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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy awakens on the couch and calls Liam’s name. Meanwhile he is on the plane sleeping beside Ivy. He can’t make a phone call but the flight attendant says they will land shortly. Ridge is late for a meeting and Rick feels like he has been blown off. He sits in the chair and says it still fits and it will be his again someday. Zende has been taking classes and moved up to a photographer. He needs more experience and Nicole says she is his girl there. Sasha walks up and sounds interested too. When Nicole gets nauseous, Sasha offers to finish the session for Zende. Rick listens to Maya tells him how good Zende could be as a photographer. Wyatt drops by the cliff house and asks about Liam. Steffy says she can not stay here; she has to try and find Liam. Rick likes Zende’s photos but says he is by the book; he needs to loosen up and let his creativity flow.

Ivy tells Liam that maybe he needs to put his relationship with Steffy on pause for a bit. Steffy tells Wyatt that no matter what happened Liam is ignoring her when she is worried about him. Wyatt tells her not to jump to conclusions. Once they clear things out, things will be good again. She says Ivy should have been honest with him too. Maybe they all need some time to think but they can’t resolve anything if they aren’t talking. She says she believes in them and she is not giving up. Zende tells Sasha that he needs to make this special so Ridge will hire him as the photographer. She says she wants to help him so she is all his, just use her. Liam lands and finally calls Steffy. She says she has been waiting all night for him; where is he? He says it is a funny story but he is actually in Australia with Ivy. Steffy hangs up and says that explains it. She tells Wyatt that can only means one thing. She goes to his arms and clings to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe didn’t think Hope should go after Stefano. Hope wanted to do it anyway. Rafe was disappointed that Hope didn’t want his protection. Hope said goodnight and he left the house. Chad let Stefano and Andre think that Belle didn’t know anything about the money Sami took. Philip wanted to comfort Belle because her brothers were in the hospital. Steve called Hope because something bad happened, but she hung up on him. Hope wanted Bo to tell her what to do. Steve went to Hope’s house, but she still didn’t want to talk to him. Stefano wasn’t worried about Sami and Belle anymore. Andre thought they were close to getting their money. Stefano wanted to be alone. Chad warned Belle about his family. He admitted that he lied to her because of his family.

Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Andre. Rafe asked him about Dr. Malcolm. Ciara was scared because she had a nightmare about the kidnapping. Hope comforted Ciara and promised she’d be okay. Chad told Belle everything and he warned her not to trust anyone. Steve saw Ava at the town square. Belle didn’t know if she should trust Chad. Chad let Belle know that he may have to pretend to bother her. He also warned Belle that she’d really have to watch out for Andre. Rafe continued to question Andre about Stefano. Ava lied to Steve about how she was feeling. She dropped her envelope on the ground for Steve to pick up. Belle ran into Philip and told him that Sami stole money from the DiMeras. Belle wanted to give Stefano half of the money, but Philip talked her out of it. Chad told Abby that he’s going to let the DiMeras think they are still in control. Hope found Bo’s gun and left the house while Ciara was sleeping. Steve saw the pics of the baby Ava had in the envelope. Steve went home and showed the pics to Kayla. Kayla wanted to know if the pics were of Ava’s baby. Hope barged into the DiMera mansion and demanded to see Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Patrick and Robin have an impromptu wedding right in their home with all their friends and family. Anna and Robert give their daughter away. Mac performs the ceremony. Elizabeth, Jason, Carly and Sonny attend and see them off. They recite their vows not only to each other but also to Emma. We then relive the history of Patrick and Robin from the first time they met, all the adventures, trials and tribulations they've had together up until now and everybody encourages them to pursue their new life in California and see them off. When Nikolas is ready to be discharged from the hospital and return home to Hayden, she gets a call from Tracy which she does not reveal to him. Tracy makes it clear she does not trust Hayden and Hayden needs to realize she does not have any friends and may not want to double-cross Tracy. Alone in his hospital room, Nikolas gets a visit from his mom urging him to be grateful that he has another chance to get his life straightened around and be the honorable man he used to be. She further tells her son he may be making a big mistake to trust and fall for Hayden knowing her history of dishonorable behavior and the fact that sooner or later, she will find out Nikolas had her shot. Yet he does not listen and calls Jason to talk about whether or not he intends to press charges against him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Max blames Abby for his mother's death because she was on the phone with Abby when her car crashed. Abby must get used to suddenly having a stepson in her life. Max goes missing while Stitch and Abby are talking about the fact that Max wants to live at the hotel with Stitch for a while and doesn't want to live with her. Dylan and Paul figure out that the driver who hit Billy did it accidently, because he didn't see that Billy was lying on the ground after Billy's bookie, Gil, beat him up. Billy's operation has a complication and he is left with little brain activity. Sharon throws Mariah a surprise birthday party. Victor and Jack both want to invest in Kevin's internet security project. Dr. Anderson is upset when she hears Nick and Sage are back together, so she lies to Nick and tells him Sage got upset while she was holding Sully. Sage doesn't like the fact that Dr. Anderson is interfering in her marriage and asks Nick not to listen to anything she says to him.

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