Thursday 12/3/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/3/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Steffy that he is disappointed…..that she would hate his girlfriend so much that she would make up these lies about her and Thomas. There is no way Ivy would cheat on him with Thomas or anyone else. Quinn shows Thomas some designs and then asks if she can get personal. She knows he had a thing for Ivy. Het tells her to cut to the chase. He doesn’t imagine much is awkward to her. She points out that Ivy is her son’s girlfriend. Liam tells Ivy that he knows who she is, very loyal and he still thinks that. She says she has not changed for the worse but she does make mistakes. He asks if she still loves Wyatt and she replies yes. And she still does not know how this happened. She knows Wyatt will be devastated but she has to tell him. She says Thomas was a perfect storm. He saved her from that falling light and then Wyatt left town and left them alone together. She did not resist him the way she should. It started with kissing. Liam says she should not even be in the same office with him must less a house. Quinn tells Thomas that he is irresistible with women, well not all, she does not think so but Thomas believes it. It’s his ego. But Wyatt is better suited to his sister so she will not fight for Ivy. Thomas tells her that her little romance novel has one glitz, Steffy is in love with Liam. She says it is still something to think about.

Steffy fills Wyatt in with a few more details and Wyatt says Thomas would tell her anything to help break them up. She tells him what Ivy said in guilt, that it could never happen again and then Thomas admitted something happened. It was not the deed itself but nonetheless she cheated on him. Liam tells Ivy that all she can do is be open and honest. She says Wyatt has to forgive her. She can regain his trust. That is what they do. He hugs her and says he has a shoulder if she needs it. Steffy laments to Wyatt that she is sorry. She told Ivy that she had no choice but to come clean. She is surprised she has not told him yet. He seethes that Ivy has kept this from him all this time. She says again that she is sorry but now he knows the truth. He opines that he feels like such an idiot. Steffy says no, he is not the idiot. It is Ivy who turned her back on him. Quinn tells Thomas that she does not approve of what he is doing but she also does not really approve of Ivy either. She likes her but not as a girlfriend for her son. She is beneath him…..but not for Thomas as all women are beneath him. Liam returns and tells Steffy that he just came from seeing Ivy. He tried to be a friend as she is upset. Steffy says she ought to be upset, not for telling Steffy but from cheating on Wyatt and keeping it from him. Wyatt returns home on the down side. She hands him some wine and he remarks that she seems jittery. She wants to relax first and he says he is relaxed. So she starts that there is something she needs to tell him. She does not want him to doubt that she loves him. He comments they have had each other’s backs. That is their strong suit, what their relationship is based on. He trusted her so deeply and they have been through so many disappointments and rejections. This was supposed to be their fresh start, at least he thought so. He knows he has made light of the whole Thomas situation and he did not need that assurance because he had total faith in her, but he guesses that was misplaced. He was so wrong. She cries that it was so wrong, a bad mistake and Wyatt is the only man she is in love with….so please do not give up on them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe started to tell Hope about Jennifer worrying about Abby.  Rafe told Hope she should take some time off.  Hope told Rafe that she had a lead on Dr. Malcolm.  Hope wanted to make sure that Boís death wouldnít be in vain.  Chad tried to warn Ben to turn himself in to the police.  Ben wasnít interested in what Chad had to say.  Jennifer talked to Julie about her concern for Abby.  Dr. Malcolm was at the Martin house with Julie.  Rafe warned Hope that it was dangerous to go after Dr. Malcolm alone.  Belle talked to someone about the money Sami got.  Belle didnít understand why Sami would put her life in danger.  Lani talked to JJ about what happened to Ben, Chad, and Abby.

Ben thought Chad was a bad person.  Chad placated Ben and said he could help him.  Chad told Ben that the police thought Aiden was the killer.  Chad begged Ben to put the gun down.  Hope and Rafe went to Doug and Julieís bed and breakfast to talk to Dr. Malcolm.  Hope and Rafe wanted to talk to Dr. Malcolm at the police station.  Abby begged Ben to let them go.  Belle finally agreed to let Sami put the money in her account.  Hope asked Dr. Malcolm what his connection was to Britta and Bo.  Ben said he wanted to make a good life for Abby.  Ben turned away for a second and Chad tried to get the gun.  Ben had the upper hand and knocked Chad out.  Jennifer thought about the times that she was worried about Abby.  Ben tied Chad up and choked him.  Abby begged Ben to stop.  Hope told Dr. Malcolm about what happened to Bo.  Dr. Malcolm didnít give her the satisfaction of answering her.  Hope climbed on the table to choke him.  Hope was prepared to shoot him when Rafe walked in the room and stopped her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy and Monica meet at The Metro Court to plan a Toys For Tots holiday event sponsored by the Quartermaines. Tracy asks Paul to join them, reminding him that he's family and his involvement in the fundraiser will be good publicity for. Little does she know, however, when she calls him, he's in the art gallery messing around with Ava and engaging in their illegal partnership. Monica later comes to visit Ava and tells her she does not like her nor welcome her in the family or into the event but, because Ava's responsible for Monica's son's death, she can offer a free piece of art for a silent auction at the event. At the station, Dante and Valerie are making their "fraternization" very obvious as both Nathan and Jordan, as well as others, can see. Lulu knows her husband and cousin are wasting no time moving forward and disregarding her so she goes to the station, ready to report them and get Dante fired. Yet Maxie talks her out of it, telling her she knows she's going to regret it and tells her friend if she wants to make her husband and cousin pay, there's a much better way to do that. While Carlos is alive and well, Sabrina knows she has to hide that he's the father of her baby instead of Michael. Also, Anna is still spooked as she talks to Maddox about whether she should save her own skin or come clean. She tells him even if things don't go awry with what the cops might find out, she knows she cannot trust Paul Hornsby, the new DA, given that he's clearly covering something up that would implicate her if she exposed his dirty dealings.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Dylan and Sharon prepare for Sully's christening. Stitch the Godfather and Mariah the Godmother arrive early along with Abby, Noah, and Faith. Faith says she doesn't want to see Sage and she wants to move in with Sharon and Dylan. Mariah explains what happened between Faith and Sage. Ashley lays into Billy for his part in Paragon. Phyllis defends Billy and thinks he should go to the christening to make things right with Victoria. Ashley tells Phyllis that Victoria will never forgive Billy just like Jack will never forgive Phyllis. Victor introduces Adam to Luca, who has bought a stake in Newman Enterprises. Victor admits to Adam that he also thinks this deal will take Marisa out of Genoa City and away from Noah. Luca tells Marisa that he is going back to Europe because she didn't live up to her end of their deal. Marisa begs him to tell her where Ava is but he refuses and tells her to go back to Noah. Noah leaves the christening to meet Marisa in the park. He tells her that Luca isn't her only option but Marisa doesn't think Noah can help her find Ava. She returns to the hotel suite she shared with Luca and demands to know where to find Ava. Luca says he wants them to be a family again and he knows Marisa still has feelings for him. Marisa gives in and they kiss passionately. Sage encourages Nick to go to the christening but he says he won't go without her. Nikki and Victoria arrive at the christening and Abby catches Victoria crying. Victoria sees Billy in the entrance and shoves him out. They argue and Victor arrives. Victoria tells Billy that she has nothing more to say to him. When Nick and Sage arrive at the christening, Sharon tells Nick that she isn't angry at Sage for snapping at Faith. She offers to let Faith spend more time with her and Dylan. Sage is relieved that Sharon isn't angry. She asks to hold the baby. She seems confused as she looks at Sully.

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