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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole feels a little tension but Julius denies that anything is wrong. Nicole shocks Sasha when she says she is pregnant. Nicole says it is a long story and no one outside the family knows yet. She is going to be a surrogate. Carter sees Zende take out all his frustrations about Nicole on the workout equipment. Wyatt wants to take care of Ivy and makes his place comfortable for her. She’s back home and okay. She says yes as long as Steffy stays far far away. She is so dangerous and no telling what she might do. Wyatt does not want to go but says he will go to work just long enough to see that Steffy has moved out and then be right back. Steffy is still explaining to Liam that it was an accident and she needs him to believe her. He reminds her that the restraining order says she can not work here anymore. She says she knows but she is not going to be kicked out of her family’s company. No judge will go along with that. She is not leaving this building. Ivy will not force her out! He says she does not have to like it but he also does not want her to get into more trouble. Steffy says it was not intentional that she pushed Ivy and she wishes she could talk to her and have her forgive her. Maybe Liam can talk to Wyatt and get thru to him.

Nicole explains her carrying the baby for Rick and Maya. Sasha says that is awfully big of Nicole. Julius tries to rush Nicole back to work but Nicole invites Sasha along. Alone Julius tells Sasha not to get any ideas. She can stay here two or three days and then he wants her gone. Sasha is very impressed with FC but enough with the weather; she is excited to be there with Liam and Wyatt. And she wants to hear more about this boyfriend. Nicole needs to get something to Rick and leaves long enough for Sasha to glance around and spots a gorgeous dress she wants to wear. She hops behind the dressing panel and is changing when Zende walks in, assumes it is Nicole and peeks behind, both not knowing who each other is. Liam tells Wyatt that it must be good news to have Ivy come home today. Wyatt says yes they are lucky that she is even alive. He is sorry about the whole restraining order but Ivy did not want to take a chance and the only way she will be comfortable around Steffy. Liam says it was an accident and there must be a better way. He pleads with Wyatt to talk to her and get her to drop it. Wyatt says she is totally afraid of Steffy regardless of accident or not. Liam laments that Steffy does not need to suffer. Ask Ivy to reconsider. Steffy drops by Wyatt’s. Ivy drags herself to the door but sees Steffy and says she is not supposed to be here. Steffy says she is here for one thing only. They are family and need to get along. Ivy turns to leave and Steffy barrels past her. She tells Ivy that she needs to tear up this restraining order. The next thing she knows Ivy has fallen and her head hit on the fireplace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and Gabi got to know each other better while they were on their date. Chad and Abby were about to make love until Chad wanted to stop. He wanted to take care of her instead of rushing into bed. Belle saw Philip at the park. They talked about how they were back in Salem again. They talked while shooting baskets. Belle felt like a failure being back in Salem. Philip let her know that she wasnít a failure. Theresa didnít want Brady to be a house husband. Brady was okay with being with her. They began to make love. Abby started thinking about Ben holding her captive. Chad made Abby feel better about her nightmare. Philip and Belle talked some more before she left. Brady and Theresa kissed again. JJ and Gabi kissed each other. Abby slept in Chadís arms while he comforted her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Lulu is waiting to hear back from Johnny, she meets for lunch with her mom and discusses the verdict of her marriage. Laura can tell that although her daughter "says" she wants to take the high road and be civilized to her estranged husband, given the situation with is infidelity and all, Lulu may secretly have revenge on the brain, just like she knows all too well from being with Luke, and seeing Lulu is very much like her father when feeling hurt and betrayed. Meanwhile, Johnny has gone off to find Valerie after Lulu's asked him to "make her leave town". While driving to her shooting range training for the police academy, Valerie's car suddenly stalls and she's left out in the middle of nowhere stranded and waiting for help. Out of nowhere, Johnny appears, turns on the charm, takes time to talk to her while trying unsuccessfully to get her car to start. When she confides in this "kind stranger" (whom she has no clue whom he is or why he's there), about what is important to her, regarding her career aspirations to be a cop, and to be honorable, he plays the hero, gets her car to start and concludes he knows where Valerie is vulnerable and how to exploit that, to Lulu's advantage. Carly tells Sonny she cannot just accept what Elizabeth has done to Jason. She needs to reach out to him and/or confront Elizabeth. When she goes to give Elizabeth a piece of her mind, while Elizabeth is working at the hospital, they go into the art room and Franco overhears and witnesses their entire dispute. He takes Elizabeth aside, expressing although she may not want to talk to him, it might be to her advantage. He admits to her that while everybody else in the town vilifies her for not wanting Jason to know who he is or get his memory back, he (Franco) has his own reasons for wanting Jason to stay in the dark as long as possible. He tells her he knows all too well what it's like to be the town pariah and admonishes her to think about their common "goal and need". Meanwhile, Julian is ready to shut down Crimson assuming it's unrealistic to expect Nina, Maxie or Dillon to turn things around in order to make it profitable. Yet Nina does not want to reveal that to her new staff and won't give up although Julian wants her to. While with Alexis having lunch at the restaurant, Olivia unintentionally "bombards" them with Christmas plans for Leo and their mutual family which Alexis expresses her "concerns" about Olivia's inadvertent invasion of their boundaries.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack prepares to tell the world all that Victor did but when it comes time for the press conference, Jack changes his mind. Victor takes the microphone and tells the press that he's recently acquired some money and Newman Enterprises will soon be on top again. Phyllis and Ashley tell Jack he did the right thing. Victoria tells Billy, again, that it's over between them. Nikki arrives. The kids wake up and Victoria goes upstairs to attend to them while Nikki tells Billy she can't help him this time. Victor interrupts them and tells Billy that Jack settled. Billy leaves and goes to Jabot where Jack and Phyllis are kissing. Jack tells Billy that he will always be an Abbott but he will never work for Jabot again. Billy leaves and Phyllis tries to follow but Jack says it doesn't always have to be Phyllis to console Billy. Ben tells Abby that he told Ashley that he loved her but he didn't mean it, he thought they were going to die. Abby tells Ben there isn't going to be a wedding. She joins Ashley at GCAC and confronts her. Ashley has the same story as Ben. Ben goes to the coffee house to talk to Dylan. When he returns to GCAC, he promises Abby that he will spend the rest of his life proving that she is the one he loves. She agrees to go ahead with the wedding. Michael shows up to Victoria's house while the family is celebrating Christmas. Victor signs the paperwork and wants to celebrate getting the money from the Abbotts. No one else feels like celebrating. Ashley walks through the park and gets a phone call. The money was transferred to Victor's account. Ashley feels pain in her head and collapses in the snow.

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