Tuesday 12/22/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/22/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is thinking about Ivy and what she confessed to him about still loving him and wanting another chance. Steffy comes in and says she will never take this office for granted again, but she senses that he seems distracted. Wyatt catches Ivy in a pensive moment and kisses her. Maya and Rick trim the Christmas tree and he asks what is her parent’s plans for Christmas. He’d like to extend the invitation in person for them to come here. Julius thinks back on that Sasha just called him Daddy. Vivienne realizes he doesn’t exactly have the Christmas spirit, some weight on his shoulders probably about one of his daughters. Nicole and Sasha meet up with Zende at work. Sasha says rather than go home she was thinking of spending the holidays here. She reminds Nicole that Nicole is on a roll here but rolls don’t last forever and she should remember that. Wyatt tells Ivy that he is glad that she dropped the restraining order and he hopes she and Steffy can get back to being a true family and they all can get along. Steffy tells Liam that if he is thinking about Wyatt and Ivy then is there something she should know.

Maya calls and invites her parents over; something she wants to discuss with them. She calls Nicole and invites her too. Nicole tells Sasha she can come too. Steffy tells Ivy that she is grateful already but it bears repeating. She is glad she is back and working well. Julius says he loves this season and can not believe it is 70 degrees and he is not shoveling snow back home. Maya is shocked when Rick lets the cat out of the bag that they are spending Christmas in Hawaii…..and it includes all of them, he and Maya, her parents, Nicole and Zende. Nicole is excited. Sasha just glares at Julius. He tells her later enough of the looks. This is a family vacation, the Avants and the Forresters, there is no place for her here. She says she knows how much he does not want this to be true, but he is her father. She says she is family too although no one knows. She wants to go to Hawaii too. She is tried of being ignored while Nicole gets all the attention. He has rejected her his whole life. She wants a shot out of that life too. She is not looking for handouts. She can make her own way. She wants to better herself and she does not think that is too much to keep his secret. He pours out his sorrows that he no longer has a job and is not welcome in his own community or church all because of Maya. Sasha says again she is not going anywhere so he has to get used to that. Liam and Ivy talk and she offers again that she loves Wyatt and could be happy with him but there is one hurdle to overcome. She had a life planned out and it was with Liam. Wyatt is standing at the open door and probably heard this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chase told Ciara about Hope getting arrested for murder. Hope wanted to investigate the case against her, but Rafe wanted her to trust that he’s helping with her case. Hope wanted to trust him, but she didn’t like not knowing what was going on with her case. Adrienne saw Justin with Eve when she received a phone call about her results. Justin saw Adrienne and followed her when she wanted privacy. He wanted to make sure everything was okay with her. Adrienne started to tell Justin what happened when Lucas arrived. Justin walked away from them. Hope wanted Rafe to rest because it was the holiday season. He agreed, but Hope had to do it too. Maggie talked to Julie about Caroline moving in at the mansion. Julie was concerned and wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Maggie seemed fine with it on the surface. Caroline was at the Kiriakis mansion and had another vision of Victor having a heart attack. Victor noticed her and wanted to know why she snuck up on him. Rafe talked to Lani about Hope’s case. Abe let Lani know that she was promoted to detective. Lani was excited about the news. Justin went to Hope’s house to talk to her about the case building up against her. Hope assured Justin that she was innocent. Justin told her that the evidence was piling up against her. He wanted Hope to tell him something that would clear his name.

Adrienne told Lucas that there was a problem with her mammogram. Lucas tried to make her feel better by not letting her stress out when it could be nothing. Lucas and Adrienne ended up kissing. Ciara went to Rafe to ask about Hope being arrested. Rafe wouldn’t tell Ciara anything so she stormed out of the room. Ciara decided to confront her mother about what happened. Justin ran into Lucas and Adrienne at the town square. Justin pulled Adrienne aside and asked her again about her phone call. Adrienne finally got the chance to let him know what the doctor said. Ciara confronted Hope about being arrested. Ciara was scared that she would lose her the same way she lost Bo. Hope assured Ciara that the police would find the real killer. Hope asked Ciara to go to the town square with her so they could be with their family. Victor and Caroline were on their way to the town square when they stopped at the park. They reminisced about Bo. Maggie walked up and found them together. She tried to cover up her worry by letting them know that everyone was ready for them. Rafe continued looking at Dr. Malcolm’s phone records and realized that he was calling someone in Salem. Rafe realized that someone in Salem may have locked up Bo.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Paul sneaks out of the gala, without telling anyone where he's gone and secretly meets with Ava in a private room and they have sex. Everybody wonders where he went although nobody except Tracy is really concerned. Tracy hires a guy to help her find Paul although she has no reason to assume she cannot trust him nor remotely suspects anything like what is actually happening. She unlocks the door to the hotel room, notices Paul clearly going at it in bed with Ava, and Tracy is outraged. She concludes that he is a fraud and cannot be trusted nor have the right to hold the position as Port Charles' upstanding law-abiding DA. He is sleeping with a murderer. Michael tells Sabrina he knows it makes no sense that her pregnancy would be as far along as it is if the baby is his. He asks her if he is, in fact, the father of her baby. She admits she made a "mistake" once and only once with someone who means nothing to her and she only loves him. He does not believe it's ok that she had a one-night stand with anyone and he concludes it would have to be Carlos Rivera, the man who had his dad killed. He concludes to her that he cannot trust her. it's not ok and they are through. Carly overhears Jason privately declaring to Sam, that he knows the special connection they had and could still have, even if he does not yet remember his past. She also knows that Elizabeth is still not over Jason nor ready to let him go. She finds Elizabeth, knowing she's still hoping to get Jason back. Carly tells her she needs to realize that she lied, scammed and betrayed Jason and all the people in his life and this needs to stop now. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Hayden attend the event, knowing they are not exactly welcome there. Yet he is not afraid to face and confront Jason, telling him he believes Jason should be grateful that he and Elizabeth wanted him not to remember his old life as a criminal and he had a better life with Elizabeth that he's now given up and does not see the value. They get into a struggle and Jason pushes Nikolas over the hotel ledge. Elizabeth rushes out to attempt to help Nikolas but sees it's too late, as does Hayden.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack is not happy that he was tricked into going to the cabin so that Phyllis could force a reconciliation with Billy. Jack and Billy fight and Billy leaves. Phyllis persuades Jack to follow him. Jack brings Billy back and berates him for walking out in the cold. Billy is down on himself, making Jack wonder if Billy is killing himself. Billy denies he would do such a thing but he knows he's as much a mess as he was when Delia died. He asks Jack for forgiveness. Jack wants to trust Billy but Billy has to prove himself with actions, not just words. Adam takes the day off to be with Chelsea and Connor. They go to Crimson Lights before heading to the mall to see Santa Claus. They see Dylan, Sharon, Faith, and Sully there. Sharon and Adam talk about how close they used to be. Dylan and Chelsea apologize to each other for things that happened in the past. Sharon witnesses a moment between Dylan and Chelsea. Victor insists Victoria, Abby, and Noah work with him during the holidays because Newman Enterprises should be a priority. When Nikki arrives to talk to Victor about getting the family together for Christmas, she is shocked to see that Victoria, Abby, and Noah are working. Victor calls Adam to come into work. When he gets there, Victor is by himself. Adam tells Victor that he should be at home too for the holidays. Chelsea and Connor arrive and Victor tells Adam to go home with them. Left alone, Victor looks at pictures of his children and grandchildren.

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