Friday 1/8/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/8/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam is in Australia and he did not even offer an explanation. There is nothing now he could say to make this right. She should be his first priority, not Ivy. Liam tells Ivy that Steffy hung up and did not even listen to his explanation. She probably thought he just ran off with Ivy because he was upset with Steffy. Ivy assures Liam that he will get his chance to tell her later. Nicole feels bad because she felt sick and had to cancel Zende’s photo shoot. Meanwhile Sasha is more than happy to give her twist to it and insists she can do this. Liam has to get off the plane and get on another returning home. Ivy tells him that she feels horrible how things turned out with Wyatt since he is such a nice guy but Liam is her one true love. Steffy can not believe her fiancé is in another country with another woman. Ivy always plays the victim; she could have picked someone else to get her to the plane. And this is typical Liam.

Sasha flirts for the camera and is having great fun with Zende when Maya and Nicole walk in. Liam sits by an old man on the plane and laments his recent troubles with his fiancé. Steffy tells Wyatt that she can't even wrap her brain around this why Ivy and Liam are treating them so terribly. This is crazy for her to sit here for hours to hear from him. Wyatt says he knows, this is a slap in his face too. Steffy says this was not her fault and Liam should believe her. She is being punished anyway. She drinks some wine and then retires to the bedroom. Howard tells Liam that he doesn’t want his advice, he has been married four times. Liam jokes that so has he but that is average for L.A. standards. It’s kinda complicated but he wants to get married when he gets home and things will be back on track. He just wants to hold her and tell her how beautiful she is and how sorry he is. He over-reacted. He knows she will understand when he gets to explain. She might laugh and hold it over him the rest of his life. Steffy undresses and climbs in bed. Wyatt waits but gets tired of waiting on Steffy. He goes into Steffy’s room and says he wants to go swimming right now. Maybe Ivy is not the one who he was supposed to be with. Maybe that woman is right in front of him now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope demanded that Stefano give her answers about Dr. Malcolm. Marlena was worried about Eric, but John wanted her to get some air. Roman talked to John about what Eric was facing because of the accident. Theresa and Victor told Brady that he was in a car accident. Theresa told Brady that he had a heart transplant. Hope let Stefano know that he would pay for what he did to Bo. Chloe arrived in Salem to offer her condolences to Nicole. Julie and Caroline wanted to be there for Maggie, but she wasn’t ready to feel better. Brady was starting to feel sick. Stefano wanted Hope out of his house, but she wouldn’t leave. She warned Stefano that he would pay for everything he did.

Fynn told Brady what happened to Daniel. John wanted Marlena to get some rest, but she refused to leave Eric’s side. Rafe talked to Roman about the accident. Nicole wanted to tell Parker about what happened to Daniel. She wanted Chloe to help her tell him the truth. Stefano told Hope about the gun he had. He didn’t believe that she would shoot him so he told her where to find her gun. Stefano taunted Hope about Bo and she got angry. Stefano wanted Hope to pull the trigger on the gun. Eric woke up and Marlena explained to him about the accident. Eric wanted to know what happened to Daniel. Marlena told him that Daniel died. Eric couldn’t believe that he killed Daniel. Fynn gave Brady information about Eric and Jennifer. Brady wanted to know if Daniel died. Stefano decided to lie to Hope and admitted that he was responsible for what happened to Bo. Hope was upset and pulled her gun on him. Fynn let Brady know that Daniel was his heart donor. Maggie talked to Caroline and Julie about how much time she missed with Daniel. Maggie broke down when she thought about Parker growing up without his father. Chloe and Nicole told Parker that Daniel was dead. Stefano knew that Hope wouldn’t shoot him. Stefano insulted Bo and that made Hope upset enough to shoot him multiple times.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dante assumes he knows who the "mystery man" with whom Lulu was in the private room at The Haunted Star. He goes to angrily confront Dillon while he's having a meeting with Maxie at The Haunted Star. They both wonder what Dante is talking about and assuming, as Dante tells Dillon he realizes he ruined his own marriage and accepts responsibility for that. However, he warns Dillon, if he takes advantage of Lulu's fragile state, with what he "observed" New Years' Eve, Dillon will regret it. At that point, Dillon concludes that Lulu must have been hiding "somebody" from Dante and goes to The Haunted Star to discuss it with her. When he walks in and Johnny is there, Johnny knows he has to hide. Yet Dillon can put two and two together and concludes he's knows if she had to hide someone and it was not himself, it would have to be Johnny. He warns her not to get herself in trouble aiding and abetting an escaped fugitive. Tracy informs Hayden that she's found out who Hayden really is. Her name is not Hayden Barnes. She was not educated nor from "fine stock in Beecher's Corners" as Hayden has had everybody believing is the case. Tracy is very confident and Hayden is worried what could happen if Tracy exposes her to Nikolas. So, she is able to give her an ultimatum where either Hayden delivers what Tracy wants within 30 days or Tracy will expose her. Meanwhile, Nikolas contacts Jason and tells him he could have him charged with attempted murder if Jason does not sign over his ELQ shares. Jason does not budge and tells him he will take his chances. Right then, Hayden returns to Nikolas. He informs her that he is not going to enjoy the long draw-out and uncertain court battle he will have to have with Jason. She then tells him she has a solution for him. He could marry her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin decides to stay with Billy as his partner in the deal despite pressure from Victor to make him his partner in the deal.  Kevin decides to take the money from Jack in Billy's name.  Luca finds out Noah ran over Billy, and Marisa tells him that if he turns Noah in to the police, he will lose her.  Noah wants to turn himself in, because he feels very guilty about the accident.  Victor and Marisa tell Noah to keep quiet and wait for more information on Billy's condition.  Max runs away from Stitch and Abby but is found by Kevin at Crimson Lights.  Stitch persuades Max to give him and Abby a chance to become his new family. Billy's doctor tells his family that if his condition gets any worse they will have to decide if he should be taken off life support.  His family goes in his room to encourage Billy to fight for his life.  Victor and  Adam decide to bring back Marco, so that he can help them get Luca's family out of Newman Enterprises.

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