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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is devastated that Steffy told Wyatt. She said she had no intention but she had no choice. Liam said she did not give Ivy the chance to tell Wyatt on her own terms. It was Ivy’s business to tell and now Wyatt is coming home and will probably toss her out on her ass. She had no right to interfere. Ivy tells Wyatt that Thomas had nothing to do with them. She is trying to find the right words to fix this but he won’t let her try. He is important to her and she wants it to work. He still grills her why she turned to Thomas. They were in a committed relationship and he said he trusted Ivy and how devoted she was to him so he can not buy this that she was lost and could not fight the attraction. She cheated on him with Thomas. He goes berserk that she had more kisses with that spoiled little brat that hits on every female within sight. He does not have the answer to what Ivy can do now. Thomas tells Quinn that she is pushing hard being the matchmaker between Wyatt and Steffy. She says nothing against Liam but Wyatt would be a better fit. Pam rushes in and informs them there is an electrical fire backstage. She returns to her thoughts that Liam needs to be rescued from Steffy and Wyatt is just the man to do it. Jake goes with the repairman to look at the problem. Liam and Steffy happen along and they stay while Jake goes to show the repairman where the breakers are. Ivy says if she could take this back she would, but she can’t. She says she hates that she hurt him and would do anything to make it right. She wants to deserve his trust. He says she should not even use the word trust around him. She always laughed it off about Thomas every time they talked. And he was only gone one night and she cheated on him. Ivy is disgusted that Steffy feels it was her duty to tell him. He tells her that if she wants Thomas, then she has him. He is not going to look over his shoulder and wonder about her every time Thomas or any new man comes into view.

Steffy tells Liam that she just did what she thought was right. He is not asking for forgiveness; it is Ivy and Wyatt that is suffering. He wants her to do him a favor – just let the situation play out without doing or inciting the situation further. And in the meantime stay away from Ivy. Wyatt had taken a walk and finds Ivy gone when he gets home. Ivy makes a beeline to the office to have it out with Steffy. She hears about the electrical malfunction and heads there as the electricity zaps overhead. She finds Steffy and blasts her for telling Wyatt and twisting the truth and he has now walked out on her. Steffy tells her this is not about her; this is about Wyatt. Ivy betrayed him, not her. Steffy walks away and Ivy grabs her. Steffy shakes loose and tells her to get her hands off of her. Ivy takes Steffy’s phone and throws it into the tangled wires. Steffy goes to retrieve it and Ivy is pushed and falls into it, electrocuted. Steffy cries for help.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara let Caroline and Roman know that she was afraid that she would lose both parents.  Hope wanted to shoot Dr. Malcolm, but Rafe stopped her.  Dr. Malcolm didn’t care what happened to Bo.  Caroline advised Ciara that hope was dealing with Bo, but she wouldn’t lose her.  Caroline had an image of Victor having a heart attack.  Hope was upset that Rafe stopped her from threatening Dr. Malcolm.  She wanted to find out why Dr. Malcolm was in Salem, but Rafe stopped her from finding out.  Rafe let it slip that Bo talked to him so Hope wanted to know what he said.

Ciara went to Bo’s gravesite.  She apologized for giving up on him.  She questioned why he had to die.  Rafe told hope that Bow anted him to take care of her.  The news was very upsetting to her.  She thought about Bo and broke down.  Ben cuffed Chad and Abby to the bed.  Abby begged Ben not to hurt them.  Ben assured them that he and the baby would be fine.  Ben picked up lighter fluid and taunted them with it.  Rafe assured Hope that her life wouldn’t be destroyed and that she would move on with her life.  Hope said the only way she would feel better is to get justice for Bo’s death.  Rafe called Roman and told him they had a problem.  Abby tried to talk Ben out of burning her and Chad.  She told Ben how much she loved him.  He let her know that she destroyed the old version of him.  She apologized for cheating on him.  Chad took his watch off without Ben seeing him.  Dr. Malcolm called someone and told them that the police wanted to know who he was working for.  Rafe saw him on the phone.  Roman showed up at Hope’s place.  Ben put the lighter fluid on the bed.  Ben took the baby and lit the bed on fire.  Chad and Abby screamed to Ben as he walked away.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jason suspects nothing about Elizabeth and makes it clear he wants to marry her and divorce Sam. However, Nikolas and Laura warn her that "the jig is up" for her. Laura tells her she needs to know it's only a matter of time before Sam finds out the truth that little Jake has heard from them. Yet Nikolas assures Elizabeth that Sam has no proof so she need not worry and he encourages her to go home to Jason and have a future with the man she loves and who only remembers her. Meanwhile, Carlos adamantly tells Sabrina he won't accept her rejection and won't let her go while she's carrying his baby. Paul secretly spies upon him. As soon as he's alone, Paul tells him he needs him out of the country and not in Port Charles although Carlos protests he has "personal stuff" going on here. He tells Carlos he better leave Anna alone. Anna goes to Sloane's empty apartment, thinking it extremely odd that she has not seen or heard from him in months. Mac catches her and tells her he's worried about what she may be getting herself into and tells her he wants to help her. They both agree that Carlos is a threat, it's very odd that Sloane has disappeared and they need to find out the secret that Paul Hornsby obviously knows about Carlos and very possibly about Sloane. Anna then finds a clue that Sloane was "in cahoots" with Paul about something right about the time Sloane disappeared. Sam meets with Alexis and tells her she is almost certain, although she cannot prove, that Elizabeth knew who Jason really was yet did not tell anyone and scammed him into marrying him hoping he'd never find out. She knows she can't let that rest yet at the same time realizes Jason is committed to Elizabeth, she can't wait around for him and in the mean time, she wants to move forward with Patrick. Yet they both know it might not be as easy as that. Curtis meets with Hayden and tells her he's certain that someone other than Shawn shot her who intended to have her killed and it had nothing to do with the alleged hit on Jason. He tells her it's a miracle she's still alive. He sounds like he wants to find out who got her shot although he cannot presently. She still seems "committed" to Nikolas and he suspects nothing about her in spite of the fact that Laura clearly does not trust Hayden nor want her son to even consider doing so, much less be "interested" in Hayden.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sage holds baby Christian whom everyone thinks is Sharon and Dylan's baby, Sully, and she has a hard time letting go of the baby. Dylan and Sharon's family and friends gather for the christening of baby Sully. Sage continues to lean on Adam because it's easier to talk to him about her grief. Luca tells Marissa she will take her to see her daughter. Noah thinks Victor had something to do with getting Marissa out of town. Billy gets arrested for DUI. Victoria threatens a custody battle if he continues to act in an irresponsible way. Nick struggles to find a way to help Sage with her grief. Chelsea is bothered when Adam offers Sage a dinner invitation and says that she can stay in their guest room as long as she wants to.

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