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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tries to understand why Liam is mad at her. He says it sounds so familiar. She says he has to know that she did not do this on purpose. He isn’t sure what he knows. Thomas sits by Ivy’s side and talks to her, finally alone. Wyatt walks in as Thomas says he needs her to keep going until she comes all the way out of this. Wyatt tells him to save his breath; she is through with him. Zende tells Nicole that he feels bad that she is not feeling well. She says her too, but it comes with the package and it will pass. It is not the end of the world. There will be other nights and other plans. Thomas says Ivy is a friend and colleague and he is going to be here until she gets better. Liam is livid, how did Steffy let this happen? Steffy better hope and pray Ivy pulls thru. Steffy says she is a fighter and she will get through this. The doctor comes in and says there is promise. Ivy is beginning to come around. The doctor examines her and indeed she does know her name when he asks. He tells her he wants to run some tests and he wants her fully awake. Zende works out and Carter tells him he thinks he is burning off more than just calories. Zende says yes, he had to cancel a date with Nicole who was not feeling well. They started off as friends but now there is more. It’s not just about cancelled plans, he should not be feeling this way.

Maya tells Nicole that she felt some tension between her and Zende. Nicole laments that she will not be pregnant forever and she will be back to normal soon. Nicole says this is a Forrester/Avant baby coming to life inside of her. Wyatt tells Thomas that he is pretty good friends now with Steffy and he sensed something in her voice. So he’d like to know just what happened to put his girlfriend in that hospital bed. Thomas has the answers and why is Steffy feeling guilty about it. He won’t leave until Thomas tells him. At home, Steffy says this is a nightmare. Liam says they were quiet on the way home but he needs to know now what made her push Ivy into the electrical panel when she knew it was dangerous. This is similar to what happened to Aly when she also did not mean to hurt her either. Zende says he loves Nicole even more when he thinks of her sacrifices and is so much more than his little inconveniences. Maya tells Nicole this is a bond like she has never felt before. Wyatt tells Thomas that he probably can fill in the blanks. It’s a little thing called respect which might be a new thing for Thomas. He went after his girlfriend and Steffy found out and is now feeling guilty. Thomas knew it would make its way back to Wyatt and they would break up. What he did not figure on is that Ivy would get involved and be in an accident. Steffy is surprised that Aly was thrown into this mix. Liam says he knows she did not kill Aly but Steffy never listens to him, he told her to leave Ivy alone. Steffy is a woman of action, and sometimes people get hurt and she always goes too far. He loves her forever and that won’t change. But these accidents happen when she is around and this could affect their future together. He does not like chaos. He wants tranquility in his life. She cries she did not want or plan this, so stop letting this affect them. Ivy and Aly have nothing to do with them. She is not going to let this happen. If he is trying to call off the engagement and end it, she vows she will not take off this ring.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Dr. Malcolm choked Hope. He told her that he wanted the money that he was owed and he would give her the name of the person who hired him. Hope wanted more than that. She wanted proof that he was hired too. Dr. Malcolm agreed to give it to her. Steve and Kayla wanted to know who texted him. Someone had an assignment for Eduardo. He didnít want to do it at first. She kept forcing the assignment on him. Andre ran into Belle and told her to tell Sami to give back the money. Stefano told Chad about the money Sami stole and wanted his help. Chad wouldnít help Stefano because he had more important things to do. Dr. Malcolm wanted $500,000 and he would tell Hope everything she wanted to know. John talked to Marlena about one of his contacts. Steve tried to kiss Kayla, but she thought it was too soon. Steve didnít think it was too soon so he kissed her again. Kayla was into the kiss and then realized that they had to leave. They left the hotel room. Abby told Jennifer that she wanted to change Collinís name. Abby decided to name the baby Thomas Jack. Jennifer was happy that she wanted to name the baby after Tom and Jack. John went to Eduardo to talk about his past.

Steve and Kayla were at the park and Joey showed up. Ciara noticed Hope was home and realized that she looked terrible. Hope assured her that she was fine. Ciara was worried that Hope was going to leave again. Hope assured Ciara that she wasnít going anywhere. John showed Eduardo a picture of himself as a kid and Eduardo recognized it. Marlena arrived as Andre threatened Belle. Joey told his parents that he got a text from one of them. Steve wanted to see Joeyís phone, but he wouldnít show it to him. Steve and Kayla were convinced he was behind everything that happened. Hope called Dr. Malcolm to tell him that he would have the money in exchange for the information she wanted. He would get the money in two hours. Andre wasnít worried about Marlenaís threat against him. Andre did warn Marlena and Belle that they would be in the same boat as Sami if they protected her. Rafe showed up at Hopeís house because he was worried about her. Hope didnít want to tell him anything. During their conversation, Rafe let it slip that he loved Hope and that he wanted her to be protected. Hope was shocked by the confession. Stefano wanted to know if Andre found his money. Andre said he was closer to finding it. Belle called Sami and let her know that she didnít want to hold the DiMerasí money. Joey confessed to drugging himself when he went to the hospital. Kayla was upset with Joey because he could have been killed. Joey also confessed to arranging that Steve and Kayla meet in a hotel room. Hope didnít acknowledge Rafeís confession, but she wanted him to leave. Steve was shocked that Kayla didnít want to be back together yet because he had just told Joey that they were back together. Kayla said it was too soon. Steve knew Joey was involved with what was going on with him, but he didnít do it alone. Ava Jerome showed up at the park to meet Joey. He is working with Ava. John talked to Marlena about his meeting with Eduardo. John believed that Eduardo knew about his past. Andre told Stefano that Belleís back in Salem. He thought that Belle would fall for Chad and tell him where to find the money. Chad told Abby that he would always love her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu is alone at The Haunted Star, ready to end her marriage to Dante and is clearly upset until Johnny Zacchara comes by to pay her a surprise visit. Although she can tell he is clearly "up to no good" and has escaped from prison, yet again, her mood is uplifted to spend time with him, talk to him and hear him tell her he knows that Dante has been holding her back and has no loyalty or commitment to Lulu if he can sleep with her cousin. Shortly thereafter, Dillon comes by to see Lulu and tell her how much he wants to salvage their friendship before he leaves and returns to L.A. Johnny knows to hide from sight while Dillon is there yet Dillon discovers him and demands to know what he's doing there. Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie return to his apartment after their "date" at Kelly's. They do not hesitate or waste any time getting ready to sleep together again and clearly have no regard for his marriage. Yet right then, Olivia comes by to ask her son if he can watch baby Leo while she takes care of business. She also firmly tells Dante she believes he's making a tragic mistake to give up on Lulu and have this mindless affair with Valerie. She knows he will regret it and he needs to own up to what he is doing. Valerie hides and overhears their conversation. When Olivia is gone and Valerie comes out of hiding, Dane assures her that his mom does not know her and has no business judging her. Later, he leaves to find some baby aspirin for baby Leo. She stays alone with the baby when Olivia returns to discover Valerie there with her child. Jason goes to talk to Sam and hear her out about what she has discovered about Elizabeth scamming him. He does not believe Sam's "theory" and asks if maybe she simply doesn't want him to move on with someone else after finding out her long lost husband is alive. Yet when he returns to Elizabeth, he demands she tells him whether Sam is correct that she knew and kept from him that he was Jason in order to marry him. Elizabeth evades the question, continues to protest that he cannot believe Sam and needs to know Sam simply wants to "keep" Jason at any cost. Yet when he corners her, she admits to Jason that it is true. She knew who he really is yet kept the truth from him. Patrick returns to Sam and concludes to her that he can't keep going on like this, waiting for her to find "closure" with Jason. He knows, no matter what she says, she is still in love with Jason. So, he tells her, they are through. It's over. Sam cries and protests that she does not want that although it appears Patrick's mind is made up that she cannot commit to him the way he needs her to do. Michael knows that Sabrina and Felix are keeping secrets from him about her pregnancy. Yet, she manages to "distract and diffuse" him once again and they put it aside although Felix has warned her that the lie will come out sooner or later and Michael will know she is not carrying his baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack refuses to let Billy take the fall for Paragon and says he will find some other way. Ashley and Victor have a meeting. Victor says he wants half a billion dollars to drop the lawsuit. Later, when she tells the family, Jack says he wants to take care of it peacefully. Billy thinks they need to fight Victor. Jack meets Victor at the athletic club. Victor has no interest in making a deal. He tells Jack to enjoy retirement. Jack says that if Victor wants a war, he's got one. Kevin tells Noah that Ava is going to an elite school for the very rich, not living in an abusive home like Luca told Marisa. Kevin finds that Luca's family is involved in illegal activities. Noah calls to warn Marisa. She demands the truth from Luca. Luca explains that he is the one paying Ava's tuition and she lives with a poor family but they are loving. Ava's mother arrives and asks if Marisa plans to take Ava away from her. Marisa says that's what she came to Spain to do but, after meeting the woman, she has decided not to uproot Ava. Kevin tells Mariah about his secret new idea- bringing full privacy back to computer use. Billy overhears. When Mariah leaves, Billy approaches Kevin and tells him about the lawsuit and that Victor will realize that Kevin was working with Billy.

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