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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt invites Quinn in and tells her to not think negative about it but he is proposing to Ivy today. There was nothing to that Thomas thing and she is totally committed to him. She is upset but thanks him for spending Christmas with her while Deacon is in Paris with Hope. Steffy leaves as Ivy walks in to see Liam. Katie grouses that Christmas is over and it’s time to get back to work, chop, chop, even with Alison as his assistant. She proposes she’d like to help get Brooke a job there at Spencer. Eric stops by to see Brooke and she thanks him again for inviting her for Christmas Eve and she does not want him to be worrying about her. He says he is only a phone call away when she needs him. She says she has a wonderful family but this house is big and odd and she feels like she has lost her purpose. Katie calls and wants to see Brooke at her office if possible. Liam tells Ivy do not screw this up. He is with Steffy and she has moved on with Wyatt, that is the way it should be. Steffy asks Wyatt why did he request that she come. He pulls out a huge diamond engagement ring and she guesses that he is proposing to Ivy. She wants to be sure that he is ready. Wyatt says they had overcome many obstacles and they are closer and more committed they have ever been. He needs her. Steffy says she is honored that he is confiding in her and she loves the ring. There is no way she will turn this down.

Liam tells Ivy that he is engaged to Steffy, and Ivy will be better off with Wyatt. Quinn is just behind the open door listening in. Ivy says Wyatt is an incredible boyfriend but it was Liam until Steffy came back and stole him away. Liam is the one she wants, he always will be. But she will stay with Wyatt if Liam does not want her. Wyatt calls and needs Ivy home; says even bring Liam too, it’s all good. When they get there, both Liam and Ivy wonder just what is going on. Meanwhile Quinn is in a tizzy for Wyatt to pick up the phone so she can stop this. Bill tells Brooke that they have an idea they want to run past her. Katie picks up and says she wants to be a bigger part of Brooke’s life. She wants her around more, someone she can count on. Brooke tells them she is fine even though she does not go into FC that much. Bill pumps her up that she is a bigger success to that company than anyone and she has a lot to contribute but they need her too. Katie laments that she'd like Brooke to come work with them at SP. Steffy whispers to Liam that Wyatt is going to propose so do not blow it now. Wyatt says he knows they wonder why they are all here. He says there is no one he trusts more than Ivy and is as devoted to their future as he is. He says a lot of pretty words and gets down on his knees and pulls out the ring and asks will she marry him. Before she gives an answer she looks at Liam and then Quinn comes crashing through the door and demands Wyatt stop. All look at her as she demands that Ivy tell Wyatt just who she really loves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to Marlena to find out what she did to him after her session with Chad. Belle showed up at Chadís place to let him know he didnít have a case. Belle knew he was up to something and Chad kissed her. Andre assured Stefano that they would get their money back. Stefano wondered if their time was up. Hope wanted Rafe to give her information about her case. Rafe couldnít tell her because sheís the number one suspect in Malcolmís murder. Marlena told Abby about being attacked, but she didnít think it was Chad. Abby wanted to know what happened to Chad. Hope appreciated Rafe helping her out with her case. Lani let Rafe know that the numbers that they tracked down were disconnected and wondered if the phone company was involved in what happened to Dr. Malcolm. Hop sent Rafe to her car so she could get pictures of Rafeís files. Marlena told Abby about the letter Sami got and how she took the money from the DiMeras. Abby thought Andre might have brainwashed Chad to get him to focus on Belle. Belle knew that Chad was still into Abby.

Hope finished getting the pictures of the files when Rafe walked in the room. Andre told Stefano that they arenít finished yet and that they were going to get the money that Sami stole back. Stefano said he was tired of trying. Abby told Marlena that Chadís only after Belle to get to Sami. Abby wondered if they could get the old Chad back. Belle wished Chad luck and walked out of his room. Rafe didnít realize Hope took the pictures before she left the station. Andre wanted to know how Chad was progressing with Belle. Chad lied, but Andre knew he didnít get anywhere with Belle. Abby was determined to get Chad back. Andre was upset that Chad hasnít been able to get through to Belle. Andre demanded that he get close to Belle at once. Belle got home and found divorce papers. Rafe and Hope realized that Stefanoís the one who was responsible for what happened to Bo.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Patrick and Sam both admit that they are not entirely certain what the future holds now that they've both been re-united with their respective long-lost spouses, given all the circumstances. Yet they graciously praise each other and admit they are grateful to have had what they had together. Robin is happy to be back in town with her friends and families away from the previous threats and imprisonment. Yet Jason is overwhelmed with confusion from not remembering anything about his past or the man everybody in town knew yet he has no recollection of as well as upset to have been betrayed by Elizabeth. He talks to Spinelli about his altercation with Nikolas, wondering if he should be proud of his past history of violence and killing for Sonny. Yet Spinelli is able to encourage him that he was loved and respected in the past and can be again. Elizabeth wants Jason to be absolved of legal consequences for injuring Nikolas, protests to Nikolas and to Hayden that it was an accident. Yet, Hayden adamantly protests that Jason has threatened Nikolas on numerous occasions and intended to kill him when she saw him pushing Nikolas off the Metro Court terrace. When Hayden is alone with Nikolas in his room, he reveals to her that he has been "playing" things to his advantage by having everyone believing his injury was worse than it was. Although she tells him she wants Jason locked up, he tells her that a "free" Jason will be more to their mutual advantage than Jason in prison. Tracy is ready to get rid of Paul after discovering him in bed with Ava, and reveals she is not "hurt" because he's not important enough for her to care about. She tells him she knows he cannot be trusted and he only wants to apologize and appeal to her knowing if she revealed that the DA has been sleeping with a known criminal, he would be fired or put in prison. Anna and Mac go off together and brainstorm about their theory of how it's obvious that "somebody" wanted her to falsely believe she killed Carlos. Sloane must have informed Paul and Paul knew he had to silence him by killing him and it would enable Paul to falsify the murder victim as Carlos when, in fact it was Sloane. They are confident that they have to proof needed to expose Paul and take action against him. Michael concludes that he cannot commit to Sabrina or trust after she's lied to him. Yet he wishes her and the baby well and has a Christmas gift for the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon has her therapy session at Crimson Lights with Sandy. Mariah warns that Sandy has over-stepped boundaries and Sharon should seek out a regular counselor instead of one from Fairview. Sharon says she owes everything to Sandy. Adam runs into Sage and Nick as Nick leaves for work. Adam thinks it is insensitive that Nick expected Sage to spend Christmas near Sully so soon after they lost Christian. Hearing her lost son's name, Sage breaks down and realizes she isn't doing as well as she'd hoped. Adam says there is no timeline, but Sage says she wants to start getting past it. Nick runs into Sandy at Crimson Lights. He describes his holiday as wonderful but Sandy advises him to keep Sage away from Sully because it's just making things worse. Sage is playing a part so as not to disappoint Nick. Marisa tells Noah that she's worried about because Luca's family is dangerous. She urges him to quit and go back to the Underground. Victor tells Noah, in private, that getting rid of Luca will lead to sacrifices. Noah agrees that he will do anything to help the family. Victor visits Adam while Sage is still there. He makes some confusing comments about Sage and Nick and Sage and Adam. Sage asks if Victor wants her with Nick or not. Victor says he wants her to be happy. When she leaves Victor tells Adam not to forget that he was Christian's father and what it would do to the family if that information got out. Nick and Faith show up at Sage's apartment with their stuff and announce they are moving in. Stitch and Abby arrive at GCAC and find Billy and Victoria deep in conversation. Stitch offers to see Billy out but Victoria says they were just talking. Billy apologizes for his behavior at the Underground and leaves, saying he has hope. Chelsea arrives with sketches for Abby's wedding gown and Stitch leaves. Stitch calls Jenna and leaves a message, asking her to let Max come to the wedding. Later, he gets a return call. Jenna will not allow Max to go because he doesn't have a relationship with Stitch. Stitch vows to do things right with Abby. Billy tries to convince Kevin they should be partners in the new cyber venture but Kevin says his hacker friend bailed, won't return his calls or emails.

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