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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric drinks his eggnog and plunks around on the piano and glances at Stephanie’s portrait back on the wall for the holidays with Maya gone. Hers will be put back up later. One by one they all bail on Brooke. RJ is invited on a skiing trip with his friend; Hope does not want to see Liam or Wyatt, Bridget’s flight is cancelled due to a terrible storm. Rick does text that they arrived in Hawaii and wishes she were there. Amid tears, Brooke opens the door to find Eric. He will not take no for an answer. He does not want her to spend Christmas Eve alone and insists she come home with him. Wyatt tells Bill and Katie that Ivy is probably landing as they speak. She is meeting her father in Cancun. Brooke is welcomed by big hugs from Liam, Steffy, Thomas, Katie and then an extra big one from Bill. She tells Eric that he is her very best friend and thanks them for opening their hearts to her. It just fills her up. She is especially happy to see Stephanie’s portrait on the wall again.

Katie gathers them all around and wants to say something about her sister. They have been through a lot as women and as sisters. She is the woman today because of Brooke and she knows it is disappointing that her children are not here tonight. She is so glad she came here instead. They all give cheers to Brooke. She thanks them and says this feels so great and to think she almost did not come. Katie says Christmas is not just one day on the calendar… Eric says there should be peace and good will. And he wants them to eat all these cookies and stuff so he will not see it in the morning. He gives Brooke her gift. It’s a lovely gold heart necklace. Inside are pictures of her kids so they will always be there in her heart. She turns to Stephanie on the wall and asks if it is all right and then kisses Eric. He goes to the piano and they all sing Jingle Bells.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Marlena about Eduardo being hired to kill him. Belle told Chad that she cheated on Shawn. Chad tried to make her feel better about what she did. She felt like she would be judged by everyone in Salem. Lucas was upset thinking about Will. Lucas tried to stay upbeat about the holiday even though he was depressed about Will being gone. Maggie tried to make Lucas feel better. The Hortons gathered to celebrate Christmas. Roman showed up at the house to talk to Abby. He told her about the vandalism she did at the town square. She explained that she was upset about everything. Lucky for Abby, the charges were dropped against her. Allie sent Lucas a text to let him know that he still had her.

Victor talked to Hope about her arrest. He told her that his guys would keep her and Ciara safe. Hope believed that she was getting closer to the truth and that's why she was set up. Belle was worried that Stefano would go after someone else because of what Sami did. Chad said he would protect her. Abby saw them together and approached them. Abby reminded Chad about how much he loved her just 24 hours ago and how he was with Belle now. Chad wanted her to stop embarrassing herself. Abby knew that something was wrong and refused to give up on him. Marlena questioned John about Eduardo coming after him. Doug made a speech about the family being together. The Hortons prepared to put the ornaments on the tree. Marlena wanted to know if Eduardo had the power to stop the hit on John. John told her that Eduardo had the same training as him. Everyone finished trimming the tree. Belle was upset with Chad because of the conversation he had with Belle. He insisted it was nothing, but she didn't agree with him. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for Christmas. Lulu goes with Maxie to take Rocco to see Santa and he admits what he wants for Christmas is his daddy. Alone with Lulu, Maxie wants to encourage her that that can come true as she knows Lulu still loves him and knows he loves her. Lulu admits to Maxie she can't just wish away what her estranged husband did. Maxie admits she has to spend Christmas Day alone after planning on working at Crimson without Nathan or a chance to see her daughter. Yet she's off for the day with it being too late to change plans and be with either of them. Yet, out of the blue, Spinelli and Ellie arrive at the park with Georgie and surprise Maxie. They inform her that Nathan planned and arranged for them to fly out when he could not be there with help from Nina as well as from Lulu, so that Maxie could be in Port Charles with her little one. She is eternally grateful. Sonny and Carly are planning the holiday and pulling strings to get Jason arraigned from jail and out to spend Christmas with them. Carly pushes Sam to not lose hope in getting Jason to remember her as well as all the people in his life. Jason returns to Elizabeth's home, unexpectedly to visit the boys although they are completely confused as to what is up with him and their mom or if he's going to come back to them or not. Jason admits that he loves them and respects their mom but he cannot live with them. Ava is alone in the park with Avery when she runs into Kiki. She tells her daughter she wants to make up for what she's done and will grant Kiki anything she wants for Christmas including letting Kiki spend time alone with baby Avery. Right then, Kiki goes to Sonny's to happily surprise all the people who did not think they'd get to see baby Avery. Kristina finds an old necklace that Jason gave to Sam years ago which Sam is intrigued that her sister found after she forgot all about it. She and Danny later go to the park, run into Jason and he seems to remember giving her the necklace.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki and Victoria prepare the Top of the Tower for a Christmas gathering. Victoria realizes that Nikki chose this venue because she is hoping Victor will join them. They reminisce about happier Christmases. So much so, they forgot to get a punch bowl. Victoria offers to get one from GCAC. Jill and Colin dine at GCAC, where Billy is at the bar, but not drinking alcohol. Jill tries to persuade him to go see Victoria, who is probably working late. Billy seems happy about starting to patch things up with Jack, but not so optimistic about his relationship with Victoria. When Victoria arrives for the punch bowl, Billy has gone but Jill is there. She urges Victoria to forgive Billy. Billy does go to Newman to find Victoria but finds Victor instead, who tells him that he has no chance with Victoria. Noah offers to work with Victor on Christmas Eve. Victor tells Marisa and Luca that they can go home early but Luca thinks that Victor is just trying to get rid of them. Noah says it was his idea and Luca agrees to leave. Victor tells Noah he is doing a great job. Out in the hall, Luca shows Marisa a picture if Ava that was sent to him. Noah comes out of Victor's office and Luca wants to show off his daughter. Noah breaks Luca's phone and they argue. Victor comes out and fires Noah, saying that Noah isn't responsible enough for this level of responsibility. Luca stands up for Noah and Victor tells Noah that he gets a pass and he should consider it his Christmas bonus. When Luca and Marisa leave, Victor tells Noah that was just for show to make Luca think he's getting the respect he thinks he deserves. Noah asks Victor to join him upstairs for the party but Victor declines. Neil and Hilary become closer when they defend each other to Gwen at the lab. Ashley is very overworked and Simon tricks her into drinking an alcoholic drink he made. He says she needs to accept that there is a level of risk in research and there are no guarantees. Hilary asks Neil to spend Christmas day with her but he says he already made plans with Lily and her family. Cane decides to spend Christmas Eve night at Lily's so he can be there to watch the kids open their presents but he'll be staying in the guest room. Colin tells Cane that he supports him no matter what he decides. Jill and Colin muse that it is their marriage that has lasted. Devon plans to spend the holidays in Miami, but his plane is unable to take off because of the weather. He spots Hilary in the GCAC dining room. An unknown person spies on Simon and Ashley in the lab.

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