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The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/14/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells the group that all is well with Ivy, no complications. The panel was old and has been replaced. The fallout is that Ivy took out a restraining order on Steffy so that will present some complications. Julius tells Vivienne that he is not going to be Maya’s charity case. They will find a place of their own soon. Then he is surprised when he learns that Sasha called and is in Los Angeles and is coming over today. He’s not happy about that, her coming to the hotel room. He wants to know why she is coming. He just does not want a parade of people from back home coming because Maya now has money. Vivienne gives her a big welcome while Julius is cool. Vivienne says she has a job interview but Nicole will be right over. Nicole tells the group that Sasha is her best friend from back home. They have kept in touch through social media. Zende tells her to make this a drive by visit as tonight she is all his.

Julius tells Sasha that he will ask them to take their reunion elsewhere as he is very busy. She mentions Julius abandoned Maya but look how she turned out married to a Forrester and is known around the world. He reminds her that this is not exactly living high on the hog. He wants to know why she is here. She says there is nothing wrong with grabbing the opportunity. She has kept his secret; now she wants something in return. She has been working fast food but she is capable of more than that. They are all out here, she wants to be out here too. She'd like to meet the Forrester’s. He says no way, she is going back home. Sasha tells Mr. Avant that he does not get to dictate what she does or who she meets. She will survive until she finds something better. She will be careful and not drag inconvenient ghosts from his past. He says he has no cash to throw at her. She says she can make her own money and get her own place. She texted and e-mailed and no response, so she’s had it with him. She is here and she is staying. He will just have to deal with it. Huff and puff all he wants but nothing will change her mind. He says okay but not one word to his family. Nicole comes in and they hug. Nicole realizes her dad seems upset.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara was kidnapped and Hope begged the people to let her go.  The mystery man refused to let Ciara go unless Hope told what she knew about the serum.  Brady and Belle talked about the fact that they have a brother.  They also talked about her marriage being in trouble and him leaving Titan.  Philip wanted to go public with the drug, but Victor wanted to keep quiet.  Hope explained that Caroline had the drug and that it worked.  The mystery man threatened to go after Caroline and Ciara if Hope didnít help them.  She gave him Dr. Salinasí name, but didnít know where to find his office.  The guy wasnít happy and turned off the TV.  Philip wanted to market the drug, but Victor didnít want to do it yet.  Ciara was finally free and the mystery man took the money.  While Hope and Ciara hugged, the guy took off the mask and left.

Kate reunited with Philip.  He talked to her about what he would do for Titan.  Belle told Brady about Sami giving her the money.  Brady thought Belle could give the money back, but she wasnít sure if it was worse to cross Stefano or Sami.  Ciara was upset about being kidnapped.  Hope wanted to know what happened, but Ciara didnít want to talk about it.  Hope didnít want Ciara to mention being kidnapped.  Victor went to Hopeís house.  They talked about how she told the mystery man what she knew.  Hope asked Victor to stay with Ciara while she took care of something.  Brady thought Belle should talk to their parents about the money.  Dr. Malcolm was on the phone with someone.  Someone dressed in black shot him.  Belle made Brady promise to keep quiet about what she told him.  Belle was shocked when she found out that Philip was in town.  Rafe and Lani went to the crime scene and found Dr. Malcolm.  Hope went home after Dr. Malcolm was found.  Belle saw Philip at the park.  Rafe showed up at Hopeís house to ask about Dr. Malcolm.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu clearly wants to get over Dante and not care but is clearly heart-broken. She talks to Johnny about how he can help her by making Valerie "disappear", which she clarifies does not mean killing her but definitely means getting her out of town and out of their lives. Valerie is becoming a success at the police academy although Jordan warns her she needs to stay focused and not hung up on Dante at a time like this. While Valerie is on her way to training, her car suddenly stops and stalls in the middle of nowhere. She has to wait stranded until, out of nowhere, Johnny appears and offers to "help" her. Tracy, Monica and Paul go to the Metro Court and plan the Nutcracker Gala fundraiser. Monica remarks she can see the Tracy is getting really hung up on Paul and warns her that she may get taken just like she did many years ago when she was married to him. Monica suggests a Gun Amnesty Event where she'd offer monetary incentive for anyone at the event who surrenders a fire arm in their possession. Paul is obviously not ok with that plan. Jason returns to Elizabeth's house for the sole purpose of collecting his stuff and seeing if the boys are there so he can discuss with them that he's leaving. She clearly cannot let her go but he's done with her knowing he cannot trust her and concluding that their relationship and their love together was all based upon a lie. Diane comes by with legal papers for Jason unaware that he has broken it off with Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Diane she knows she does not want Jason to divorce Sam, remembering all the money Diane made representing Jason when he led his life of crime with Sonny, Carly and Sam in his life. She feels as though everybody wanted Jason to dump her and give up on having a happy life. She is devastated. Curtis meets with Hayden and dances around telling her who got her shot. Jordan sees he's in town, reveals she knows and does not trust him and advises him to leave town. Jason goes to confront Nikolas about his part in the scam and does not fear getting arrested for assaulting him in front of witnesses at The Floating Rib.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby's wedding planning session turns into an argument with Victor and Ashley over the Newman Enterprises lawsuit against the Abbott family. Jack decides that the only way to save his company from being ruined by the Newman lawsuit is to hold a press conference and tell everyone the truth about how Victor replaced him with Marco despite the fact that Phyllis doesn't want everyone to know that she couldn't tell that Marco wasn't Jack. Billy promises Victoria he will be the man she deserves but Victoria tells him that she has heard those words from him before, and she finds them hard to believe now. Noah is upset that Marisa thinks that Luca has changed, and  she can't see that he is evil.  Victor and Mariah both tell Noah to let Marisa go, because she is still in love with Luca. 

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