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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Ivy that he is grateful that she is dropping the restraining order but…….she gets it that she can not tell him how she feels that she still loves him. There have only been two, both Spencers and she loved him first. Nicole tells Maya that nothing happened and they can talk this over tomorrow. Zende seemed to think he wanted something and so did she, then it just stopped. Sasha tells Zende that he is an incredible man and Nicole should thank her lucky stars. He has been very supportive throughout all of this, but he’s not a saint. The next few months will not be easy for either one of them. She offers to be there for him if he needs someone to talk to. Julius tells Vivienne that he told Nicole she was going to regret being a surrogate and now she is stuck. He blames Maya for that. Wyatt tells Steffy that he loves Ivy so do not say anything bad against her. He is even thinking of marriage. Ivy says she loves Wyatt and she is very happy with him but before him was Liam. He let her go for Steffy and now she is thinking that she should not have done that.

Sasha drops by the motel to see Vivienne but she is leaving for the store. Nicole tells Maya that everybody has a right to their feelings and at least Zende did not shut down or complain. Zende comes in and says he is sorry. He wanted tonight to be very special for them and and he is sorry for the way he acted. He said it all caught him off guard and it was not her, he loves her. She says she is pregnant and even though she did not want it to change things, it has. Ivy comes in and tells Steffy she does not have to hide. She had a talk with Liam and she just dropped the restraining order. She has wasted enough time feeling that way. Julius ignores Sasha then tells her this is not her home. She had a great time and hooked up with Nicole but now it is time to go home. She repeats again that she likes it here and she is not going home. Wyatt tells Ivy that he is proud of her for finally realizing and admitting it. Steffy agrees, she is engaged to Liam and she does not want any animosity between them. Liam laments that it is time for Ivy to move on. She did the right thing by dropping the restraining order. She says she did not expect all these feelings to come up but she does not want to talk about Steffy. She has always known she still loved Liam. He says he will always care about her. She says she is trying to show him who she is and that is why she dropped the RO because he asked her to. Liam makes her want to be a better person. She needs him in her life. She can not bite her tongue even if it is more convenient. She only wants to tell the truth. So there could still be a chance for them before it is too late. Sasha tells Julius that he can not tell her what to do. He says if she stays it will only complicate matters. If she wants to come back, do not overstay her welcome. She says she knows she just got here but this is what she wants, to be part of this big city with his family. It is full of opportunities. Nicole could not even get a date back home and now she is dating a Forrester. Julius tells her to stay away from Zende. She calls him Mr. Avant enough times that it irritates him and finally she says okay she will call him what he really is – Daddy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava ďfaintedĒ and Steve brought her in the house. Steve let Kayla know that he didnít believe Avaís story. Kayla wasnít sure what to believe anymore. Victor let Maggie know about Ciaraís kidnapping. Victor also told Maggie that Hope told about Dr. Salinas to save Ciara. He was worried about Caroline and wanted her to move into the mansion. Kayla told Steve that Ava had to go to the hospital. Maggie said she was okay with Caroline moving in with them. Philip met Theresa and they argued until Brady showed up. Belle thought Chad was sick and she wanted to help him. Chad faked being sick so he could get her to represent him. Belle knew he was with Abby so she didnít believe his act. Abby overheard JJ and Jennifer talking about what Chad did to her. Abby blamed herself for what happened.

Abby thought that her situation was too much for him and she understood why he left. Chad told Belle that he and Abby wanted different things. Chad also explained what his father was dealing with financially. Belle found that hard to believe. Brady and Philip talked about the drug and how to get it on the market. Brady didnít want to do it. Victor found Caroline and wanted her to move in with him. Caroline wanted to think about it. Ava was at the hospital. Kayla let her know that her blood work was going to be back soon. Steve didnít believe Ava, but Kayla was starting to believe her. Abby defended Chad to Jennifer and JJ. Brady wanted to help Philip, but not the way he wanted. Chad asked Belle to go out with him.  JJ saw Chad with Belle and yelled at him. The test results proved that Ava is sick. Steve didnít want Kayla to believe that. Roman went to Victor to find out why he wanted Caroline to move in with him. Victor explained why he did it. Kayla told Ava that she had Leukemia. Kayla appreciated Avaís apology. Ava didnít want to die without making up for what she did. Abby thought she saw Chad and broke the window. Ava went back to the hotel and peeled off the skin on her arm. She had a blood pocket under the fake skin.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

During the Nutcracker gala for Toys for Tots, many things are going on with many people. Sam goes there, for the sole purpose of bringing the check to Alexis which she forgot. However, she finds herself "blown away" when she sees Jason standing beside Elizabeth, wondering if maybe they are back together. Elizabeth is not comfortable being there with Franco and is ready to leave until Obrecht arrives and tells her if she does not attend, she will be scheduled for extra shifts. Jason finds Sam alone and reveals that he owes her for being there for him, always believing in him and reveals that he may have feelings for her, even if he does not consciously remember their relationship. Seeing her alone and without her ring, he has to ask her the status of her relationship with Patrick, to which she admits they broke it off because they both realized she does not love Patrick the way she loves him. Meanwhile, Patrick goes with Anna and Robert to confront Jerry Jacks. He "plays" with them, making them guess if Robin is alive or dead. Anna and Robert first overpower Jerry by holding their guns on him. Then his man turn the tables on them. Later, Patrick goes off and it appears he has found Robin. At the gala, Julian proposes to Alexis. While Paul accompanies Tracy, represents the Quartermaines and serves as the keynote speaker at the event, he secretly goes to meet Ava in a motel room as soon as he can get away.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Summer, Kyle, Jack, and Phyllis have a birthday breakfast and Summer has her first hangover. Phyllis and Jack present Summer with a scrapbook of her first 21 years. Dr. Neville tells Ashley that he has turned his motel room into a makeshift lab. She says that won't do. Jack gets called away from breakfast to meet Ashley at the lab. Hilary tells Neil that she wants to be involved in Dr. Neville's research. He thinks she should stay away from Dr. Neville. After hearing Jack fire Gwen, Devon offers his condolences. Gwen asks for a job working with Dr. Neville. Devon agrees only if it's ok with Neil, who is heading up the business end of the project. Gwen tells Neil that she can separate her business life from her personal life. Neil agrees. They all meet at the Jabot lab to persuade Jack to let them rent the lab. Jack gives in but tells Neil to watch over Ashley. Summer and Kyle sit in the park and reminisce while looking at her new scrapbook. Jack meets Phyllis at the Abbott cabin, ready to partake in romance, but she has a surprise for him. She has invited Billy to join them.

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