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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Quinn that she should not be here. She tells him that both Ivy and Liam are lying to him. Ivy had rather have a life with Liam. Wyatt tells her to stop but she will not let him defend his brother in all of this. Wyatt says he knows all about Ivy loving Liam but that is the past and they are standing here now and he wants to marry her. He asks Ivy to tell them that Quinn is wrong. Quinn can not believe Ivy is standing here lying to her son’s face…..and Mr. Rescue Ranger is standing here not telling what he knows either. Ivy hems and haws until finally Liam speaks up and says he will not lie; Quinn is telling the truth. Ivy did say that she loved him more. Ivy starts an explanation but is still not telling the entire truth. Liam tells Wyatt that he truthfully thinks Ivy wants him. Wyatt tells him to shut up….his brother yet he could not tell him this before he proposed. Ivy starts into her mantra of Steffy stole Liam from her. She tells Wyatt that she is sorry. He wants to know now if she would have accepted the ring and him as second choice.

Brooke appreciates the job offer that Katie is making and Bill heartedly agrees with, but she thinks they are just keeping an eye on her and do not want her to be alone, this is not for her business expertise. Katie gets a text and has to leave, telling Brooke to wait on her that she will be right back. But Brooke leaves. She has a lot to mull over. Brooke goes home and does think it over but she finds a bottle of vodka staring at her first. She almost opens it then puts it back down. She thinks back to what Bill said. This is more than a job and this is Katie’s way to be sure they are part of the family again the way it used to be. She thinks on her times with Bill. Bill shows up and tells her they have some unfinished business. He says he knows she needs to think about this but he wanted to make one more pitch to be sure she knew how important this was to Katie. Brooke Logan always went out and faced the challenge and re-invented herself and he thinks it is time for her to do that. He spies the bottle and she says she was going to throw it away; it was a gift, nothing that she ordered. And she does not think it will work with her working with them; she can not believe that he has no clue. Wyatt tells Ivy that he gets everything being different after her almost dying but he does not get why she would dangle him around as her second choice, good old clueless Wyatt. She stammers that she loves him and Wyatt is such a good man. She is tired of battling Steffy and she wants one more chance with Wyatt. He says trust is very important and he forgave her after the Thomas thing but now he will not forgive her now with feelings for Liam. He wants her out of here. Then he turns to Steffy and Liam for some answers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Jennifer took Thomas to the hospital because he was sick.  Ava looked at a picture of a baby until Finn approached her.  Andre reminded Chad that he had to seduce Belle in order to get her to tell him where Sami put the money.  Belle told Claire that Shawn filed for divorce.  Claire wanted Belle to fight for their marriage.  Claire was upset with Belle and decided she was done with her parentsí marriage.  Claire ran off and Belle started to go after her until Philip arrived.

Jennifer told Daniel that she was afraid that Thomas had aplastic anemia just like Abby did when she was a baby.  Daniel tried to assure Jennifer that Thomas would be okay.  Chad called Belle to try to get her to go out with him but she had a date.  Philip talked to Victor about the company.  Victor wanted him to run the business the way he would.  Chad felt sorry for Belleís date.  Chad found an earring and zoned out.  Daniel didnít want Jennifer to think the worst about Thomas.  Jennifer talked to Abby about her concern.  Finn invited Ava to go to the fashion show.  Belle went to the Kiriakis mansion and yelled at Philip for standing her up.  He apologized to her, but she wasnít very moved by it.  Daniel let Abby and Jennifer know that Thomas didnít have aplastic anemia.  Chad thought about Abby.  Daniel wanted to do a genetic making on Thomas as well as his father.  There was a shot of Chad.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu is alone with Johnny at The Haunted Star planning for the New Year's Eve party as well as talking about their mutual interest in running Valerie out of town as well as his opinion that she needs to be rid of Dante whether Valerie is in the picture or not. She indicates she can't promise that will happen although he believes she could do better with someone else and that someone else might be himself. Valerie realizes that she and Dante have no future together and she lets him know that while she's working with him at the PD. Hayden wants to grow closer to Nikolas while Curtis calls her and continues to "play" her, telling her he has found out what she needs and will tell her who had her shot for money. yet she does not trust him. We see that he is "in business" with a uniform cops who secretly helps him with his shady dealings. Jordan expresses she wants Curtis to leave town, remembering knowing him long ago and seeing he's fallen by the wayside. Curtis, however, indicates to her that he believes his "luck" will be turning around and that she might have something to do with his future. While she seems to have no clue what he is talking about, he is secretly having a uniform cop let him have access to a gun it appears he's not supposed to have right after he gets done talking to Hayden about finding out what she needs to know for a price.. Robin goes off alone to the bridge where she and Jason met and fell in love, for the first time, many years ago. Low and behold, Jason is also there. Although he has no conscious memory of her, she tells the story of their history together, how she could talk to him and he understood her, encouraged and inspired her the way nobody else could. He seems very comfortable confiding in her also. Meanwhile, Patrick is alone at his house while she's gone. Maxie comes by and encourages him not to give up on the love of his life after he's lost all this time and been given another chance. He seems to see her point when Robin comes back to him. Dillon confronts his dad for betraying his mom, tells him he does not trust him nor buy that he was sincere about wanting to reconnect with his family. He was only playing them. Paul wants to assure his son that is not so. However, right before Dillon pays him the visit, Paul is texting Raj, the guy responsible for transporting gun shipments. Sonny is aware of that, somehow, informs Max and tells him they need to shut Raj down. As they speak, Morgan overhears their conversation after informing Kiki he needs some "purpose" in his life which he lacks, especially where his family is concerned.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Adam raises concerns about the plan to remove the Santoris from Newman because the Santoris might blame Marisa and they are dangerous people. Victor thinks Adam is bailing on him. Adam reminds Victor that bailing isn't an option for him. Mariah sees Marisa at Crimson Lights and tells her she should leave so Noah can heal. Marisa refuses to leave but agrees she needs to set things straight with Noah. She goes to Newman enterprises and tries to apologize to Noah but he insists that it was all his fault. Luca arrives and flaunts his renewed relationship with Marisa. Back at their suite, Marisa tells Luca he shouldn't have done that. Noah tells Victor that he's ready to do anything to get the Santoris out of Newman. Luca gets a call from Adam asking Luca to come to his apartment. Adam coerces Luca into agreeing to a plan to dethrone their fathers and take over their respective companies. Natalie gets in touch with Kevin to let him know she's still interested in their cyber security venture but they need money. Mariah suggests Billy, who wants desperately to prove himself. Billy tells Phyllis that he's determined to turn his life around. He asks Victoria to accompany him to Abby & Stitch's wedding but, as maid of honor, she has responsibilities to the bride. Phyllis comments that Victoria seemed to have thawed but if Billy messes up again, Victoria will freeze him out again. Billy says it won't happen. He gets the call from Kevin and rushes to Crimson Lights. As advised by Mariah, Kevin tells Billy he needs 2 million dollars start-up money which is twice what he really needs. Billy says he will have it for him. Billy meets his bookie and puts all his money on a sure win. Later, he slams down his phone as his horse loses the race. He orders a drink but Phyllis walks in and cancels the order.

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