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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Ivy one more time to please drop the restraining order. He knows why she is doing it but it is coming off as spiteful. She does not want to talk about the restraining order anymore. She wants to talk about them as it is the first time since the hospital that they have had a good chance to talk. She says she was in love with him and then he was gone. She says she is with Wyatt now and she can love him but only if she knows it will never work out with her and Liam. Liam is shocked and reminds her they have both moved on. She says this accident has made her realize that life is short and she does not want to regret telling him the truth. She can not forget her feelings and what it was to be with him. She can’t imagine that he too can forget. Julius tells Sasha he will relax when she has a one way ticket out of LA in her hand. She says making herself home here sounds like a real good idea. Zende stops short of taking off Nicole’s clothes. She asks why and he says maybe they should wait. He says he knows it should not matter but that is another man’s baby right here. She leaves and does not want to talk about this right now. Wyatt tells Steffy that a restraining order is just going too far. And that Liam needs to talk Ivy out of it. Everybody sees that Nicole is upset and not herself. She goes upstairs.

Sasha goes to Zende’s room and asks if she can come in. She says he has seen her in her underwear so he can tell her anything. She doesn’t think he should keep secrets. He says he messed up….and it was more than just talking. He says he just realized this was another man’s baby and he couldn’t do anything with Nicole. He says he has to get over this somehow. She says nothing is wrong with him. He reminds her that the pregnancy just started and he is not sure he can get through this. She says she came to town just in time and she can help with anything he needs. Liam says he loves Ivy and he had fond memories but they have both moved on. She says Steffy is still the one he wants after all that has happened and it still does not make it any less painful. She has been through a lot this year and Steffy’s hands were all over it. If Liam marries Steffy then she will be happy with Wyatt, but they need to explore that it is completely over between them. She will drop the restraining order…..if Liam will give her one more chance. She kisses him as he looks blankly at her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby showed up at Chad's place to see him.  He looked surprised to see her.  Kayla got a shock when Ava was at her door.  Justin thought it was weird that Hope was arrested for murder.  Rafe was convinced that Hope was innocent.  Ciara wanted to celebrate Christmas.  Belle got a text from Sami about the money.  Abby told Chad that Thomas could go home.  Eduardo let John know that he was hired to kill him.  John didn't know why Eduardo told him.  Eduardo let John know that he wasn't going to take it.  Rafe went to Hope's house to talk about the case.  Hope was investigating her case, but Rafe didn't want her to do it.  He wanted to help her.  Eduardo told John that he was supposed to be killed because he was digging into his past.  Ava asked Kayla for her forgiveness.  Kayla didn't want to forgive her.  Chad gave Abby the brush.  Abby didn't understand why he talked to her like that.  Abby realized that Chad chose his family over her.  He said he did.

Steve saw Justin at the town square and gave him a hard time about what he did to Adrienne.  Eduardo explained to John that he left his families behind because of being a trained assassin.  Abby didn't want to believe Chad and wanted to stay with him.  Chad told her that Thomas wasn't his and they can't be together.  Abby walked out of his hotel room.  Ciara went back home with a Christmas tree and begged Rafe to stay to decorate it.  Abby ran into Gabi and told her that Chad was acting suspicious.  Ava let Kayla think she was sick.  Steve went home and saw Ava with Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Today's episode was pre-empted and aired in its entirety on Monday, December 21.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis tries to persuade Ashley to come back to Jabot but Ashley insists she has other plans. Dr. Neville meets Devon at GCAC. Neil refuses to work with Neville. Paul arrives and questions Devon's motive. Devon explains, after the doctor leaves, that he plans to get information out of Dr. Neville that might lead to the identity of Hilary's captor. Ashley arrives and tells Dr. Neville that she would like to work with him and they shake on it. Chelsea urges Victoria to help Billy but Victoria says she is done and Billy will have to find his own way out of this. Summer celebrates her birthday at The Underground, though it isn't so festive with Mariah being cranky, Billy being a sad drunk, and Nick and Kyle not being able to attend. Kyle is stuck working late with Jack, who is determined to get Jabot back on its feet without Adam, Ashley, and Billy's help. Phyllis arrives and tells Kyle to go to Summer's party. She, then, tells Jack they will work together to bring Jabot back but not until after the holidays. Kyle surprises Summer by attending her birthday party. Victoria arrives. Abby and Ben try to talk her into leaving before she sees Billy, but Victoria spots him. Ben tries to take Billy home but Billy accuses Ben of trying to get back into Victoria's bed. Billy takes a swing at Ben but falls down instead. Even after this, Ben escorts Billy out to take him home. Adam suggests Noah show Luca and Marisa their offices as his first assignment as Newman's secret weapon. Noah smiles and plays his part as he shows them around. They seem to believe his act and again see Noah at The Underground. Noah assures his friends that everything will turn out alright in the end.

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