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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy overhears Ivy says that she is too in love with Liam to stay here; she is going home. Sadly Wyatt tells a thrilled Caroline that Ivy actually turned him down as she preferred a ring from Liam instead. Eric tells Katie that he is not sure he will like the company without Brooke, but this is very generous of Katie and he is impressed. This may be exactly what Brooke needs. Katie says she does not need to feel isolated again. Katie wants to get her house in order and it starts with this. Brooke laments that Bill is married to her sister and they have a child and that is exactly what she wanted for them, so leave and go to her. Caroline can not believe this is happening. Wyatt says they had to force it out of Ivy but she was planning on saying yes and settling. Maybe 20 or 30 years from now he can laugh about it. Liam tells Ivy to give it some time, do not do anything rash. Two weeks from now she will not feel this way. She says she has to; she is too in love with him. He hugs her and says okay, he will miss her.

Steffy walks in and says good riddance, she heard. She thinks Liam was leading Ivy on and sending mixed signals, trying to come up with a Plan B. Telling Ivy how he feels only feeding her feelings when she just screwed over his brother. Bill tells Brooke that he had no idea she had these feelings still for him. She said she had put that behind him but she never forgot it. She has to force herself to forget but it is not easy, and he has to forget too. He says he will because he is married to her sister. Katie suddenly walks in and sees Brooke crying and wants to know why. She does not want her to feel pressured to take this job nor does she have to say so now. Katie proceeds and says Liam is not spending that much time at SP and they could use a new Editor and Brooke would be perfect. Brooke reconsiders and says yes and they hug. Ivy explains to Eric why she is having to leave….all because Steffy came back from Paris and interrupted all their lives, Liam, Wyatt and Aly. Steffy and Liam argue about Ivy. He thinks he should have spoken up sooner and Steffy says Ivy never really cared for Wyatt. She can not understand why he is being so nice to her. He says he knows she made mistakes but he does not think it wrong of him to tell her that he still cares so just let her leave the country peacefully. Steffy grumbles that she would be happy to help her pack. Liam tells her under no circumstances is she to go near her. Steffy heads straight to the Forrester manse. Eric tells Steffy that Ivy is upstairs packing. He can stay and referee. Steffy declines but says she just wanted to be sure Ivy was leaving. Eric leaves and Steffy goes up the stairs only to see Ivy on the top one heading down. They exchange words with Ivy reminding Steffy that she came home and targeted Liam who was with Ivy then. Steffy tells Ivy to leave and not come home. Do not call or text Liam, he is not interested. In leaving Ivy trips all by herself and falls down the stairs. Scared, Steffy screams Ivy’s name as Liam comes barreling in the door only to see Ivy at the bottom of the stairs motionless and Steffy cringing at the top and calling out his name. He looks furious.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Joey was upset to see Ava with Fynn.  Ava explained that they couldnít be seen together.  Abby was excited that Chadís the father of her baby.  Abby wanted to tell him the truth.  Chad and Belle started to make out with each other.  Theresa wanted to help Brady get his job back.  Brady said he was done with Titan.  Kate guaranteed that she would make Basic Black a success.  Everyone rang in the New Year. Kate felt bad because she was alone. Joey was upset again when he saw Ava on the dance floor with Fynn. Chad and Belle went back to his room.

Kayla told Steve that she wanted Ava out of their lives for good. Joey wanted to spend time with Ava, but she basically blew him off. Nicole saw Eric at the fashion show after party and noticed that he was extremely drunk. Nicole felt responsible for Eric being drunk. He assured her that it wasnít her fault. Chad thought about Abby while he was making out with Belle. Eric decided to leave the party. The bartender wanted to call Eric a taxi. Steve and Kayla talked about Ava again and then talked about their relationship. Ava warned Joey that they needed to be careful so no one would know that they were working together. Brady and Daniel were going to leave the party and meet Theresa and Nicole later. Chad and Belle were in his bedroom when Abby knocked on the door demanding to speak to him. Chad opened the door and Abby saw Belle in his room. Belle got dressed and walked out. Chad was upset that Abby interrupted them. Brady forgot Theresaís gift to him (a plaque with his name on it) and he went back for it. Eric didnít want to wait for the taxi so he got in a car. Philip found Belle at the town square and apologized for leaving the party. They ended up spending time together. Chad told Abby that he didnít want to see her. Abby told him that Thomas is his baby. Eric closed his eyes while driving. Jennifer was driving and slammed on the brakes.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby and Ben’s wedding begins just as Ashley falls to the floor. Ben rushes to her side. As Ashley comes to, everyone wants her to see a doctor, but she insists that the wedding go on as planned. Just as Billy is trying to get to Abby’s wedding, Gil stops him in the underground garage and demands his money. Billy tries to tell him that he will get his money to him tomorrow but Gil will not hear of this. Billy starts to leave but one of Gil's associates stops him. The wedding ceremony resumes for Abby and Ben with them reciting their own vows. After the ceremony, Ben wants to leave immediately for the honeymoon, but Abby reminds him of all the other things that go on after the ceremony what with the toasts, the cutting of the wedding cake, etc. Traci joins them and tells them that they can’t leave just yet. Victor, Dylan, and Victoria propose toasts to the happy couple. At a nearby table, Dr. Simon asks Ashley what is really wrong with her, but she refuses to talk about it and leaves the table. Summer coaxes her into dancing with Ben. Abby smiles as Ben starts to dance with Ashley.

Back at the Jabot lab, Dr. Simon continues to pressure Ashley into telling him what is wrong. Ashley gives in and tells him that she has a tumor, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Dr. Simon offers her his help but she refuses. Ben and Abby go to the hotel room to get ready to leave but end up making love instead. Gil’s associate beats up Billy. Gil reminds the associate that he shouldn’t have beat him in the face. Gil reminds Billy that he will be after his money tomorrow and leaves him to die. At home, Sharon is in bed and Dylan joins her. They celebrate the coming of the new year. Everyone celebrates the new year with a kiss. Hilary watches as Neil kisses Nikki. In the garage, Billy crawls along the floor trying to get help. Noah watches as Luca kisses Marisa. Noah leaves and upon getting in his car, he backs up and hits something, but he doesn’t stop to see what it is and just drives off. Marisa walks out and yells for Noah, but he just drives off. Marisa notices Billy lying on the floor and immediately goes to his side. She immediately calls an ambulance. Ashley agrees to let Dr. Simon help her.

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