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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende apologizes for thinking Sasha was Nicole and had peeked in on her. Sasha says she is not ashamed and doesn’t mind that he did. They both admit they are not models but would like to be. She asks if all interns sneak up on their girlfriends. She is astonished to find out that he is Nicole’s boyfriend, Zende. She tells him that Nicole is a lucky girl. Wyatt and Liam argue the facts about the restraining order. Wyatt says he does not believe Steffy did this on purpose but isn’t it funny that bad things happen to Ivy when Steffy is around. Vivienne hopes Sasha will stay in town longer because of Nicole but Julius tells her not to encourage this. Sasha will not be staying in town. She thinks he sounds like he has something against Sasha and she does not know why. Ivy is out of it for a few minutes with Steffy hollering for her to wake up. When she does she tells Steffy she is okay but just leave this house.

Ivy then calls Lt. Baker and tells him that Steffy was just here. She fell and hit her head and he must do something about this. He tells her to lock the doors and he will send a squad car over. Wyatt comes first and she fills him in on Steffy being here. A restraining order must mean nothing to Steffy as she would not leave before coming in. She did not come by just to see how she was. She wants to go back to work and kept brandishing the restraining order in her face. Steffy goes back to FC. Liam tells her to leave before Ivy might come and it will look bad. She admits she already has seen Ivy. She went to Wyatt’s. He asks why she keeps doing this. She violated the restraining order. She says she wanted to explain. He says she has no choice. If she violates it she will be in big trouble. He is amazed that Ivy got hurt again with Steffy always the one to be there. Ivy tells Wyatt that she is not out to get Steffy but she wants her to leave her alone. Steffy tells Liam that Ivy is okay, she just has a little bump on her head. She wanted to take her to the hospital but she is fine. She says she knows it was dumb but she just wanted to talk it out. She understands Liam now that she can not even do that. Lt. Baker walks in and tells Steffy the second violation is no excuse. She is not supposed to be in this building. And he hears there is a second accident with Ivy; that is very serious. She realizes that was against the law. Liam says it will never happen again; Baker says you bet it won’t, Steffy is under arrest.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe called Hope to the station to question her about what happened to Dr. Malcolm. Hope thought about Ciara being kidnapped and didn’t tell Rafe anything about what happened to her. Hope denied killing Dr. Malcolm. Rafe reminded her that he saw her threaten to shoot Dr. Malcolm. Chase and Ciara talked about how he tried to kiss her. Rafe wanted to help Hope, but she couldn’t talk to him so he arrested Hope. Hope called Belle for help with her arrest. Andre told Stefano that they would get their money back.

Ciara let Chase know that he’s like a brother to her. Ciara started to tell Chase about the horrible thing that happened to her. Chad was at the DiMera mansion and let Andre and Stefano know he wouldn’t help them get their money back from Sami. Andre wanted Chad to seduce Belle to get their money back. Belle arrived at the police station to help Hope. Hope explained to Belle why she was arrested. Chad refused to go through with Andre’s plan. Ciara told Chase about being kidnapped. Hope didn’t want Ciara to know about her arrest. Belle thought she should tell her the truth. Rafe apologized to Hope for arresting her. Chad went to Marlena to get hypnotized. Chad wanted to reclaim all of his memories. Andre snuck into Marlena’s office while he put Chad under hypnosis. Belle wanted Hope to tell her everything that happened. Andre chloroformed Marlena and stuck Chad with a needle. Hope told Belle what happened. Belle wanted to get to the bottom of everything. Chad passed out while Andre was about to approach him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly is mindfully monitoring Morgan's every move and worried about what he's capable of doing if he does not take his meds. Kiki has similar concerns. Ava is still trying and failing to bond with her daughter, which she tells her is for baby Avery's sake. Kiki is still not buying what Ava is selling. Carly tries unsuccessfully to get Ava to let Sonny spend a few hours with baby Avery on Christmas morning without being supervised by child welfare, to which Ava tells her absolutely not. Paul is charming Tracy and she's falling for him. Yet he's secretly meeting with Carlos, giving him money and instructing him to get out of the country. Yet Carlos informs him he's the father of Sabrina Santiago's baby. Hearing that, Paul is shocked and worried for the Quartermaines if they lose the baby to a criminal like Carlos. Yet Carlos reminds Paul that everybody believes he's dead, thanks to Paul. Sabrina's doctor tells her she knows that Michael is not the father of Sabrina's baby and she urges her not to keep the secret although Sabrina is afraid of the consequences of Michael finding out the truth. Michael finds it very odd that the baby would be as large and that her due date would be as soon as it is given that it does not make sense with the time they would have conceived. Anna meets with Mac at The Metro Court. They brainstorm their findings on the mystery of the dead body found in the morgue which they know is not Carlos Rivera, their very plausible (although they cannot prove) theory that Carlos did not die and another murder victim was passed off as him, courtesy of Paul, whom they believe killed Sloane and falsified Carlos' death. THey are almost ready to prove and crack open the case, when she gets an urgent phone call from Patrick. He informs her he and Emma traveled to Paris hoping to find Robin. Yet he's afraid she's not in Paris nor has she ever been there. Also, he and Emma very "conveniently" ran into a woman who just happened to be wearing a necklace with the Cassadine family crest. Meanwhile, although Robin protests to Jerry Jacks that she can find a scientific development that he wants and needs, Jerry determines that time has run out, Robin is no longer of use to him and he instructs his men to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

While Ashley is unconscious, she has a dream about her father. They sit on the park bench together and John explains that he has different priorities and cares more about her than Jabot and she needs to take care of herself. At Jabot, Phyllis wonders why Jack doesn't fire her also. Ashley arrives and says she has confidence in Jack and Phyllis together and she is stepping down as CEO. Nikki visits Sage while Victor visits Adam and Chelsea. Nikki tells Sage about the baby that she and Jack lost years ago and tries to persuade her to move back with Nick. Victor tells Adam and Chelsea that Jack settled. Chelsea wonders if this means Adam can stop working at Newman Enterprises. Victor says that is up to Adam but there is a lot of work to be done. Before leaving, Victor tells Adam that he's proud of him. Adam is overjoyed and admits to Chelsea that he really does care. Chelsea thinks there is something that Victor is holding over Adam's head. Victor joins Nikki and Sage. He tells Sage that if she wants to leave he will help her. She thinks he wants to get rid of her. When Victor and Nikki leave, Sage talks to Adam and Chelsea about this. Adam says his father is a maniac. Chelsea wonders about Adam's change in attitude. Neil goes to Hilary's suite thinking she texted him to meet her there but it was really Dr. Neville, who examines Hilary. Dr. Neville asks Neil to invest in his research but Neil doesn't want to. Dr. Neville implies that he will turn Neil in if he doesn't get the money he needs to subsidize his work. Hilary asks Devon to invest and he agrees in order to keep Neil out of prison. In her suite, Hilary kisses Neil. He pulls away and leaves. Cane gives Lily the twins' schedule and asks if she can come by on Christmas morning. Lily persuades him to stay home through the holidays and he agrees. In the GCAC dining room, Devon meets with Dr. Neville. Ashley interrupts and introduces herself to Dr. Neville after hearing him speak of his medical breakthroughs.

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