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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The old man on the plane is snoring, he did not hear Liam pore out his heart. Liam says things were not good when he left so that is why it is important that he get back home. Steffy sits up in bed and tells Wyatt that he should not be saying this. She knows Ivy hurt him badly but……He says she knows it too, it should have been them. She says no, she is in love with his brother. Rick likes Zende’s photos and says sometimes that is all it takes is impromptu. He likes the images as Sasha is fresh and sexy. She gives all the credit to the great photographer, Zende. She watches as Nicole kisses Zende and tells him how proud she is of him. Wyatt tells Steffy that he wants something easy, not a relationship where he gets nothing in return. She says they can get past this and that is what she wants from Liam. Wyatt says he hopes Liam knows how lucky he is. He will try his best to be hopeful for her. But he does not think things are gonna be different as that is the kind of fool Liam is and deep down he thinks she knows that.

Howard accuses Liam of having his eye on two women at the same time; that will get him in trouble like he is flirting with the flight attendant. Liam says all he wants to do is get home and walk down that aisle and nothing can happen after that….at least he doesn’t think it will. They depart the plane and Howard wishes him well and gives him his business card. He tells him to give him a call if Pam and her desserts become available. Steffy tells Wyatt that she just needs Liam to hold her. He does not have to jump off a bridge for her. Wyatt says he doesn’t understand how she puts up with him. Liam is everyone’s hero and Wyatt has to settle for second place. She says he does not have to feel that way. He reminds her they are both here now and he will always be there for her, whatever she wants. She whines that she just needs someone to lean on now and goes into his arms. Liam checks his messages, no Steffy. Steffy falls asleep in Wyatt’s arms. Sasha tells Zende that he gets all the credit and now Rick and Maya know it, that is all that matters. He says maybe he won’t be the only one advancing their career. She does not want him to feel obligated. And Nicole is really lucky to have him. Liam slips into the house and first he sees Wyatt’s coat and two bottles of wine on the table. Slowly he goes into the bedroom and almost gags as he sees Wyatt and Steffy in bed asleep. He backs out and falls into a chair.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ was upset when he saw Chad with Abby. JJ told Chad how he felt about the way he treated Abby. Chad assured JJ that he wasnít like Stefano and Andre. Hope shot Stefano three times when he taunted her about Bo. Nicole went to Eric and blamed him for killing Daniel. Eric apologized to Nicole, but it didnít help her feel better. Rafe arrived at the DiMera mansion and saw what Hope did. Rafe wanted to know what Hope did. Hope could only remember a little of what she did. Hope was worried about what would happen to her as well as to her children. Rafe said he would help her.

Hope didnít want Rafe to risk his job by covering up what she did. Eric apologized to Nicole again. Nicole reminded Eric that she told him not to drive. Marlena arrived and heard Nicole yelling at Eric. Marlena made Nicole leave Ericís room. Chad surprised Abby by having a place ready for them. Rafe wanted to make sure no one knew Hope was at the DiMera mansion. Hope reminded Rafe that Andre knew she was there. Chad and Abby had a romantic moment and then they made love. Marlena went after Nicole to let her know that yelling at Eric wouldnít help. Marlena advised Nicole to focus on Danielís children instead of blaming Eric for what he did. Rafe told Hope to say she talked to Stefano and then she left. Hope didnít want Rafe involved. Rafe was determined to help her. Nicole lashed out at Marlena for telling her to think about Danielís kids. Nicole wanted to know how she could live with it that Danielís kids didnít have their father anymore because of what Eric did. Chad proposed to Abby. Hope didnít understand what happened to her. Rafe knew what to do to help her. Rafe knew how the DiMerasí thought and he knew how to cover up a crime scene. Hope finally agreed to cover up Stefanoís death. Rafe wanted to get rid of the body.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny goes to the hospital to meet his new doctor who's replaced Patrick. This guy is cold, completely robotic and regards patients and people as nothing more than business objectives. he tells Sonny he does not want Carly or any of his "loved-ones" present or involved in Sonny's PT or recovery although Sonny tells him he won't accept that, does not like the way he treats people and will only work with a doctor who includes Carly and his family in the process. Lucas is there to help with the transition and makes some calls to find a doctor whom Sonny will like. Hayden offers to "help" Nikolas with his rivalry with Jason for ELQ by marrying him. She explains that Jason cannot take Nikolas' assets if he places them in his spouse's name. Instantly Nikolas suspects she just wants to get her hands on his money although she assures him she is developing feelings for him, thought he felt the same and she wants to help, support and protect him. He concludes that he has feelings for her and would like to see where things go in their relationship. For that reason, he doesn't want to resort to drastic measures to get ELQ back if it means jeopardizing what they have together. Alexis is ready to represent her nephew and believes they have a case if Hayden can serve as a witness that Jason pushes Nikolas off the ledge and tried to kill him. Sam is obviously not ok with that, wants to protect Jason and goes to talk to Carly at The Metro Court about that. Jake is still afraid and concerned about the man who was looking in the windows at him over New Years. Although neither of his parents nor the cops see or are able to find out anything about that, Jason wants to make sure his son, as well as Elizabeth and the boys are protected so he arranges for them to stay somewhere where he will be nearby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin is determined to be loyal to Billy and the deal they made; but when Michael tells him that the Abbott family is making end of life decisions, he may have to think about his decision again, because his dream is to be successful so that he can share the money he makes with his family and friends. Jill begs Dr. Neville to treat Billy, but he refuses, because he thinks the window for treatment has closed. Jill persuades Devon to threaten to pull the funding for Dr. Neville's research if he doesn't treat Billy. Neil and Devon's plan to make Hilary think that Neil and Nikki are more than friends backfires, because when Neil helps Hilary with a proposal for Jabot, Neil ends up making love to Hilary and Devon sees them. Jill and Victoria are told by Michael that the person who has Billy's medical power of attorney is Jack, so he must make the decision about whether Billy is taken off life support.

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