chad also told Andre that he asked Abby to marry him. Steve asked Ava about when the baby was born. She explained that he was born before she arrived in Salem. She also told Steve that her father let her believe that her baby was dead. Steve put two and two together and realized Ava was trying to say that her baby was his.

Theo confided in Lani about the bullying. Andre tried to convince Chad to put the DiMeras first. Abby begged Chad not to listen to Andre. Chad didnít listen to Andre. He let Andre know that he lost. Ava admitted that she had Steveís son. Ava knew that Steve wouldnít believe her, but she assured him that the baby is his. Ava figured that Steve felt drawn to the baby. Theo didnít want to tell Abe about the bullying. Lani thought he should talk to Abe, but she listened to him while he explained how he felt about the bullying. Lani assured Theo that he wasnít the one with the problem. She said that the bully is the one with the problem. Chad let Abby know that Andre was not going to control him anymore and he wanted her to trust him. Chad accused Andre of brainwashing him, but Andre denied it. Chad told Andre that heís the father of Abbyís baby. Andre realized that Chad lied to him about what Belle knows as far as the money is concerned. Chad let Andre know that he and Stefano are dead to him. Rafe wanted to leave the building, but Hope wanted to wait. Hope waned to give Stefano a piece of her mind before they left. Ciara found Theo and apologized for wanting to go after the bully. Theo understood and realized that she just wanted to help him. Hope and Rafe arrived at her house. Hope thanked Rafe again for his help. She let him know that she would always be grateful to him for his help. Andre wanted Chad to think about his family. Andre told Chad he would be nothing without the DiMeras. Chad let Andre know that he deserved every bad thing that happened to him. Andre reminded Chad about all of the bad things he did, but Chad wanted to change. Andre reminded Chad that he is a DiMera and itís in his veins. Chad warned Andre to leave him, Abby, and Thomas alone or he would make him wish he were never born. Andre laughed at Chad before he left the room. Ava thought that Steve believed her and thanked him for it. She told Steve about the time she held him. Steve wanted to know where the baby was. Ava didnít know where their baby was. She said that their baby was sold on the black market. Ava wanted to find their son and asked Steve for his help. Chad went to Abby and told her that heís free from Stefano and Andre. Rafe was able to charter a plane with Stefanoís credit card. Rafe wanted to make sure that Hope could keep it together. He asked her if she could live with what she did. Andre went to the DiMera mansion and noticed that the figures on the chessboard were out of place. Andre knew that Stefano wouldnít have allowed the figure to be in the wrong position on the game board.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the Metro Court, Ava tells Kiki she respects her boundaries but is always looking out for her daughter. Kiki reveals she appreciates that but also reveals she'd rather spend time with Morgan than with her mom. Morgan has just talked to his dad, admitting that he feels useless and wishes he could be powerful and contribute to his family and be more than just someone with bi polar who has to see a shrink and take meds. He also has that discussion with Dr. Maddox who encourages him to know that he can make it and not have to be discouraged as long as he follows the protocol. However, we see a guy who is doing dirty business who informs Ava that he saw Morgan wanting to get involved in his dirty business. Right then, Ava is concerned and worried when she overhears her daughter expressing that she wants to spend time with Morgan and he is a big priority in her life. Meanwhile, Sonny admits to Michael that he can put two and two together that Sabrina is pregnant with Carlos' baby. Yet, believing as they both do (incorrectly), that Carlos is dead, he encourages his son to consider putting that aside and being a father to Sabrina's child who needs a dad. Anna is also able to find out from Sabrina that Carlos, instead of Michael is her baby's father. As soon as she talks to Sabrina about Carlos' death, Sabrina reveals that she is keeping a secret. Anna instantly concludes this can only mean that Sabrina knows what she (Anna) suspects, that Carlos is alive. Anna immediately rushes to inform Jordan. They consider monitoring all of Sabrina's calls to find out if she's in contact with Carlos although they realize in order to do that, they need authorization from DA Hornsby, whom Anna knows he cannot trust with that very subject.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria, Jill, Lauren, Phyllis, and Michael stand vigil at the hospital awaiting word on Billy’s condition. Jack tells the others that he is going in to see Billy with Jill. Jack is quite upset when he sees Billy attached to all the tubes and lying there motionless. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily approaches Cane and thanks him for helping her with the children when they went skating. Lily asks him as to where they stand. Cane lets her know that he wants to spend more time with the children but he didn’t mean to lead her on concerning the kiss under the mistletoe. Victor confronts Victor in the foyer of the Athletic Club and wonders if she is having an affair with Neil and that is why she had reserved a suite upstairs. They argue as usual. Lily sees Devon come into the Athletic Club dining room and grab a glass and bottle from the bar. Neil lets Hilary know that their lovemaking was a mistake but Hilary won’t accept that as true since she believes that he was where he wanted to be. Neil denies wanting to be here with her. Michael reveals to everyone that Billy had him to draw up papers putting Jack in charge in the event anything happened to him. Phyllis knows that Jack will be torn up by this. Jack and Jill stand over Billy and wills him to wake up. Jill wants Simon to help Billy to wake up but Jack is against the idea. Nikki reveals to Victor that Victoria could lose Billy but all Victor wants is to gain from this mishap. Hilary tells Neil that she doesn’t love Devon but she loves him instead. Neil will not listen to this and assures her that he will not hurt Devon. Lily and Cane confront Devon about his drinking. Devon tells Cane and Lily about Neil making love to Hilary in the back office of the Jabot lab. Michael shows Jack the papers that Billy had singed making him executor over him and his estate. Jack is quite upset over this sudden change of events but Phyllis assures him that Billy wanted him to do this. Jack, in looking at Victoria, asks her as to what she wants him to do.

Jill and Lauren sit by Billy’s bedside and Jill tells Lauren how she had given birth to Billy and he was her all. Victoria lets jack and Phyllis know that life on a ventilator is no life. Jack asks Victoria and Phyllis to leave him alone for a while. Neil tells Hilary that he cannot be with her. Devon tells Cane and Lily how Neil had betrayed him by sleeping with Hilary. Lily goes to talk to someone about this. Devon tells Neil that he had seen him and Hilary making love. Lily confronts Hilary. Phyllis talks to Billy and urges him to wake up so she can have her friend back. Billy lies motionless as Victoria talks to him and tells him that she hates him for doing this to them. Jill comforts Victoria. John joins Jack in the waiting room and they have a long talk about Billy. John assures Jack that he will help to show Billy the way. Jack looks up and sees Victor standing there. Jack wipes his eyes.

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