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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy thinks over Ivy falling and what Liam says that she was supposed to stay away and every time Ivy and she are in the same room then Ivy ends up in hospital. Wyatt tells Quinn that Ivy could be seriously injured so he thinks he can rise above his own hurt feelings right now. Quinn says Steffy needs a friend right now. She is probably very upset and Liam says it is over. There is no need for Wyatt to be here, go get his life with Steffy, they belong together, so go get her. Liam walks in and wonders what he missed. He admits that Steffy was there at the accident again and should have just stayed away the way he asked her to, but she always has her face in someone else’s business. But she doesn’t care and she just goes off half-cocked and someone ends up in the hospital. It drives him nuts that she has to have the last word. This time he got upset and told her he was done. Quinn perks up at that. The doctor comes in and says Ivy is a very lucky woman. She suffered a mild concussion but they will not keep her. Just no strenuous activity, no working no driving and if she feels any nausea or dizziness to get back there immediately. She thanks Wyatt and asks if he will stay and talk. He says there is nothing more to say and perhaps it is Liam she needs to talk to. In leaving Quinn tells Ivy that her concern now for her and being here does not negate how much she hated her for hurting her son. Liam is ready to drive Ivy back to Eric’s when she says no, she can not stay in L. A. one more day. She has to go on to Australia. He reminds her that she can not work or drive and needs more rest and should not even be flying until she has a clear head, but she insists. She explains to Eric who hugs her and says he will miss her. She is a Forrester and will always have a place here if she does not find what she wants out there.

Steffy calls Wyatt and says she is just waiting if it takes all night to hear from Liam. He is being unresponsive. Quinn tells Wyatt that a little motherly advice never hurt anyone. She keeps telling Wyatt that don’t waste time; go to Steffy. She reached out to him. He points out his track record with Ivy and Hope. He is not repeating that old pattern with Steffy going after Liam all the time. She says she can not understand why he is so underappreciated by people. She knows these women broke his heart but Ivy and Hope were not worthy of him, but he and Steffy are meant to be together and they could have a bright future. Steffy is all alone and has been left in the dust by Liam once again and she turned to Wyatt so go to her. Liam gets Ivy settled on the plane against his wishes. She is confused and thinks he is coming with her. Wyatt shows up and tells Steffy that he knows she is not expecting him but he will stay a while until Liam returns. He knows he will stay with Ivy until she is on her plane and well on her way. He just thought Steffy might need a friend. He laments that he believes her story that Ivy’s accident was not her fault. Ivy tells Liam that she appreciates him and she will never forget. She has a dizzy spell so Liam grabs a towel and goes to the bathroom to dampen it with water. He slips and hits his head on the lavatory just as the plane is about to take off.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla talked to Maggie and Victor about donating Danielís heart to Eric or Brady. Victor was upset with Kayla for bringing that up while Maggie was grieving. Abby gave Chad a paternity consent form. She wanted Chad to help Thomas. JJ told Jennifer that Daniel was killed.  JJ told Jennifer that Eric was responsible. Victor wanted to find another donor. Fynn and Kayla told Victor that they couldnít let anyone else know that Eric and Brady could get Danielís heart. Chad wanted to wait for the paternity test results. Chad didnít want to stay for the test results anymore because he felt that he was being set up. Abby wanted him to stay for his son. Maggie went to Danielís room and cried by his bedside.

Maggie talked to Daniel about whether she should donate his organs. Abby wanted Chad to look at Thomas. Chad had memories of Abby and Thomas. Victor couldnít find any donors who matched Brady and Eric. He walked off and found Maggie in the chapel. The doctor approached Abby and Chad with news. Maggie wanted to give Danielís heart to whoever needed it the most. Maggie didnít know how she could save Eric over Brady or the other way around. The doctor told Chad that he is Thomasí father. Thomas has a marker for the same disease as Chad, but heís okay. Kayla asked Maggie if she was ready to make a decision. John wanted Maggie to give Danielís heart to Eric because he wanted to give his heart to Brady. Chad was still convinced that Abby set him up. Abby told Chad that Thomas needed him. Chad held Thomas in his arms.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna is on the warpath about proving Carlos is alive and that he, along with Julian killed Duke. Yet Julian knows he has to find a way to get Anna to back off. Right then, Paul Hornsby, is "conveniently" ready to move into Sam and Jason's old apartment. And Julian knows he can pull strings to offer Paul a good deal in exchange for Paul motivating Anna not to do what Julian is afraid of her doing. Meanwhile, Anna reveals to Jordan that she is certain, and can prove, that Carlos is not dead and the murder investigation that "proved" he was killed was falsified and another "unidentified" murder victim was passed off as Carlos. Jordan realizes there's no way that could have happened unless "somebody" among the Port Charles authorities is behind it. It doesn't take much to figure out that Paul is the suspect in question for that. Sabrina is with Felix regretting betraying Michael when she starts to have contractions. At the same time, Michael admits to his dad that he's found out that he is not the father of her baby. When Sonny learns that, he is not "shocked" nor angry with Sabrina and wonders why his son is not committed to her and the baby just because of "biology" when Michael should know too well how his father committed to him knowing he was not his son's biological father. Michael knows he cannot reveal to Sonny that the man who everyone believes had his father shot is the father of Sabrina's baby. Patrick and Robin find out that Obrecht will not give Robin her old job back at GH. Yet they are not worried and they decide to move somewhere else so Robin will have all the opportunities she wants. Patrick knows he has to reveal to Sonny and all his patients and all the people he knows in Port Charles, that he will have to leave them. Jason reveals to Elizabeth that he wants to "share responsibility" in raising Jake and the perfect way to do that is to petition the courts for joint custody. She is clearly not ok with that, still hanging onto a glimmer of hope that Jason could be in her life. Yet he is adamant that they are through and that is the way he wants it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor tells Noah that he has done the right thing in not telling that he was the one who hit Billy. Marisa tells Luca about Billy’s accident. Luca tells Marisa that he and Adam are working to dethrone their fathers. Jack tries to talk to Jill about Billy but she refuses to listen to reason. Jill reminds Nikki about the things that Victor had done to Billy in the past. Jill reminds Victoria of all the things that she had done to Billy by divorcing him and throwing him out of the house. Jill also lashes out at Jack about how Billy had trusted him and Jack had taken Adam’s side over him. Jill also asks Traci as to where she was when Jack fired Billy. Nikki becomes angry and tells Jill that Billy had owed a bookie and that is partially why he is here. Phyllis tries to assure Jill that they all love Billy. Dr. Shelby walks out of Billy’s room and gives the family the prognosis about Billy’s condition. Marisa tells Luca that he is playing with fire getting involved with Adam. Adam interferes and asks to talk to Luca alone.

Adam and Luca meet in Victor’s office to go over their plans to dethrone their fathers from power. Victor walks in and wonders as to what is going on. Adam lies to him as usual and tells him that they were discussing a pipeline deal. When questioned about his involvement with Billy, Gil denies even knowing him. Gil gets a text but ignores it. Dr. Shelby lets the family know that Billy is not out of the woods yet. Dr. Shelby asks the next of kin to sign some papers for treatment for Billy and Jill volunteers as she is the next of kin. Chelsea comforts Victoria over Billy. Ashley visits Billy and encourages him to fight for his life. Ashley, through tears, tells Billy that it should be her that is dying instead of him. Traci overhears and wants to know what she means. Ashley lies to her and tells her that it is because she is the oldest. Jack and Phyllis interrupt to have a talk with Billy. Chelsea tells Victoria not to blame herself for this. Paul demands the truth from Gil. Marisa offers her help to Noah to help him cover up his hitting Billy with his car. Luca sees Marisa hug Noah.

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