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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lt. Baker recites it again. None of this had to happen. Steffy violated the restraining order so she is under arrest. The Avants come by the Forresters and ask if Nicole is home yet. Maya mentions Sasha being in town. Rick wants to know more about Nicole’s friend. Vivienne tells them about Truth or Dare, the game they used to play. Julius changes subjects to his dad on the golf course. Zende tells Nicole they have plans so they need to rush this up. Sasha tells them to go ahead, she’d like to stop and see the Avants again. Ivy comes in with Wyatt and explains her side of the story again. Liam steps in and says they can figure this out without anyone going to jail. Lt. Baker says this changes the order but they will hear from the judge soon. Zende drags Nicole off to a back room where no one goes. He has other things on his mind and does not want to talk about Sasha. They kiss and he guides her to the couch, unbuttons her blouse. Julius is surprised when Sasha shows up at the Forresters. Sasha speaks to Maya first and Maya says she is glad Nicole had her to talk to, but do not believe all she has read about her in the magazines. When Baker leaves, Steffy tries once more to explain to Ivy that there was never any malice from her to Aly or Ivy. She wants them to get along. She is President and should be here at work. Ivy says things are not right at FC and she can not overlook what has happened.

Steffy calls her dad to let him know she can not continue as President. Liam tells her to stop it, she is not going anywhere. They are in this together. He says Ivy is letting her fear drive her but he promises he will get through to her once and for all. Wyatt makes Ivy comfortable at home. She says she knows they all want her to put this with Steffy behind them. He reminds her that she and Steffy are the present and future and this is one thing to play out in private but there has to be a more reasonable solution. They both have to be open to one. Julius glares at Sasha as she gushes on and on. Zende says he has waited a long time and now he wants to show Nicole how much he loves her. Liam knocks on the door and wants Ivy to let him in. He says he is not here for Steffy but for Ivy. While Sasha is making herself comfortable and pouring herself a drink, Julius whispers to her that she is not welcome here so do not get too comfortable or say something others will pick up on. She is staying right here in comfy LA. Wyatt comes back to the office and tells Steffy that he is checking up on her. She tells him she is surprised he did not meet Liam on PCH as he is the peacemaker and will try to get Ivy to do the right thing. Ivy tells Liam that she does not know what Wyatt sees in her but she really likes him. She will not go on about Steffy as that sounds like sour grapes. But Steffy came back to town and stole him from her. She wonders what would have happened if she had not come back to town. He tells her what happened backstage was an accident so let that go, not for Steffy’s sake but for Ivy….just drop the restraining order. Do not let this go on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Miriam wanted to know if Eduardo would do the assignment. John found Marlena passed out on the floor in her office. John revived Marlena and wanted to know what happened. Marlena let John that she was working with Chad when she was chloroformed. Andre brainwashed Chad to get him to fall for Belle. Steve went to Kaylaís house to spend time with her. Joey texted Ava to tell her that Steve moved in with them. Ava was happy about it. Kate interrupted Miriam and Eduardoís conversation. Miriam didnít tell Kate about their conversation. John thought Chad had Marlena attacked. Stefano didnít like Andre brainwashing Chad. Andre thought it was the only way to get their money back.

Kate wanted to know what Eduardo was planning. Eduardo didnít tell her anything. Steve and Kayla went tree hunting. Ava put makeup on her face. Kayla wondered who was helping Joey get her and Steve back together. Joey text Ava again and she was ready to start her plan. Kate changed her mind and didnít want to know what Eduardo was doing. Eduardo understood if Kate felt like his past was too much for her. Kate was okay with it. Marlena was going to confront Chad when John stopped her. Eduardo called John and wanted to meet with him. Andre made Chad rest so he could be refreshed to go after Belle. Eduardo met with John in the park. Joey texted Ava about leaving the house. Ava took pills and stormed out of her room. Stefano didnít like how Andre was using Chad. Eduardo told John that he was hired to kill him. Ava showed up at Kaylaís house.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The Nutcracker Gala is underway. Nina needs Maxie and Dillon to be there for her although they leave and go off alone for a while to visit her little sister and his long-term girlfriend, Georgie's grave site. Jason does not want to attend, especially after what has happened. However, Carly encourages him not to hide and promises to be there for him. Elizabeth also does not want to attend, knowing she will be alone, not only without a date, but unwelcome by everyone there. Yet Franco encourages her to attend with him. Sam, also does not plan to attend. However, she is very surprised to learn that Patrick has taken a leave of absences from his job at the hospital to go and find Robin. Patrick and Anna along with Robert, are in Paris knowing it's urgent that they find Robin before it's too late. Jerry Jacks instructs his guard to kill her because she's no longer of use to him. We don't find out if her parents and ex make it there on time or not. Kristina comes home for Christmas and knows she needs to prevent her mom from getting email notification from the university informing her that Kristina is in trouble. Molly knows she's keeping the secret but has no way of finding out the secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Adam advises Victor to cut Luca and his family loose because they have had shady dealings in he past. At breakfast, Luca asks Marisa if she will work with him at Newman. She accepts but says she has something she has to do first. Mariah finds Noah passed out at The Underground after a night of drinking. An FBI agent arrives to speak with Noah but he claims it was just a rumor he heard. Marisa arrives and confronts Noah about the FBI and Noah admits he was the one that made the call. Marisa quits her job and breaks up with Noah. Luca meets with Victor and Adam. Victor gives Luca his family's money back plus interest but Luca says they have a contract and he wants offices for Marisa and himself. Victor calls Luca's father but gets the same results. Nick bangs on Sage's door but she isn't home, Chelsea tells him. Chelsea tells Nick about the nice evening she and Connor had with Sage. Nick points out that Sage can talk to everyone but her husband. Chelsea thinks Nick and Sage shouldn't be so far apart at this time and urges Nick to keep trying. Sage shows up to pick up Faith for "The Nutcracker" but Sharon made arrangements for Faith to go with a friend since Sage and Faith aren't really getting along. Sharon puts Sully in Sage's arms and Sage introduces herself as Aunt Sage. Sage admits that her relationship with Nick is headed for divorce. Sharon says that moving on doesn't always mean moving away. Sage sees Nick in the park and they embrace. Luca goes to Marisa's hotel suite to find her upset, she'd just been having flashbacks of times with Noah. She says she doesn't want to be alone. On the couch, she lays her head on Luca. Noah bursts in at Newman Enterprises and tells Victor that he told nothing to the FBI agent that he met with earlier. Adam has an idea. Hire Noah to be a liaison between the Newmans and Luca and Marisa, sharing information that he learns. Noah agrees even though it's dangerous.

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