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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam frantically calls 911 when he finds Ivy at the bottom of the stairs and looks up at Steffy who is calling her name. As the paramedics come, Liam turns to Steffy and says, “again?” Quinn tells Wyatt that no one expected him to be in work today. She says Ivy will hate herself when she realizes what she has thrown way. Quinn says she regrets that they have spent the last few years surrounded by people who do not commit themselves, all except Steffy. Wyatt says this whole sour grapes thing is not for him. He wanted to marry Ivy so he’d like Quinn to stop attacking her. Steffy begs Liam to listen to her. He says no, maybe it is cosmic coincidence but every time they are in the same room, this violence just follows her around. She cries that this is not her fault. He says sure, but he is done with all these situations she finds herself in when he told her she is not supposed to be near Ivy. Pam tells Wyatt that he is needed; Ivy is in the hospital again. Liam is allowed to stay in the room at the hospital when the Doctor checks Ivy out. He says she is very lucky. He does not see any fractures but she might have a mild concussion that will not show up on CAT scan so he’d like her to remain motionless and be careful.

Ivy tells Liam that she really can’t stay in L.A. now as it is lowering her life expectancy. Liam says Steffy said she did not push Ivy and he believes that but he doesn’t know if that even matter any more. Liam asks Ivy why wasn’t his brother enough for her. She says she can not explain Thomas, she still loves Liam. He tells her the two of them are not going to be a couple and he is not confused about that. Wyatt and Quinn walk in and want to know what happened. Ivy quickly says she had packed and was leaving and she fell down the stairs. Steffy was there, but it was an accident. Ivy thanks Wyatt for coming. Liam tries to explain that he did not believe Ivy when she said she loved him so he did not call Wyatt. He and Steffy are happy and he assumed Wyatt and Ivy were until she left. He tells Quinn that he does not believe it was attempted murder. Steffy admits it is not her job to defend Wyatt yet time after time there she is trying to do so. Quinn thinks that is great that Steffy is defending him. Steffy finally gets word that Ivy will be released today. Quinn laments that Wyatt and Steffy have a lot in common and maybe she needs a friend right now. Liam sounded pretty fed up with her. She probably feels misunderstood and Wyatt should go to her. Ivy will be just fine. She doesn’t even deserve his concern, Steffy does. She stuck up for him. Maybe this is the way this whole thing was supposed to turn out. Steffy twists her engagement ring and the last thing she thinks about is Liam saying he is done.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad didnít believe that Thomas was his baby. Abby let him know that Ben couldnít be Thomasí father. Brady/Daniel, Jennifer and Eric were involved in an accident. Their families found out about it and rushed to the hospital. Theresa overheard Fynn say that Brady was in bad shape. Eric was also unconscious. Everyone else arrived at the hospital. Fynn told Maggie, Victor, and Nicole that Daniel suffered brain damage.

Chad continued not to believe Abby and wanted her to get out. Chad had flashes of Abby and Thomas. Abby was convinced that Andre brainwashed him. Chad pushed Abby out of his room. Chad continued to have flashbacks of Abby. Nicole didnít understand how Daniel could be on machines. She thought that he could make it. Fynn made it seem as if Daniel had no hope at all. Nicole wanted to see Daniel. Marlena and Roman checked on Eric. Theresa and John checked on Brady. Nicole went to see Daniel and cried at his bedside. JJ went to see Jennifer at the hospital. Jennifer wasnít sure what happened. Jennifer told JJ that Chad is Thomasí father. JJ called Abby to tell her about Jennifer. Roman told Marlena about Eric driving drunk. Victor told John and Theresa that Daniel died. Everyone reacted to their loved ones being in the hospital. Fynn and Kayla told Maggie and Victor that Eric and Brady are compatible for Daniel. Maggie had to decide who would get Danielís heart.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Spinelli and Ellie run into Sam after New Year's at The Floating Rib. He is clearly "preoccupied" with finding out whether Sam and Jason are ready to "rekindle" what they used to have now that she's gotten her long-lost husband back. She reminds Spinelli that Jason has no memory of his past or his love with her and ever since she (and everyone) has known "Jake", the man who (unknown to everyone including himself) is really Jason, she has not seen him as the same man she and Spinelli knew and loved as Jason Morgan. Meanwhile, Jake gets an urgent call from Elizabeth after Jake tells his mom he noticed a "strange man" staring at them through the windows. Although she's seen nothing, she calls the cops. They report they've looked around but have seen nothing. Jake arrives and assures his son all will be alright and the "man" is no longer there. Yet Jake urges his daddy to stay with them for the night because he's afraid. At that point, Jason feels "obligated" to stay although Elizabeth tells him he is not required to do so. When they both realize he's "doing the right thing by putting Jake first", she gives him pillows and blankets to sleep on her couch, although he makes it clear their relationship is over. Johnny is privately in the room at The Haunted Star with Lulu. They kiss and she pulls away telling him she cannot use him to have "revenge sex" against her husband for cheating on her. RIght then, Dante goes to see her. Johnny knows he needs to hide, not only so Dante will not see that he intends to sleep with Lulu, but because Johnny is an escaped fugitive and she's married to a cop. Dante comes inside and although he does not see anyone, he knows Lulu is with someone and he leaves. While Lulu regrets her argument with her estrange husband and is very upset to think that she's "driven" him to go back to Valerie, Johnny consoles her and they are alone together. Nina and Franco spend a romantic evening together after she admits her reservations that he assures her she need not doubt his love for her. Kiki finds Morgan alone on the docks and expresses her concerns about his condition and his failure to take his meds. He tells her it's easier said than done but she encourages him not to give up and they go off together knowing each is there for the other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Jill stand vigil at Billy’s bedside waiting for him to wake up. Victoria leaves to give Jill some time alone with Billy. Jill urges Billy to wake up. In the corridor, jack and Phyllis argue over the fact that Jack hadn’t given Billy the money to pay off the gambling debt. Victoria joins them and tells them that Billy has only himself to blame for this. Marisa goes to see Paul to see what is being done about Billy’s hit and run. Paul questions her as to who could have done this to Billy but Marisa refuses to tell him anything. Marisa remembers that it had been Noah, who had hit Billy. Nikki joins Victor in his office at Newman and reprimands him for not supporting his daughter. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Mariah discuss Billy and how that Kevin had pushed Billy hard for the money to fund the project. At the Jabot lab, Dr. Simon questions Ashley about Billy’s condition and urges her to call Abby and let her know about Billy’s condition. Ashley hesitates about calling Abby and ruining her honeymoon. Ben awakens Abby in their hotel room in paradise. They begin to kiss. Phyllis defends Billy’s actions to both Jack and Victoria. Victoria reminds Phyllis how much she loves Billy and it is hard on her seeing Billy like this. Phyllis puts all the blame for Billy’s condition on Jack and Victoria. Victor reminds Nikki that Billy had tried to destroy their family and that Billy is a gambler. Paul continues to question Marisa about who could have hit Billy but Marisa refuses to divulge any information. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Mariah join Noah to discuss Billy. Marisa walks in and Mariah throws a slur her way about trying to find a husband. Kevin and Mariah leave to go to the police station to see if there is any information on who had hit Billy. Marisa begin to talk and Marisa lets Noah know that he was the one, who had hit Billy. Noah tries to deny it at first but then remembers hitting something when he tried to back up. Nikki and Victor join the others at the hospital but Jill has only slurs for Victor.

Ashley calls Abby to let her know about Billy. Abby wants to come home but Ashley encourages her to enjoy her honeymoon. Phyllis tries to calm Jill by telling her for them to go get some coffee. Noah wants to go to the police about the accident but Marisa tries to talk him out of it. Jill mistakes Dr. Simon for a doctor treating Billy until Dr. Shelby sets her straight and tells her that Dr. Simon is not on staff and forces him to leave. Victor assures Victoria that he is here for her. Noah arrives at the hospital to let everyone know that he was the one, who had hit Billy. Ben calls Dr. Shelby about Billy’s condition. Ashley defends Dr. Simon to Dr. Shelby and the others. Victoria hears a noise coming from Billy’s room and calls for help.

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