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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that she knows he is upset but she is not letting him off the hook and she is not taking off his engagement ring. Eric fills Ridge and Caroline in on that Ivy was lucky that Steffy was there and called the paramedics and everything is under control. Ridge wants to know how Steffy was involved in this. Caroline wonders if an argument ensued over Wyatt. The doctor tells Ivy that he is pleased with her progress. Wyatt tells Thomas that Steffy may feel guilty but this is all Thomas’s fault for letting things get to this point and Ivy confronting Steffy in first place. Thomas says Wyatt can blame him for a lot of things but not this accident. Thomas says Wyatt is dead wrong; he cares about Ivy. Thomas says Wyatt is angry and he realizes he has to be the bad guy but he isn’t. Wyatt says he knows he told his sister his dirty little secret and that is what this is all about. He ought to feel guilty for pouring on all this charm and this game he is playing with Ivy is over; Thomas will be sorry if not and Wyatt will make sure of it.

Liam tells Steffy that he is not asking her to apologize but he did warn her not to get involved. She says they did not fight; she did not attack Ivy. She was not looking for trouble. He says he knows she did not want this to happen and she did right by calling the paramedics but these things keep happening on her watch. She says he is a good person but they are different people and handle things differently. She says maybe they need to simplify things. Maybe she should move out until they marry. He asks her not to jump to that extreme; do not go. Ivy tells Wyatt that she is so sorry about what happened involving Thomas. Caroline reveals there has been gossip in the office that there was some trouble between Ivy and Steffy and there may have been another man involved. Thomas comes in and says her over protective boyfriend is looking over her so no one has to worry about that, they are a lock. Ridge is not surprised to find the other man may be Thomas. Ivy tells Wyatt that she should have known Thomas was playing her. He says he was really scared when he got that phone call today and when this is over he wants it to go back to the way it was with no Thomas. He never should have walked out on her and wouldn’t if he knew the whole story. She says Steffy simply beat her to it in telling him the truth. She realizes now how much she needs him by her side. He asks her to please relax and kisses her on the forehead. Liam tells Steffy that Ivy will make a full recovery. He believes her even when she reacts impulsively. He says they are not married yet but this is their home and they can do two things at once, just trust him. He will always be in her corner. They end up making love and he says they survived and avoided another disaster. And that is not true for every couple. But for them problems arise and they know what they have and overcome. Wyatt tells Ivy that he is so grateful that he did not lose her. Ivy remembers and says Steffy is dangerous. She remembers her pushing her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip was back in Salem to help Victor with Titan.  Brady realized that Victor replaced him with Philip at Titan.  Theresa met with Anne and they talked about how she’s going to live with Brady.  Joey met with Ava and he wondered what she got out of seeing his parents together.  Ava lied and said she was a good friend of theirs.  Steve and Kayla talked about Joey’s involvement in their reunion.  Steve was convinced that Joey had help with reuniting them.  One thing led to another and they began to kiss.  Anne couldn’t believe that Theresa was able to get Brady.  Theresa tried to convince Anne that she’s changed.  Joey told Ava that they were a team and she was glad to hear it.  Ava was afraid that Steve and Kayla wouldn’t forgive her.  Kayla stopped kissing Steve briefly and then they kissed again.  Brady and Philip met at the pub to talk about Philip running Titan.  Brady and Philip ended up arguing about the company.  Theresa wanted Anne to work for her, but she didn’t want that.  Steve and Kayla made love (off screen), and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

Anne agreed to work for Theresa after all.  Victor told Maggie that Caroline saw his death.  Maggie was worried about him.  Philip tried to convince Brady that Caroline could be a spokesperson for the drug that was used on her.  Things turned ugly when Brady expressed how wrong it was to promote the drug.  Ava wanted to take over the plan on getting to Steve and Kayla.  Steve wanted to be a family with Kayla.  Joey was upset that Ava didn’t need his help until she came up with an excuse for why she needed to be the one to tell Steve and Kayla that she wanted them together.  Steve and Kayla continued to talk about the time they spent apart.  Kayla gave Steve the keys to her place.  Philip let Maggie know that he was going to make Titan bigger than ever.  Steve proposed to Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Although Sam wants Patrick to reconsider breaking up with her and give her time to process Jason coming back, he tells her he can't put himself or Emma through this. She then agrees that it's best they break up. Meanwhile, Emma has gone on a sleepover but calls to tell her dad and "future stepmother" that she needs to come home because she's sick. Before they have a chance to leave to pick her up or to wonder whether Patrick should bring Sam or not, Emma suddenly returns. She is elatedly happy, suspecting nothing and tells them she faked her illness so she could return, celebrate with them and help plan their wedding. At that point, they find themselves having to break Emma's heart by breaking the news to her that they cannot get married. She cries hysterically and is devastated. She tells her daddy that she has lost too many people in her life and now she needs her mommy back right away. While Robin is still being held prisoner in the mysterious lab, under the direction of Jerry Jacks, she knows there is urgency to do what is needed in order to get back to her family. When she gets a call from Emma, she knows she has to talk to her daughter although she cannot return or promise Emma she will return, or else Jerry will have her killed. Yet it appears that something may happen to change that. Meanwhile, Jason assesses all the lies and betrayal that Elizabeth has done to him and many others affected by not telling him who he was and clearly hoping he'd never find out. She pleads with him that she did not intend for it to happen like that but he is adamantly ready to get her out of his life and gets on his motorcycle to leave her house and be done with her for good. Olivia can tell that her son is continuing to see Valerie and disregard his marriage. She goes to talk to Lulu in an attempt to "motivate" her daughter in law to take action although Lulu clearly is not ok to find out that Dante won't stop cheating on her. Dillon discovers Johnny at The Haunted Star, knowing he's an escaped felon, and wants to turn him in until Lulu urges him not to. He gets up to leave, ready to return to L.A. Lulu concludes, after hearing that Valerie continues to be a threat to her marriage, that it may be very appropriate for her to put Johnny up to making Valerie go away.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Cane and Lily stage a fight at the athletic club. Lily runs out and Joe follows her, having witnessed the whole fight. Cane admits to Devon that he and Lily are trying to get Joe to confess to stealing the money from Devon. Devon apologizes but doesn't understand why Joe would do it. Cane says it was to get Cane out of the way of Joe getting Lily. Joe catches up to Lily and they decide to take the twins to get a Christmas tree. The car stalls near the Abbott cabin, where they seek shelter. Lily makes excuses for not getting intimate with Joe. Though Sage decided to go home with Nick and they had an amazing night together, she claims to want to move back to the penthouse. Nick says everything he can think of to change her mind, but she insists. When she finds out that Nick packed up the nursery, she becomes angry and lashes out at him, saying he's trying to pretend Christian never existed. She goes to the park and is joined by Sandy, who offers advice. Dylan asks Paul to do a favor for him. He wants to give Sharon and Faith a Christmas gift and needs Paul's help. Nick comes over and asks if he can have Faith for the night. Dylan makes excuses to keep her there. "Santa" with Paul's voice shows up with presents for Faith and Sully. He has one more present- from Dylan. It's a bride and groom cake topper. Joe realizes that Lily is setting him up. He becomes violent and chases Lily to the door. He tells her she isn't going anywhere.

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