Tuesday 12/8/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/8/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says he will not let others blame Steffy if she just tells him that she had nothing to do with Ivy being in the hospital. He says he is not blaming her but she was the only witness and others will start talking. Wyatt asks what is the point of Thomas staying here in the room. He is not helping and they will not know what is wrong for a while yet. The doctor asks them to step outside; this information is not for Ivy if she is aware on some level. He says no broken bones but the heart and brain can take a hit so she is not out of the woods yet until neurological tests. Pam tells Zende and Maya to stick around for Eric who is frustrated that he can not get in touch with John. Both of them and Nicole are shocked to hear that Steffy and Ivy were in that room with malfunctioning equipment. No one is saying but she could die from this. Liam checks in and tells Pam to tell Eric there is no more news yet. No one knows what might happen when Ivy comes to. Eric looks through some immigration papers just in case they need it. In the end just as in Stephanie's death that is all there is, just a folder of papers.

Steffy wants to see Ivy alone and tries to speak to her. She says Ivy looks fine and could wake up any moment. She cries so many things keep happening in her life and she wonders why….losing her baby, then Liam and Aly and now this is happening to Ivy. Liam walks back in to hear the last part. He asks for details. Nicole has some morning sickness which Zende wants to hear more about. She says she does not want to be sick around him but it comes on when least expected and not just early in morning. Wyatt tells Thomas that he can not stay here around him. Thomas says this is not some weird competition for Ivy. Wyatt says he does not mind what Thomas is doing to him but he sure as hell does mind what it is doing to Ivy, if she does not recover. Again Steffy does not want to talk about this and shrugs Liam off. He follows and asks if there is something she wants to tell him. She says Ivy was angry and confronted her there in the electrical panel room. Ivy attacked her by grabbing her arm and saying how upset she was about Wyatt knowing. In the melee Ivy was pushed to get her off Steffy. Liam can not believe this keeps happening. Steffy asks him to please believe her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope had Dr. Malcolm in a warehouse and was determined to get answers about what happened to Bo. She was prepared to torture Dr. Malcolm the same way he did Bo. Rafe tried to make Chase feel better about what Aiden did. Chase didnít seem too willing to listen to what Rafe had to say at first. Hope Tased Dr. Malcolm so he could tell her who hired him. Abby demanded that Ben tell her where her baby was. He said Colin was with his mother. Abby reminded Ben that his mother was dead. Ben started to unravel and didnít give Abby any information about Colin. Abby continued to ask Ben where he put Colin. Ben mentioned that he took Colin to a motel, but he didnít say which one. Ben wanted to hide from his father. Abby wanted to know which motel, but Ben kept talking about how he was abandoned. Eduardo and Kate got acquainted with each other. Eduardo informed Kate that Rafe and Gabi are his children. Rafe was able to relate to Chase losing his father. Rafe started to tell him about his father. Rafe also told Chase that he wasnít alone even though Chase felt as if he were alone. Ciara was listening to their conversation. Hope Tased Dr. Malcolm again to get him to tell her who hired him. Hope also threatened to cut off his thumb the way he cut off Claudiaís. Dr. Malcolm read about Hope and was surprised that she wasnít the sweet person he read about in Boís file. Hope didnít care and let him know that she changed. Dr. Malcolm also read about how Hope moved on with her life. He continued to get under her skin about how she married another man when Bo thought she would never do that. Hope let him know that she was tricked into believing that Bo was gone for good. Dr. Malcolm continued to mess with Hopeís head while he was trying to untie himself.

Colin was found at the motel. Ciara interrupted Rafe and Chaseís conversation so that was Rafeís cue to leave. Ciara apologized to Chase for not being there for him more and thinking about her own situation. Dr. Malcolm continued to throw Bo up in Hopeís face. He managed to get untied without Hope noticing. Kate and Eduardo let each other know that they werenít interested in squeaky-clean people. They seemed to get along very well at that point. Ciara told Chase that she should have been nicer to Chase. He understood because she was dealing with stuff too. Ciara promised to be a better friend to Chase. Hope pulled out her gun and threatened to shoot Dr. Malcolm. Kate dropped Eduardo off at his place and he saw a woman in his room. Eduardo was surprised to see her there. Abby was worried that no one would find Colin. Abby told Justin and the police that Ben killed everyone because of Chad. She told them that Ben was jealous of Chad and wanted him out of the way. Abby also let them know that Ben killed Wendy and buried her in the snow. Ciara made a pact with Chase, and he assumed that she was interested in him. Chase leaned in to kiss Ciara, but she backed away from him. Chase was so embarrassed that he ran up the stairs. Dr. Malcolm attacked Hope when she tried to shoot him.  JJ and Chad were at the hospital with Colin. Abby was reunited with her son at the hospital. Ben was sitting in a cell and looked like he was zoning out. Hope and Dr. Malcolm fought. Dr. Malcolm tried to choke Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After talking to her mom and realizing she can't rush into marrying Patrick until she gets to the bottom of what she suspects regarding Elizabeth and Jason, Sam goes to confront Elizabeth at her house. Elizabeth denies the charges that she knew for months who Jason really was and lied hoping to keep him for herself and away from all the people he knew in his life. Yet Sam is very certain she knows what Elizabeth is doing even if she can't prove it right now. Right then, Jason returns to hear the two of them arguing and knows it was about him. When Sam tells him what she knows that Elizabeth is hiding, he angrily tells Sam he won't tolerate her making these accusations of his fiancé and he demands she gets out of his house. Sam returns to a hopeful Patrick. He has no clue where she's been and hopes she's been making efforts to finalize her divorce to Jason. She admits, however, that she knew she had to attempt to find out the truth from Elizabeth and if not, to tell Jason what she knows. Hearing that, Patrick tells Sam he's done with waiting around for her and he leaves the house right when Jason comes by to see Sam and apologize for yelling at her. He then asks her to tell him what she knows even though Elizabeth has denied it and Sam tells him she's certain that Elizabeth lied to him about knowing he's Jason for months. Lulu is at The Haunted Star angry and ready to take revenge upon Valerie for breaking up her marriage. First Maxie comes by and tells her she knows she will regret doing the things they both did for revenge in High School. Yet Lulu is not complete. She gets another surprise visit from Johnny Zacchara. Although she wonders how he got there and does not encourage him to get into more trouble, she confides in him and finds him very "supportive" in telling her that he knew Dante was no good for her. She tells him if he wants to help her, what he can do is "make Valerie disappear". Hearing that, he assumes she means killing him although she tells him of course she did not mean that. What she means is she wants Johnny to get Valerie to leave town and never come back. He tells her he will make that happen. Valerie and Dante are alone at Kelly's, breaking all the rules for fraternization on the job. Nathan warns his partner of the consequences of that and also knows that Dante may not be able to get over Lulu and have anything permanent with Valerie. Bobbie comes to talk to Valerie and tells her the same thing. Hayden and Nikolas want to be together yet she clearly knows the secret that he and Elizabeth have kept about Jason. She reminds him that she can clearly see he does not trust her even though she has not betrayed him with the secret. However, she is having recurring dreams that Nikolas is trying to kill her. He admits that he has trust issues, due in part to the falling out of his last relationship with Britt and how she betrayed his trust. Yet it appears that Nikolas and Hayden want to be together.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Luca tells Marisa that he doesn't know exactly where Ava is but he hired an investigator to find her. Marisa gets angry and leaves. When she comes back she eavesdrops as the private investigator tells Luca where he found Ava. Marisa sneaks off to this location and sees Ava. Luca arrives and urges Marisa not to approach their daughter because she might be scared. Marisa approaches her anyway and begins to cry. Sage tells Adam and Chelsea that she didn't fall in love with Adam Newman, she fell in love with Gabe Bingham and Adam looked like him. She says she doesn't want to wear out her welcome and agrees to move in next door when Adam offers. Chelsea gets the sense there is more to Sage and Adam's relationship than friendship. Nick and Noah give each other advice. Nick thinks Noah should give Marisa time and Noah thinks Nick should not be away from Sage at this time. Later, Sage arrives to tell Nick she is moving out but Nick says he needs to be with her and he thinks she needs him too. They kiss. Noah finds Kevin at the coffee house and complains that Kevin hasn't made finding Ava a priority. On the computer, Kevin finds out where Luca and Marisa flew to, that there is a school nearby with a student named Ava but something isn't right. Mariah tells Noah that she doesn't trust Dr. Anderson. Jack and Billy argue about the lawsuit against Jabot that Billy caused by relaunching the paragon project. Jack tells Billy to stay out of his way while he tries to clean up the mess Billy caused. Jack goes to Adam to ask him to drop the lawsuit. Adam says he won't do that but he has a way for Jack to come out unscathed. Jack has to let Billy take the fall.

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