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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy repeats again that Wyatt needs to know what Ivy did the minute he left town. Ivy tells Wyatt that Thomas was devastated of course but he accepted it that she is with Wyatt now. And she wants him right here. Bill tells Katie that she is totally hot in the kitchen and he kisses her right there. He can have his pasta and his wife. It’s the greatest feeling in the world and he wants his grown sons to experience the same feeling. Maybe they will be throwing a double wedding before they know it. Wyatt tells Ivy that she is amazing and he knows what he has and he is not worried about Thomas. Liam interrupts before Ivy can say more that might have happened with Thomas. Steffy tells Thomas that he does not like Wyatt so that is why he is going after his girlfriend. Thomas laments nothing is happening anymore. She says but it did and that is cheating. If Ivy’s feelings were real this would not have happened. She is supposed to be loyal to Wyatt and he deserves to know they both crossed the line. Thomas says he told her that in confidence and she can not betray that. It is nothing Ivy needs to be publicly shamed over. He says it started out one way but he really likes her. They made out a little bit but it stopped there so just let them go back to their lives. She says sorry, she can not do that.

Bill thanks Katie for making him a better man, a man worthy of her. They start making out in the kitchen complete with baring all down to their bare essentials. Ivy drags Wyatt into the design room and plants kisses on him. She says she is so grateful for him and she wants him to know that. He says she is sexy and funny and entertaining….they were best friends first and they learned to trust each other right off the bat and he still does. She says she wants to deserve that and she will. She does not want to lose him. He kisses her and opines that he is going nowhere. Steffy’s thoughts are on her face and Liam asks what is wrong. She tells him Ivy is wrong…..she has been cheating on Wyatt right under his nose. Ivy suggests to Wyatt they get away for a couple of days. He says yes, maybe a big old bed and not leave it. Thomas spies them kissing and says he hates to interrupt but he needs to see Ivy. Liam does not want to hear this about Ivy and he can not believe Thomas told Steffy that something almost happened. He says Thomas sees the world through his own ego so just stay out of this and let them work this out. She says Wyatt is a good guy and he deserves better than this. Liam says she does not know all the facts, they just have what Thomas said. He says even if it is true, Wyatt does not need their help. He says they are grownups and it is none of their business. He has to leave but the last words he says out the door is stay out of it! Ivy tells Thomas that whatever he needs he can say it in front of Wyatt. Thomas says no, not this time. She leaves, and Wyatt says again that there is no room in this equation in this for Thomas. Ivy is committed to him, period. Steffy calls Ivy into her office and reminds her that she is spending a lot of time with Thomas and it seems more personal than just the jewelry. She knows women are drawn to Thomas and she knows they kissed and had a private moment on Thanksgiving. She confronted Thomas and he said it was nothing, but then she heard Ivy say she felt guilty….so she knows when Wyatt was in San Francisco she made out with her brother. Ivy says this is not her business. Steffy says if Ivy does not tell Wyatt then she will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor threw Theresa out of the mansion and Brady was mad. Brady believed that Victor was being too hard on Theresa. Nicole wanted Paul to be the rep for their company. Gabi and JJ got to know each other better on their date. Steve and Kayla were trapped in a closet. Kayla panicked and Steve tried to calm her down. Nicole and Kate approached Paula bout being a spokesperson for the company. Victor and Brady continued to argue over Theresa. Theresa went to Anne to have a place to stay, but she told her that they arenít friends.

Kate asked Gabi to be a spokesperson for Basic Black. Gabi was thrilled for the opportunity. Steve managed to take Kaylaís mind off of being in the closet. Steve told Kayla that heís opening a private detective business with John. Anne refused to help Theresa because she ignored her when she had everything. Victor demanded that Brady choose the family and Titan. Victor didnít think he could handle both. Theresa apologized to Anne, but she didnít care. Brady chose to move out of the mansion. Steve offered Kayla his jacket because the closet got cold. Things heated up between Steve and Kayla when they kissed. Nicole and Kate made plans with Gabi and Paul about the company and JJ felt left out and walked out of the pub. An orderly showed up and interrupted Steve and Kaylaís make out session. Gabi went after JJ and apologized for ignoring him. JJ let Gabi know that they arenít ready for him to attend her modeling events. Brady saw Theresa and he asked her if he could move into the town house with her. JJ saw his parents were getting along and texted someone about it.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Maxie is determined to transform and revive Fusion as well as Nina's self-image. At first, Nina lacks confidence but Maxie calls in a fashion designer and makeup artist to do a makeover on Nina. As soon as she sees herself in the mirror, Nina feels transformed with an air of confidence she's never before known. Julian, however, doubts that Crimson will succeed and is willing to accept that it will fail and be a tax write-off for him. Although they are lacking money for the investments they want, Nina assures Maxie they need not rely upon Julian. She can fund what they need. Meanwhile, it appears that although Sam wants to move forward with Patrick, she may not be ready to divorce Jason. Patrick wants to "encourage" Jason to move on with Elizabeth and divorce Sam. Although Jason tells him he intends to marry Elizabeth, he indicates that he does not "appreciate" Patrick's pressure to get him to divorce Sam and adamantly tells Patrick he's not going to "stay away" from Sam just because of Patrick's insecurity. Elizabeth later realizes that maybe she needs to let Jason go so she surprisingly give him back his ring. Sam attempts to find out the "big secret" from Laura and realizes she is not imagining things to suspect that Laura and Elizabeth do, in fact, know something about Jason which they are not revealing. Laura goes to warn Nikolas that Sam is very near to finding out the secret although she has not yet.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Patty warns Ian that Phyllis is setting a trap for him. Ian knows but he wants to spring it. He replies to Phyllis with his own video and invites her to meet in his motel room. He gives Patty a passport and some money to go to Paris. Dylan is frustrated when Sharon tells him that she needs to wait for Dr. Anderson to say it's ok for her to go home. Sage urges Nick to take Faith to see Sharon and Sully. When they get there, Nick agrees to therapy with Dr. Anderson. He's jealous and resentful because Dylan and Sharon are introducing Faith to their baby and he never had the chance to do that. Victor walks in as Phyllis finds Ian. They watch the video from Ian and Victor insists on going with her to the motel. Faith is very excited about her baby brother and Sage snaps at her. When she tries to apologize, Faith doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Sharon surprises Dylan by saying she wants to go home. They sign the release papers. Adam and Chelsea spend most of the day making love. When Connor gets home, they decorate the Christmas tree. Chelsea worries about the deal Adam made with Victor. At Ian's motel room, Victor demands Ian put a stop to Paragon. Ian says he is no longer in control. Victor grabs Phyllis and says he will kill her if Ian doesn't stop Paragon.

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