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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy stands terrified that Ivy is in the electrical wires and is frying. She grabs her phone and calls for an ambulance, someone has been electrocuted. Steffy tries to give CPR with the help of the person on the phone until help arrives. Eric shows up and comforts Steffy while the paramedics work on Ivy. Liam shows up at Wyatt’s door. Liam asks about Ivy. Liam tells him to give himself a minute to grasp this about Thomas and Ivy, it was just a moment. That is his brotherly advice. Wyatt says he gave his all to Ivy that Thomas was just wasting his time but she got swept up in it anyway. He does not think he can trust her again. Eric tells Quinn she has outdone herself; her designs are exquisite. Thomas speaks up and says it was Ivy. Pam interrupts by telling them there has been an accident involving Ivy. Steffy screams for Ivy to breathe; finally she has a breath. Liam hands Wyatt a drink and says he is sorry this happened. Liam says he told Steffy to stay out of this. Wyatt says it was not her fault. He would still be in the dark if Steffy had not told him. She got no pleasure out of this. Liam says Ivy will blame Steffy for this so maybe Wyatt should call and keep the line of communication open.

Quinn calls and tells Wyatt that Ivy has been in an accident. He says he is on his way. At the hospital Thomas comforts Steffy and asks for details. She does not want to talk about it. Finally she says it was an accident when Ivy tripped when Steffy pushed her away from attacking her. Thomas is afraid of how this will look. Wyatt and Liam show up and need to know what happened. The doctor comes out and says they are taking tests and they will know then. They need to find what might have happened to the heart or the brain and muscles. Her skin is the actual last place to worry about now. Still she is in critical condition. They all want to see her. Eric says he has always taken great pride and no accidents like this has ever happened at FC. He’s trying to get in touch with John and his wife but no luck yet. The doctor tells them he is breaking the rules letting them all in so they must let her rest. Wyatt goes to her and speaks over her that he hopes she can hear him. He takes her hands and holds it and strokes her hair. He says he does not care what happened earlier, only that she gets through this. Liam questions Steffy. Ivy was not there when they were together yet Steffy was with Ivy when this happened. This is what he was afraid of. She should have waited for Ivy to tell Wyatt. He says he knows she would not hurt a fly but he needs her to look him in the eye and tell him that this was a freak accident and had nothing to do with her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman wanted an explanation from Hope about why she put a gun in a suspect’s face. Hope wanted to avenge Bo’s death. Roman didn’t understand so Hope wanted to quit the force. Ben watched the bed catch on fire. Chad managed to get himself and Abby off the bed before it exploded. Ben ended up at a motel. Roman wouldn’t accept Hope’s resignation. He wanted Hope to get help. Hope refused to stop looking for the people who kidnapped Bo. Chad got Abby out of the cabin when the paramedics arrived. Abby wanted to find her baby. Ben broke into Wendy’s office to look for milk for Collin. Ben heard Lani and JJ so he hid in the closet. Dr. Malcolm reminded the caller about their agreement. Roman took Hope’s badge and guns.  JJ didn’t understand why Ben went to a midwife. JJ noticed wet footprints on the floor and they pretended to talk about searching somewhere else. Ben tried to sneak out, but Lani and JJ were outside of the office. Ben tried to fight Lani and JJ, but they got the better of him.

JJ wanted to know where to find his sister. JJ tried to beat the answer out of Ben, but Lani stopped JJ from hitting him. Lani wanted to get him back to the station without any marks. Ben wouldn’t answer their questions. Abby told Chad that they had to look for the baby. JJ found Abby and Chad outside. JJ told t hem that Ben didn’t have the baby. Abby was worried that the baby would die. Lani brought Ben to the station. Ben was talking crazy at the station. Chad called Rafe and told him about Ben. Chad let Rafe know that Ben hid the baby. Hope found the other gun she had at the house. Hope snuck into Dr. Malcolm’s room. Rafe question Ben about where he hid the baby, but he wouldn’t answer him. Chad and Abby went to the station to see Ben. Abby went to see Ben. Hope put her gun on Dr. Malcolm. She used a taser on him too. Ben thought Abby was a ghost, but she asked him about Collin.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly goes to urge Jason to reconsider marrying Elizabeth. She adamantly tells him it's a big mistake as she continues to remember all about the life of Jason Morgan and how Elizabeth would hold him down and prevent him from being who he really is. Yet, he just as adamantly tells Carly he has no memory of the Jason Morgan she keeps telling him about. He tells her he plans to marry Elizabeth although he knows she approached, intimidated and "bullied" his fiancé into believing what Carly believes, that she is not right for him. Jason angrily tells Carly she needs to stop pushing her values on them and affirms to her that he's going to marry Elizabeth regardless of anything she says. Meanwhile, Sam goes to pay Elizabeth a visit, telling her she knows with certainty, although she cannot prove, that Elizabeth and Laura were in on the secret, with Nikolas, about who Jason really was yet hid it from him. She tells Elizabeth she has not fooled her for a minute, knowing all too well of the drastic and desperate measures Elizabeth has gone to,to scam Jason in order to "hold onto" him. Sonny skips his PT appointment to find Ava and let both her and Julian know that she is involved in dealings that could have her killed or put in prison and he won't allow her to put his daughter in danger with this. Alone with his sister, Julian expresses the same concern about what she may be getting herself into. Ava realizes that Paul is putting her up to doing work for him yet not telling her anything about it. Meanwhile, Anna finds out that Sloane has had dealings with Paul and concludes, to Mac, that it makes sense to assume Sloane is dead and Paul killed him although she cannot prove it. Paul knows that "someone" is onto him about Sloane but cannot figure out who it is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sage struggle to communicate with each other, and they are driven further apart by the loss of baby Christian.  Chelsea isn't happy to learn that Sage fell in love with Adam while he was Gabriel Bingham, and she fears that she may still have feelings for him. Nick discovers that Dr. Anderson's name is Sandy, but he doesn't remember that she is a woman from his past. Jack returns home and is disappointed to learn that Phyllis and Billy were the ones who restarted the Paragon virus. Jack tells Billy that he is tired of being his enabler, so that he can drink and gamble and blame everything on Delia's death. The two brothers almost come to blows when Billy thinks that Jack is weak for not seeking revenge on Victor for everything he has done to them. Victor likes Adam's idea of suing Jabot for the damages they caused Newman Enterprises.

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