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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill doesn’t understand. Brooke is not going to take him up on this opportunity. He thinks she needs this. Katie tells Eric that she is deeply appreciative of what he did on Christmas Eve. She thinks she and Bill have the solution for Brooke. They’d like her to join them as a team at Spencer. Wyatt tells his mom there is nothing more to be said. Quinn tells Steffy that she is not sure Liam would have told the truth if she had not overhead it and told on him. Ivy tells Liam that she is sorry she drug him through this. She is going back to Australia for a while. It is too painful to stay here. She says she loves him too much. He says running off will not fix the problem. Quinn tells Steffy that she needs her help. Steffy immediately says she and Liam will be there for Wyatt. Quinn says Liam is part of the problem so that is not what she is thinking. Wyatt comes back from his walk and he wants Quinn to tell him exactly what she had overheard from Ivy and Liam. She explains and says she is sorry that he had to hear this although Wyatt says he needed to hear it. Ivy says she is not going to grovel for someone’s attention or love but all she loves here is him and she can not see him every day. It would be too much for her. She came to say goodbye.

Brooke tells Bill that she chose to stay home as it is a safe place. Too much of him is on her mind and she knows he remembers it too. She says it is hard to close the book on those memories; they are so precious. She has to keep them distant now and that is why she can not work with him. She would only be feeding her demons. She would love to work alongside her sister and with him. That would be her dream. But she can’t with their history. She picks up the bottle of vodka and says she has addictions and she needs to remove them from her life. Believe me he does not want this. He says she needs more than this. He can help her. She will not regret coming to Spencer. Eric tells Katie that he would hate to lose Brooke at FC but she and Katie would make a potent team. She says people are mean-spirited and she is tired of them tearing Brooke down. She knows what happened between her and Bill but she has no more issues with that and she hopes Brooke does not either. Steffy tells Wyatt that she does not want to add to his pain but he deserves better than Ivy. She was using him as a backup plan. Ivy tells Liam that she has to leave and she wants to say goodbye and thank him now. He set the bar pretty high. She wants to wish him well and say he will always have her heart. Brooke tells Bill that she appreciates what he is trying to do but she does not need his help right now and she wants him to understand that. She says he is always her protector even when he should not be. But she will find her way. She leans in and kisses him. He looks astonished but does not pull away. Wyatt looks at the ring and takes a drink and violently throws the glass into the fireplace. Liam tells Ivy that she can not go back to Australia. FC needs her here. She tells him that he is her compass. He kept her on track. Steffy is listening at the door. Ivy says that deep down that he still loves her. Steffy is dismayed when he says of course he does. She does not hear Ivy say goodbye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby panicked because of Thomas.  Jennifer assured her that he is a fighter and that he’d be okay.  Everyone gathered for the Basic Black fashion show.  Kayla was upset when Ava arrived at the show.  Kayla and Ava had a short and awkward conversation.  Finn wanted to know what happened with them, but Ava wouldn’t tell him much.  John saw Ava and questioned Steve about her.  John warned Steve to watch his back.  Abby found out that Ben donated blood so it was going to be tested.  Chad forced himself to forget about Abby and think about Belle.

Marlena saw Ava and wasn’t happy about it.  Steve filled Marlena in on Ava’s “condition”.  Joey didn’t like seeing Ava with Finn and texted her about it.  The models at the fashion show started fighting and ripped each other’s clothes.  Theresa had to use back up clothes for the show.  The fashion show began.  The show ended up being a success.  Chad approached Belle at the party and wanted to know why she was with Philip.  Philip interrupted their conversation.  Philip had to take a call so Brady talked to her.  Claire approached Belle and yelled at her for being on a date.  Belle wanted to get some air.  The doctor told Abby and Jennifer that there was a problem.  Brady and Philip got into an argument over Titan as well as Belle.  Brady warned Philip not to hurt Belle.  Philip wondered what happened to Belle.  Belle was with Chad.  The doctor told Abby that Ben couldn’t be Thomas’ father.  Abby told Jennifer that Chad is the father of her baby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for New Year's Eve. There's a college football championship playoff at The Haunted Star. Dante, Michael, and Jason all attend. Sam and Kristina arrive together. Sam and Jason play pool together and seem comfortable talking, although they are both very "cautious" about not going any further. Robin and Patrick spend the evening alone together in their house. Sonny and Carly do the same. Morgan makes it clear he has secret dealings. He goes alone to The Floating Rib but leaves early and does not interact with many people. We then see him alone on the docks, spying and overhearing the conversations of the illegal exchange between the dangerous criminals. While Lulu is having another party at The Haunted Star, with Johnny making himself "inconspicuous." Curtis is hitting on women. First he hopes Nina is "available" yet is very disappointed when he sees she's with Franco. He remarks to Franco he knows him all too well, having been on the Baltimore PD force. He admits he knows all about "Robert Frank" being on the most-wanted. Johnny overhears that there's a cop in the house, informs Lulu and they go off together. She does not fight him when he talks about how he could have had her. They end up kissing and going a lot farther than the "new years tradition". Dante runs into Valerie at The Floating Rib and she is uncomfortable. Yet, she's glad Dillon is there as they are both alone and appreciate each other's company although they don't cross the line of friendship at this point.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In a hotel room at the Athletic Club, Abby and her family prepare for her wedding to Ben. Upstairs on the roof, Ben and Dylan have a talk about his upcoming nuptials. Dylan tells him that he doesn’t want him to have second thoughts about marrying Abby when she walks up behind Dylan. In the lab at Jabot, Dr. Neville takes a blood sample from Hilary to check to see if his treatment is working for her. Neil comes in to join them and wonders what they are doing here. Neil finds out from Dr. Neville that he will be escorting Ashley to the wedding. Neil is confused as to why Ashley would go with Dr. Neville to her daughter’s wedding. Luca joins Marisa in her hotel room and lets her know that they would be attending the wedding as well. Sharon, Faith, Kevin, and Mariah also arrive for the wedding. Billy sits at the bar at the Athletic Club having a club soda when Phyllis joins him and starts to question him about losing so much money. Billy gets a call from Gil, who is demanding his money. Phyllis wonders where Billy will get it. Jack walks up and asks what is going on. Abby tells her family about Jenna not letting Max attend their wedding. Neil agrees to let Hilary go with him to the wedding and tells her that he was with Lily during Christmas.

Kevin is upset over the fact that Billy cannot get his hands on the 2.2 million that he had promised to help fund their business endeavor. Devon and Lily join Neil and Hilary at the wedding. Hilary and Devon exchange looks. The Abbotts and Newmans supply Abby with the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. For the something borrowed, Traci gives Abby a sapphire bracelet which belonged to Colleen. Ashley gives Abby a handkerchief which John had give to Ashley when she was a child. Billy pulls Jack aside and asks him for the 2.2 million dollars. Nikki and Ashley discuss the fact that Abby is Victor’s child and how they reacted when they had found out that he was the father. Victor congratulates Stitch on his marriage to Abby. Stitch promises to take care of her. Nick and Sage arrive at the wedding. Nick warns Noah about working for Victor at Newman. Marisa and Luca arrive at the wedding and are immediately confronted by Victor, who doesn’t want them there. Adam admits that he invited them. Nikki begs Victor not to make a scene at Abby’s wedding. In the Underground garage, Gil confronts Billy about the money he owes. Kevin gets a text from Natalie asking where the money is that he owes her. As the wedding begins, Ashley faints.

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