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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The doctor tells Ivy the good news, everything seems to be normal. She won’t go home today but soon and she will need the right person to be there for her recovery. Wyatt wants that to be him. Jake assures Steffy, Caroline and Ridge that the electrical panel is fixed and they will check out the entire building and make sure this never happens again. Ridge questions what did happen with Ivy and why Steffy has that tone to her voice. He says she can tell him anything. She admits she pushed Ivy into the panel but not on purpose. Ivy was angry and grabbed her arm so she pushed her. She was mad at Steffy for calling her out for kissing her brother. Thomas walks up and Ridge calls him on it for kissing Ivy. Thomas says yes and it is not the end of the world. She is not married to Wyatt. He expressed interest in her and there is nothing wrong with that. Ridge says yes it is, he pursues whether the girl is interested or not and that bothers him.

Liam looks in on Ivy. Ivy tells him that she is worried about Steffy….first Aly and now this. Liam explains that it was just an accident and wonders what they are trying to tell him. Ivy says he can defend Steffy all he wants but Steffy is dangerous. Steffy walks in and Ivy cringes. Steffy says this won’t take long. She just saw Jake and the panel has been fixed and this will not happen again. Lt. Baker comes in and gives Steffy a temporary restraining order……compliments of Ivy Forrester. Wyatt says he thinks Steffy deserves the right to recuperate in private. Lt. Baker says it is only temporary but Steffy is not supposed to be within 100 yards of Ivy until the case is concluded. And it will be Steffy that has to stay away from work. Steffy says she will not calm down; Ivy is the one that can work from her home. Lt. Baker warns Steffy not to get any closer to Ivy right now and the complaint is against Steffy so she is the one who will have to stay away from work. Thomas does not get why he has to change. There is no ring on Ivy’s finger so she is fair game and no disrespect to Wyatt. In fact he is helping him by making him step up his game. Ridge tells him he is not a man, a man would not do that, he’s just a petulant little boy. Thomas wants to know why his dad is so unreasonably angry about this. This must be more than just Ivy. He says again that he is sorry that he hit his dad but he wants to get past that. This should be a happy time for Caroline so just focus on that and not this. Shouldn’t they unite and be a family for the baby’s sake. Ridge blasts at him to work on his behavior toward women and then focus on the family. They argue and Caroline tells them to stop and for Thomas to just leave. When he does Caroline tells Ridge that was too close. He needs to stop hounding on Thomas like that. Steffy says okay, but this ridiculous restraining order will not work so they can work out another arrangement. Lt. Baker says no she can not do that. Ivy says she needs to get on with her life. Steffy is dangerous and she will stick to the restraining order. Steffy says she can not do that. It is her company. Ivy reminds her that she just did.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve proposed to Kayla and waited for her answer.  Hope was with a banker and was about to show him the door when Rafe and the police showed up at her house.  Steve begged Kayla to marry him.  Dr. Malcolm was approached by a mystery man and had to see someone.  Rafe wanted to know what Hope was doing.  Hope didnít tell Rafe what she was doing so he wanted to say what he had to say.  Rafe wanted to look out for her.  Hope got upset and didnít want to be analyzed by him.  Kayla turned down Steveís proposal because itís too soon.  Chad took Abby to the pub and she thought about what Ben did to her.  Chad tried to make her feel better about what happened.  Joey went to the hotel and saw Steve and Kayla together.  Steve told Joey that heís moving in with them.  Hope yelled at Rafe and told him they werenít partners anymore.  He saw Hopeís case and they struggled over it.  The case popped open and Rafe saw the money.

Abby wanted closure from what happened.  She told Chad that she pictured him rescuing her.  She admitted hat she still loved him when she was with Ben.  She started to feel sorry for herself because she lived with a murderer.  Rafe begged Hope to let him in to her life.  He let know that she needed him.  Steve and Kayla told Joey about interfering in their lives.  Ava put makeup on her face to look sick.  She practiced pretending to be sick in the mirror.  Steve asked Joey if he had help getting him back together with Kayla.  Hope didnít want to talk anymore.  Rafe mentioned what would happen to Ciara.  Abby went on about Ben.  Chad continued to make Abby feel better about what happened.  Steve lectured Joey about doing drugs.  Abby wanted to go back to the cabin.  Rafe tried to convince Hope that going after the people who had Bo was dangerous for Ciara.  Hope was furious and stormed off.  Rafe went after her.  Rafe lost Hope when she went to drop off the money.  She saw a monitor and Ciara was tied up.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam moves in with Alexis and Julian after moving out of Patrick's house. Both her parents want to know all the details. They both want to encourage her to get back with Patrick although the realize it's complicated given that she just found out her deceased husband and father of her child has been alive all this while. Julian expresses to Alexis that he wanted their daughter to be married to a responsible, law-abiding doctor who will not put her or their grandson in danger, the way he's afraid Jason will. Sam assures her parents that at least "for now" she has no plans to be anything more than friends with Jason yet she can't promise that forever, especially now that she's single. Jason goes to talk to Sonny and reveals to him that Elizabeth betrayed him. He just found out that she's known, since the Nurse's Ball, that he was Jason yet hid it from him and kept him from all the people in his life. Carly learns that he found that out on his own from Elizabeth and she is happy and confident that Jason will now "see the light" and realize that he cannot trust Elizabeth because he has proof. Hayden meets with Curtis who assures her he now knows who shot her and can give her all the information and evidence she needs however he intends to charge he a high fee and doesn't tell her directly what she needs to know. Nikolas goes to talk to Elizabeth who tells him it's over between her and Jason and she warns him that more than likely Jason will be going after him now that he has proof of what Nikolas did to scam him. Kiki is starting her job at the Metro Court and welcomed by both Carly and Morgan when Ava arrives and they all make it clear to her that she is not welcome there. Morgan talks to his mom and to Kiki about his diagnosis and need to take medication.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan gives Sharon a surprise wedding as an early Christmas present. Sharon's kids are there for the wedding as well as Nick and Dr. Anderson. Nick is happy for Sharon and Dylan, but he is sad because he remembers how happy he and Sage were on their wedding day. When Sage moves into the apartment across from Adam and Chelsea, Chelsea invites her to help decorate the Christmas tree. Connor forms a bond with Sage, and Chelsea invites her to go to Connor's Christmas pageant. Kevin helps Cane and Devon find Lily, so they are able to save her before Joe hurts her. Devon gets Joe to admit that he framed Cane for stealing the ransom money from Devon. Paul arrests Joe. Lily asks Cane to forgive her, but he isn't sure that he can get past the hurt she caused him when she thought he stole the money that Devon gave for Hilary's ransom.

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