Wednesday 11/25/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/25/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s Thanksgiving Day...... Eric walks around his house and says Happy Thanksgiving to his love, Stephanie. He thinks she would be so proud. Brooke tells him the places are all set. And Pam is screaming in the kitchen for all to get out, Charlie needs to baste the turkey. Caroline and Ridge come in and she wants to take a selfie. Thomas takes her phone and says he will do the honors which makes Ridge a little testy. She tells him not to start anything as it will get better soon. Thomas and Zende get a little rambunctious and breaks something throwing the football, so they are promptly demoted to outside for time being where the Spencers and Forresters will duel. Quinn drops by her famous yam casserole and insists on sticking a spoonful in darling Wyatt’s mouth. Ivy notices Steffy’s ring and compliments her on it, but she and Liam have set no date yet.

Maya is surprised when Julius and Vivienne walk in, carrying her Aunt Carol’s favorite twice baked potatoes that Nicole always liked. And she is now eating for two so this is appropriate. Eric tells them that Zende’s parents send their love and he’d like to offer a toast to the day….the Forresters, the Spencers and the Avants. He calls them to the table and says this is a tradition set by Hope a few years ago. It is a day of celebration for what they have in common and yet a respect for their differences. Their placemats are set and each person is to turn to the person on their right and say something appreciative about them. At Maya’s turn she says she is grateful her parents are here. She will never forget the things that her dad said and how hurtful they were, but now he has said he loves her, and she will always remember this day. Rick thanks Nicole again for the greatest gift that she is going to give him and Maya. Pam thanks Deacon for keeping Quinn in check, so much so that she could leave a butter knife at her plate. Brooke is last as she turns to Eric and says he is the reason they are all here. Eric thanks all of them for participating in this tradition. He can not think of a better time to be alive than with all of them. They all hold their glasses high and clink while Pam and Charlie bring in the turkey for all to enjoy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

People gathered at the pub, John and Marlena’s place, and Victor’s place for Thanksgiving. Steve got another text. He wanted to know what the person wanted from him. Hope showed up and reminded Steve about going after Bo. Paul let John know that Eduardo know about his past. Victor wasn’t happy to see Justin bring Eve to the mansion. Steve warned Hope about being a vigilante. She wanted Justice for Bo’s death.

Eve and Justin went back to Eve’s place to have a private celebration. They ended up kissing. Paul continued to tell John about Eduardo’s past. Rafe didn’t want to talk to Eduardo. Eduardo wanted Rafe to give him another chance, but he wasn’t interested in it. Eduardo reached out to Gabi and Arianna. Hope arrived at the pub to be with her family. Belle and Claire showed up at the pub. Shawn was surprised to se Belle in Salem. Victor apologized for the way he treated everyone at the mansion. Caroline and the family made a toast in Bo’s honor. Eduardo went to Eve and told her he was doing a scholarship in Paige’s honor. Eve didn’t care and wanted him to leave. Kayla wanted to give Hope medication, but she didn’t want it. Hope went to Steve and told him she was determined to go after Bo’s kidnappers. John thought Eduardo would know about his parents. Belle showed up at her parents’ place and told them she’s getting a divorce.  Steve couldn’t help Hope, but he wouldn’t stand in her way

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Thanksgiving dinners take place in many peoples' homes.

Monica and Tracy invite their guests including Paul and Dillon who want to prepare their own original non-traditional turkey burgers on a grill. Dillon expresses he is ready to move back to Los Angeles, due in large part to his giving up on Lulu. Paul encourages his son not to accept the woman he loves going back to her dishonorable husband. Right when they assume it's unlikely to expect Jason, he arrives with Elizabeth and little Jake. He remembers nothing and nobody he interacts with and is not entirely comfortable for the time being. Patrick, Emma, Sam, Danny and Anna are gathered at his house. He invites a surprised guest whom he assumes nobody has ever met, since he's a new doctor who's recently moved to Port Charles. It's Dr. Maddox. Anna does not reveal that she knows him nor he-her although they have a private conversation as soon as they are alone in the room. Later on, Sam, Patrick and Danny go to the Quartermaine house. Sam overhears Elizabeth's son telling her son what he overheard his mom revealing she knows about his and Danny's mutual daddy. Sam knows she has to find out what little Jake has overheard from his mom. Dante is alone and depressed in his apartment not accepting even an invitation to join his mother for the holiday. Right then, Valerie comes by. Instantly he feels a lot better. As soon as they stop talking about his marriage and admit to what they both want, they end up sleeping together again. Alexis has Molly and Kristina at her house. Later Julian arrives with Olivia and baby Leo. They are ok until Ava unexpectedly arrives with baby Avery. Nobody wants her there and ask her to leave until Kristina expresses wanting to get to know her baby sister. At that point, Ava gets to stay. She plans to meet with Paul after they are both done with their respective holidays.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Cane and Colin devise a plan to find evidence that Joe framed Cane. Joe comforts Lily and they make love. While Lily is sleeping, Colin calls Joe and asks him to come downstairs because he wants to talk about a lucrative offer. When Joe leaves, Cane sneaks into Joe's suite. He finds Lily in Joe's bed. Cane convinces Lily to open Joe's safe. In the safe is a black hoodie. Cane takes it to Paul. Hilary packs a bag to leave but is stopped by reporters. She tells them that Dr. Neville saved her life and should be praised not punished. Devon demands the reporters leave. Neil takes Hilary upstairs. Neil goes to the door to leave but turns back to Hilary and they embrace. Colin joins Devon at the bar. Colin tells Devon that things with Hilary are far from over. Dylan wakes up and heads to Fairview to see Sharon and the baby. He vows to protect the baby and Sharon. Mariah leaves and goes to Nick's house where he, Sage, and Faith are reading a book together. She announces that Sharon had her baby. Sage acts happy but when she's alone, she cries into Christian's blanket. Sharon and Dylan name the baby Sullivan. Dr. Anderson says she needs to keep Sharon under observation for another few days. Dylan says that's fine but he isn't going anywhere.

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