Wednesday 12/2/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/2/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ivy that she is busy and there are things she should be doing but Wyatt is her friend and she won’t stand by while she is cheating on him. Ivy needs to tell Wyatt or she will. She admits what Steffy knows that she was alone in the house with Thomas. It was a mistake and will never happen again. She is not that kind of person; she does not cheat. In the end she agrees that she will tell Wyatt right now without Steffy being involved. Thomas plays coy and asks Wyatt if he is telling him to stay away from Ivy. Liam walks in and Thomas invites him to come in and make this a family affair. Wyatt repeats again that he needs to back off as Ivy is not available. They are practically living together so Thomas needs to go find another woman. Thomas makes a slam that he doesn’t know what Ivy sees in Wyatt. Nowhere in there does Wyatt hear Thomas say he will back off and leave his girlfriend alone. Ivy walks in and is not happy to see them both together. Thomas leaves but says he was just telling Wyatt how lucky he was. Wyatt hopes he got through to him and they can now move on with their lives. Ivy admits she has a problem with Thomas. Bill and Katie continue their love fest in bed. She is glad to hear that he thinks his sons are getting their lives together. She won’t go as far as saying Steffy is the right woman for Liam but she does want him to be happy. Liam goes back to Ridge's office and is sorry to hear that Steffy confronted Ivy about Thomas. He had asked her repeatedly to stay out of their business. She hopes he is not too mad at her; Ivy came in and it just tumbled out of her mouth. But she agrees with Liam, even though Ivy is untrustworthy, she needs to be the one to tell Wyatt the truth. So either Ivy tells Wyatt or she will.

Wyatt listens as Ivy says she and Thomas have worked together and gotten closer especially after the falling light incident. Wyatt doesn’t feel she needs to explain. He trusts her and doesn’t want her to take the blame for what Thomas does. Thomas thinks everyone is interested in him but no more talking about him. They are going to have a special night….Indian food, a bottle of wine and the ocean. She reminds him they need this talk and Wyatt says they can continue over dinner. Liam responds to Ivy’s text and goes to Wyatt’s. He says he knows about Thomas. She explains that it didn’t go very far but she has no excuse for that it went as far as it did. Liam assures her that Steffy is going to give her time to tell Wyatt herself. Ivy knows he will be shocked and hopes he will understand and she won’t lose him. Wyatt takes some papers in to Steffy to sign. He mentions taking off for a special night with Ivy. Steffy mutters that she hopes Ivy appreciates all he does for her. And wonders if he knows Ivy as much as he thinks he does. He replies that Thomas can hit on Ivy all he wants to but he knows his girlfriend would not betray him. Steffy suggests that he talk to her anyway. When Wyatt pushes further, she stands up and says Ivy has been unfaithful and cheated on him with Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope found Claudia and wanted to put her in jail unless she told her what happened to Bo. Claudia let Hope know that she lost a thumb because she talked to Steve. Chase went to Aidenís grave. Ciara saw Chase and invited him to go to Boís funeral. Chase didnít feel right going to it when he knew everyone there would hate him. Ciara wanted him to go for her. Abby begged Ben to take her to the hospital so the baby could get help. Ben mulled over the idea. Rafe walked in on Hope interrogating Claudia. Claudia let Hope and Rafe know that she was being followed because she talked to Steve about Bo. She said that the person who followed her cut off her thumb and threatened to cut off the rest of her fingers if she kept talking about Bo. Rafe wanted to know who did that to her. Claudia was able to describe the guy. Rafe wanted her to go to the sketch artist so they could get a picture of him. Ben took the baby away from Abby and he noticed that she was scared. Ben let her know that she acted as if she didnít want him to hold his baby. Abby just wanted to get out of the cabin. Rafe told Hope that she should be at the funeral. Hope was going, but wanted to deal with Claudia first. Rafe told her that her children needed her. Hope decided that it was time to get to the funeral.

Boís funeral took place. Boís family laid roses on his casket. Hope stayed behind and put her rose on last. While Hope was in front of Boís casket, his image appeared. Everyone else gathered at the pub for the wake. Victor and Caroline talked to each other about Bo. Chad found Wendyís office and looked around for clues that linked her to Ben. Abby wanted to call 911 so they could get the baby to the hospital. Abby put the baby down and saw Ben point the gun at her. Abby told Ben that he needed her to help take care of the baby. Caroline wanted to lift everyoneís spirits at the wake and made a speech about Bo. Some of the things she said were funny and that seemed to loosen people up a little. Chad found out that Wendy had Benís number and took off. Abby sat next to Ben and told him that she would never tell on him. Ben grabbed the gun and said he couldnít stand to look at her anymore. Shawn D told Claire that he was leaving Salem that night. Claire didnít understand why he was leaving, but he told her that his place was in Maine right now. Steve and Kayla went to Boís gravesite. Hope got the sketch of the man that Claudia described. Steve and Kayla comforted each other over Bo. Hope let Rafe know that she was getting justice for her family. Ben told Abby that she snuck around behind his back and that she would pay for it. He was going to take the baby and she would never see him again. Chadís timing couldnít have been better because he busted in just as Ben was about to kill her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Laura goes to urgently talk to Nikolas and tells him it looks like the "jig is up" for both him and Elizabeth hiding that they knew Jason was alive and the same guy known as Jake, yet kept it a secret. He tells his mom he's not worried yet she urges him to come clean and to persuade Elizabeth to do the same. He tells her he's not going to expose and hurt Elizabeth with the secret and ruin her future with Jason. Elizabeth will lose her man and be shattered if the truth comes out. His mom tells him that there will be less damage if he and Elizabeth come clean before they both get exposed for their scam. He could go to prison and lose ELQ, she reminds him. Laura tells her son that if he reveals what he knows, he will no longer "need" Hayden to stay with him and he'll be able to get rid of her. Yet Laura sees her son and Hayden reveal that they want to stay together. Sam tells Patrick she has to get to the bottom of what she heard little Jake reveal about Elizabeth and Laura keeping a secret. Hearing that, Patrick continues to demand Sam tell him why Jason is so important to her if she wants to move on with him (Patrick). He asks her why she's stalling on her divorce to Jason. She becomes angry and does not appreciate his hastiness. He concludes that Sam does not love him the way he needs her to love him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth realizes she "cannot hold Jason back". She does not reveal what she knew and kept from him. However she does reveal that she has to let him go, break off their engagement because she's "afraid of losing him". Hearing those two "contradictory statements", he is confused. She attempts to "clarify" that he "was never hers' to begin with". He still seems to suspect nothing and makes it clear he does not want to lose her or break off their engagement or wedding plans. Morgan talks to Dr. Maddox and confirms to his dad, privately, that he knows he's bi polar. He'll take his meds and accept his fate. He's "ok" until Sonny "suggests" that he moves back home with his parents. At that point, Morgan furiously yells to his dad he's not going to do that. He cannot be stuck in their house, have to face them and be their "patient". Meanwhile, although Maxie sees "financial reservations" for funding what both she and Nina hope to accomplish for Crimson, Nina tells her she has no worries. She's ready to fun it all. She urges Maxie to not only "think outside the box", but to smash the box. Hearing that and getting ready to officially get out her mallet to celebrate their goal, Maxie comes up with the perfect idea. Remembering talking to Dillon, hearing that he's leaving town and afraid he's not welcome here, urging him not to run away, but accepting that he's made up his mind to go, Maxie now has an idea to "turn this around" by having Dillon a part of what she and Nina need for Crimson.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Ashley and Victoria don't believe Billy when he says he has nothing to do with Paragon. Victoria calls the IT department and finds out that there was no reason for Jack and Kevin to have gone to Geneva because there was no leak like Billy said. Victoria and Ashley confront Billy. He finally admits that he wants to hurt Victor as justice for Delia. Victoria tells him that he ruined any chance for them to be a family again. Chelsea, Adam, and Connor go for a walk in the park and run into Sage. Adam encourages Sage to talk to Nick and work things out together. Sage goes to the Underground and promises she will be more sensitive to Faith's feelings. Stitch meets with the wedding planner and makes decisions without Abby because she was detained. When Abby arrives, the wedding planner leaves and Stitch shows her what he picked out. Stitch asks Abby if she plans on working after they start a family. Abby thinks he's saying that she isn't as devoted to her career as Victoria because Stitch never expected Victoria to stop working when they thought they were going to have a baby together. Stitch explains that he was just asking because they never talked about it before. Nick warns Abby that there is going to be a war between the Newmans and the Abbotts and advises her to stay out of it. Ian agrees to take Victor to the server because he is afraid for Phyllis' life. When they get there, Victor expects Ian to stop Paragon but Ian says he can't. Victor starts to turn things off and pull out wires. Ian tries to escape but there are federal agents outside waiting to arrest him. Victor congratulates Phyllis on her performance.

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