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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Steffy discuss Thanksgiving and how she can not wait until next year to get married, so get out that calendar and figure it out. She tells him that Thomas made his move but Ivy got away, so Wyatt has nothing to worry about. Liam says Ivy is committed to Ivy, so no harm. Steffy says she wonders if Thomas is being straight with her as she saw them, just a glimpse on Thanksgiving and there was a moment. Wyatt tells Ivy that she has been busy all morning and he thinks she needs to get recharged. He kisses her but she thinks of the one with Thomas, though she tells Wyatt this is exactly what she needs. Thomas walks in and sounds like he wants Wyatt to go out of town again, but Wyatt tells him if he does this time Ivy will go with him. Thomas touches on the night that Ivy spend the night in the Forrester house…..and how she came downstairs because of something she wanted.....something hot. Carter tells Thomas that he attracts women like a magnet but he is not even trying to connect with one. He must be interested in one that is not jealous. Steffy fills Liam in more, that she saw Thomas put his hand on Ivy’s knee. She pulled away but it was almost like they did not want anyone else to see them. Liam says she has not liked Ivy in the past so this may be coloring her perspective.

Wyatt has to leave to find Ivy's tablet and she dives into Thomas about trying to catch her in some game. He assures her this is no game. He wants more than just a few minutes with her. He wants to see where this goes. She tells him that night did not go that far and should have never happened. He says okay she can settle for Wyatt although he does not satisfy her. He knows she is attracted to him. She says he does not listen to her when she tells him she is committed to Wyatt. He says she is a gorgeous, exquisite women so he does not know why she is with someone like Wyatt. She says she loves him and what they have is incredible and she does not want to jeopardize that. Wyatt finds Ivy’s tablet but Steffy suggests that he not look at it, she might have something private besides work in there. He says they have no secrets so that would not matter. Steffy starts to find Ivy and she overhears at the door that is ajar when Ivy says that night should never have happened and it will never happen again. Wyatt tells Liam that they are both acting real weird. Liam says it is not them, but Thomas. Wyatt says he knows. He can not stand to be around the guy. His last name suggests he can do whatever he wants, but Thomas can make a fool of himself as he is not going to be a Neanderthal man over this. Ivy comes in and Wyatt says he is not worried about Thomas. He trusts Ivy. She says she has felt in the middle but as far as Thomas is concerned she has made herself very clear and he is not going to be an issue. Steffy barges in and wants to talk to Thomas alone. She wants to hear it again that he spent the night with Ivy alone although he says nothing happened. She thinks he lied to her as she just overheard that Ivy is feeling guilty. She wants to know what he did that night. She wants to know or she will tell Wyatt. She is supposed to be with Wyatt and not cheating on him with Thomas. Ivy betrayed him and Wyatt needs to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted Steve to help her find Bo. He would give her the information, but he didn’t want to go with her. He also didn’t want her to risk her life going after them. Hope was determined to find them. Belle talked to John and Marlena about her problems with her marriage with Shawn D. Marlena’s phone went off and Belle realized Sami was in trouble. Andre let Stefano know that Sami cleaned out their account. Andre assured Stefano that he wasn’t working behind his back. Steve and Kayla talked about the texts he was getting. Abby couldn’t believe what Ben did to Wendy. Abby wanted to take the baby to the hospital. Ben was upset by what Abby did. Abby promised not to say anything and Ben implied that she could die like Wendy.

Hope packed her things and Ciara saw her with her gun. Abby begged Ben not to killer her because the baby needed her. Ben reminded Abby that she cheated on him and didn’t deserve to live. Ben would only let her live if she agreed to leave with him. If she didn’t want to go, he would leave her in the cabin to die. Steve and Kayla talked about the good days between them. Stefano made a call to find Sami. Ciara wanted to know why Hope was leaving. Hope wouldn’t tell her, but she promised that she wouldn’t leave her. Abby agreed to go with Ben to protect the baby. Rafe put out an APB on Ben. Chad wanted to make sure that Abby was found. Rafe told Chad that a storm was going to be in the area that Ben had Abby. Chad wanted to go to the cabin, but Rafe didn’t want to risk it until morning. Hope had a visit from Bo and she explained that she couldn’t leave Ciara. Bo told Hope to get Claudia to come to her. Steve and Kayla were in the closet and Joey followed them. They ended up getting stuck in the closet. Abby told Ben it was too cold for the baby so he cuffed her back to the bed.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There's mass confusion in which way people should go in their relationships. Jason still only remembers his history of being Jake and only sees Elizabeth in his future. She is delighted in that and encourages Patrick and Sam to move forward so that Jason will be all hers. Meanwhile, Nikolas informs Laura that Helena has passed. Learning that, Laura now assures her son he and Elizabeth need no longer worry about Helena revealing what they know. Nikolas, however, seems less "relieved" than she is. Laura realizes, however, that Hayden is still a threat to her son and urges him not to trust her or get "taken" again although Nikolas ignores his mother's wishes and expresses wanting to move forward with Hayden. Unknown to him, Hayden has found out it was not Shawn Butler who shot her in an unsuccessful attempt to kill "Jake." She talks privately to a guy who agrees that someone else probably intended to shoot her yet warns her that finding out who it was may be easier said than done. Yet she is determined to uncover that mystery. Carly finds Jason and adamantly tells him he can't marry Elizabeth and needs to be unafraid to live the life of Jason. He does not listen to her, however. At that point, she urges Elizabeth to let Jake go. Not far away, Patrick approaches Jake and "encourages" him to divorce Sam and get on with his life so Patrick can get on with his. Sam knows she has to attempt to find out what it is that little Jake revealed to Danny that he overheard his mom and grandma are keeping a secret about, regarding his daddy. When she cannot get the boy to reveal the secret, she contacts Laura to find out what secret she and Elizabeth have been hiding. Meanwhile, Ava pulls out all the stops to restrict Sonny's visitation rights with their mutual baby daughter. Paul does not reveal to Ava what type of "work" he wants her to do but assures her they are on the same team to bring Sonny down. Knowing that, he realizes needs to make Sonny believe he can trust the new DA with his custody rights to baby Avery as well as believing Paul wants protect Sonny from "whomever it was" who had him shot.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis is unhappy that Billy sent Jack and Kevin to Geneva. Billy tells her that it was a diversion and he is going through with their plan with or without Phyllis. Victoria arrives to accompany Billy to Adam's appeal. Chelsea visits Adam in prison before the hearing. Adam doubts he will get a reduced sentence. Chelsea is more optimistic. Judge Moxley calls Victor and tells him that she isn't going to reduce Adam's sentence, she may even extend it. Victor calls Abby and tells her that her family needs her. When she finds out Victor wants her to testify on behalf of Adam, she is resistant but takes the stand anyway. Cane goes to the police station and asks if Paul is going to arrest Joe. Paul says they don't have enough evidence. Lily avoids Joe's advances and calls him a liar. She lets it slip that Cane broke into Joe's suite to get the hoodie that is now in possession of the police. Joe goes to the police station to report a burglary. Lily joins Cane at the GCAC bar. She admits that she told Joe that Cane broke into his suite. Cane and Lily talk things out and decide to bring Joe down together. On the stand, Abby describes Adam's actions during the fire. She believes Adam has paid for his crimes. Phyllis finds Topher and convinces him to give up information. He knows how to contact Ian. Phyllis makes a video for Ian. Judge Moxley sentences Adam to 5 years probation and 1000 hours of community service.

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