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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Liam that Steffy isn’t the person he thought she would be so maybe that would change things. She sees Wyatt listening at the door so stops. Brooke is decorating and is surprised when Rick says they are not even going to be there at Christmas. That is why he stopped by. She thinks it is a generous idea to get all the Avants together. She will not be lonely as Bridget is coming with the baby…..who is no longer a baby and perhaps Hope. Bill tells Katie that he thinks they should host something at Christmas. He thinks it their sacred obligation to share it with other kids. He hopes they can invite others without it being Ridge. She says Donna is in Dallas with their dad and she is not sure about Brooke. But he can invite both his sons and their girlfriends and even Justin, no Allison.

Steffy tells Thomas that Ivy is completely devoted and committed to Wyatt so there is no problem there. They can all be together Christmas Day. Ivy comes in and Thomas leaves to watch Ridge hand out some Christmas bonuses. Steffy tells Ivy that she loves her brother but she thinks Ivy is smart to re-commit herself to Wyatt. Ivy tells her that she won’t be here for Christmas as she is going to meet her dad somewhere halfway. Wyatt tells Liam that he might be on the ledge tonight and needs someone to get him down …….or give him a little push so maybe they could go grab a beer out tonight. It’s more personal than quitting his job. It might be time for a guy to propose. Liam is flabbergasted and stutters for an answer. Brooke tells Rick to not be sad. She loves this house, even if it is big and no one here but it will be filled for Christmas so he should go to Hawaii and not worry about her. Alone though she is a little more somber. Wyatt tells Liam that he looks horrified. Why is this so odd when he just about lost Ivy. Thomas is no longer a factor. He needs some kind of stability and he thinks he can give Ivy that too. Ivy likes him for who he is and he doesn’t have to live up to some expectation the way he did with Hope. Liam wonders why he is even asking him but says he hopes it goes just like he hopes it will. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve asked Joey if Ava helped him get him and Kayla back together. Joey denied working with Ava.  Joey texted Ava and wanted to meet her. Ava was prepared to get everything right this time. Eve wanted Claire to help her with the foundation to help underprivileged kids. Claire wasnít sure she would do it so she wanted to talk to Belle. Joey went to Avaís place to let her know that Steve was suspicious. Joey let her know that Steve said she was dangerous. Joey wanted to know what she didnít tell him. Kate and Theresa argued over Theresaís role at Basic Black. Anne arrived in time to stop the argument. Kate and Nicole found out that Theresa hired Anne. Steve told Kayla about Joey possibly working with Ava. Ava was surprised that Joey didnít know why Steve and Kayla hated her. Ava prepared to tell him what happened.

Kate didnít understand why Theresa hired Anne. Kate thought Theresaís designs were terrible. Belle told Claire that she could go back to Maine, but she didnít want to go. Kayla refused to let her guard down with Ava again. Ava told Joey that she and Steve were together once. Ava lied about not being involved with the plane crash that killed his grandfather. Claire got upset because she thought that Belle was trying to get rid of her. Belle wanted her to be with her father. Claire thought she wanted to throw away her marriage as well as her. Claire stormed out of the house. Kate continued to argue with Theresa about her designs. Kate wanted to pull Theresaís line from the launch. Ava ran into Roman and wanted to talk. Nicole wanted to give Theresa a chance so Kate changed her mind. Ava told Roman that sheís dying. She claimed she wanted to make amends with everyone, but Roman wasnít interested. Roman warned her that she would go to jail if she does one thing wrong. Claire found Eve and told her that she would help her. Ava went back to her place and found Steve there. He wanted to know if she was telling the truth.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In their altercation at the Metro Court, Jason knocks Nikolas over the ledge and Nikolas falls to the ground, appearing to be fatally injured. While privately with Valerie, Dante gets a call from the PCPD about it. He rushes off and Johnny wastes no time "reconnecting" with Valerie as soon as he sees her alone. She suspects him but he knows how to "charm" her, after having heard Lulu's "urgency" that he finds a way to make her husband's mistress leave town. Laura finds her daughter attempting to find out what she may be up to with her ill marital falling out. Before they can continue their conversation, they get a call from Dante, informing what has happened to Nikolas. They both rush to the hospital knowing that Jason has assaulted and may have tried to kill Nikolas. Carly also gets a call informing her of what happened in her hotel. She wastes no time arriving at the hospital and urging the cops and medical staff to know that Jason would never intend to assault or kill Nikolas without provocation. Hayden is there and "in Nikolas' corner," protesting that she was there to see the whole thing and knows that Jason tried to murder Nikolas. Although nobody puts credibility in her word, Laura takes Hayden aside, wanting to know if that is what did, in fact see. Not long, thereafter, Nikolas awakens. Laura talks privately to her son, informing him that must mean he's been given another chance, for which he needs to be grateful and hopefully make good of. The cops conclude they have no alternative except to place Jason under arrest although Carly won't let that happen, calls Diane to represent him and informs Sonny they need to take action when their mutual best friend is in trouble. Although they do not know exactly what involvement Nikolas may have in this, Sam informs them she's certain he was "in on" the scam along with Elizabeth, to prevent Jason from knowing who he really is. At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Jason, talks to him alone, and promises to be there for him, hoping to get him back and reminding him that he is her son's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki and Victoria prepare the Top of the Tower for a family Christmas party. They reminisce about happier Christmases and forget to get a punch bowl. Victoria offers to get one from GCAC. Jill sees Billy at the GCAC bar and urges him to fight for his marriage and not try to drink or gamble his problems away. Jill thinks Billy should go to Newman Enterprises to talk things through with Victoria. By the time Vitoria gets there, Billy has gone but Jill asks Victoria to forgive Billy. Billy goes to Newman but finds Victor instead of Victoria. Victor reminds him of what a loser he is and tells him to stay away from Victoria. Victor tells Luca and Marisa to go home early but Luca thinks Victor is trying to get rid of them. Noah says it was his idea and they agree to leave. In the hall, Luca shows Marisa a picture of Ava that was sent to him on his phone. He tries to show Noah but Noah clearly doesn't want to see it. The phone is broken and an argument ensues. Victor joins them and fires Noah, saying Noah isn't mature enough for the level of responsibility he'd been given. Luca and Marisa stand up for Noah and Victor agrees to keep Noah on. Back in Victor's office, Victor tells Noah that was just for show to make Luca think he is getting respect. Noah asks Victor to join him for the Christmas party but he declines. Neil doesn't want Hilary working for Simon because he is a loose cannon but Hilary wants to help people and feels it is her obligation. Gwen joins them and makes snide remarks that are made indirectly to Neil. Simon thinks Ashley is working herself too hard and needs to realize that there are no guarantees in research, there are risks involved. They share a drink. Cane decides to spend the night at Lily's so he can be there when the twins open their gifts. He tells Colin not to worry, he's sleeping in the guest room.

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