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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tastes the pie that should be for tomorrow. Maya defers to Brooke for making the seating arrangements. Vivienne says she does not feel much like Thanksgiving, and all the prices are so high for even takeout. Steffy tells Thomas do not lie to her. How many ways did Ivy say no last night. She knows he did not score otherwise he would be gloating about it. So stop being so elusive and tell her. If Ivy cheated on Wyatt the minute he turned his head she wants to know about it. She thinks she won because technically there was no bet, just her disapproval. Wyatt makes a big spread for Ivy. He says he is the one who abandoned her so he owes this to her. He likes coming home to her. She tells him about the storm so the night was not that uneventful. Eric and Brooke tell Maya that her parents are welcome here tomorrow but it is up to her, they will understand either way. Maya slips away without answering. She wants to make sure her parents have enough money on their own. Rick says he does all he can to help Maya but this he can not fix.

Maya shows up at the crummy hotel and surprises her parents. She asks her mom if they are going to stay in this hotel room tomorrow. Ivy gets a text from Thomas but tells Wyatt that it is her fault but she has to go into work for something she forgot. She walks into a darkened room with Thomas inside and asks if they are alone. He turns a lamp back on and says tomorrow is a holiday and pretty much everyone has bailed. She says they have to be done. She has an amazing guy who treats her well and he puts her first. Thomas comes closer and pulls her into his arms and asks if Wyatt can do this. She pulls away. Thomas says he will see her tomorrow at Eric’s. Eric has some nostalgic moments about Stephanie and Rick says they could put her portrait back up for the day. Maya wonders if they ever had a good Thanksgiving when she was growing up. She does not remember it. Julius says as her parents they did the best they could. Maya feels responsible for what is broken and invites them to Eric’s tomorrow. Julius gives an excuse about his suit at the cleaners. Maya says whatever he wears will be great. Alone Vivienne thinks what it would be like to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of their children, that has been a very long time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla broke the news about what happened to Bo to the family. Ciara broke down when Shawn D told her about Bo. Jennifer wanted to be there for Hope, but she locked herself in her room. Hope didnít want to be consoled. Victor couldnít believe that Bo was gone. Maggie comforted Victor. Victor wanted to do something to avenge Boís death. Victor wanted to see Caroline. Kayla tried to call Steve, but he was drinking and didnít answer the phone. Chad began to remember fighting with Ben while he was in Benís apartment. Chad put two and two together and realized that Benís the necktie killer. Chad went to Rafe and told him that Ben is the necktie killer. Rafe had trouble believing it. Abby gave birth to her baby. Stefano showed Andre that Sami used the codes to empty the bank accounts. Andre didnít know how Sami did that. Stefano let Andre know that Sami escaped. Hope continued to grieve for Bo until he appeared as a ghost.

Steve got a text from someone that saw how he was hurting. Marlena didnít know how Hope would make it after losing Aiden and Hope. Sami sent Marlena a two-word text. Shawn D wanted to be strong for Hope. Jennifer let Shawn D and Ciara know that she locked herself in her bedroom and that she wasnít ready to deal with anything. Ciara needed Hope, but Shawn D assured her that they had to be strong for Hope. Hope apologized to Bo for not looking for him. Bo told her that she could make things right. Chad told Rafe that Aiden had no reason to kill the other people to get to Hope. Rafe realized that too. Ben took the baby from Abby. Wendy thought the baby should be in the hospital. Ben realized that Wendy knew where they were and thought that was a problem. Victor and Maggie arrived at the pub and Caroline really broke down over Bo. Hope begged Bo to come back to her and then he was gone. Marlena was worried about Sami since she robbed Stefano. Chad demanded that Rafe help Abby before it was too late. Abby begged Ben not to kill Wendy. Ben took Wendy outside and shot her. John and Marlena realized that Stefano would go after Sami. Chad warned Rafe that Ben gets violent when heís angry. Rafe finally put out an APB on Ben. Ben cuffed Abby to the bed and took the baby from her. Kayla called Steve, but he was too drunk to answer the phone. Hope found Steve and told him she was going after the people who kidnapped Bo. Hope wanted to know if Steve was with her on the mission or not.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan gets taken to the hospital yet has calmed down, is behaving rationally and cooperatively talking to Dr. Maddox. He talks privately to his dad about what it could mean to be bi polar and urges his mom to talk to the DA or the police about the car accident Halloween night, to hopefully get them to drop the charges against Kiki. Kiki is meanwhile at the station and the cops know they have to do their job and charge her with OUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Ava finds out from Paul about her daughter's case. She asks if he could use his power as DA to lessen the charges although he tells her that is not an option. She goes to the station to attempt to help her daughter but is unsuccessful and Kiki coldly tells Ava she wants nothing more to do with her. Right then, Carly arrives and persuades the police and DA to drop the charges against Kiki as she knows it was an accident and she would rather not testify against her. Right then, Paul agrees. Ava is happy he's done this for her and her daughter. Yet he keeps his distance from her leaving her to spend Thanksgiving alone while he spends it with the Quartermaines. Carly invites Kiki to spend Thanksgiving with their family. Sonny welcomes her. Bobbie joins them. Kristina travels to be with them. Michael and Sabrina are ready to spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. Yet right then, while Sabrina is alone in her apartment, Carlos appears out of nowhere and reveals he's risen from the dead. She hides him from Michael but tells him he better be gone when she returns from THanksgiving Dinner with the Quartermaines. Dante and Lulu are having serious problems. He doesn't want to end their marriage but she does, concluding that they have serious trust issues and their marriage is broken beyond repair. Maxie and Nathan are ready to happily spend Thanksgiving with Georgie and put their work aside in order to celebrate. Sam returns from her trip to find out answers about Jason and tells her present fiance she now knows that whether or not Jason gets his memory back, he's not the man she married and they have no future together. She informs Patrick that he is the man she loves and wants to have a future with and she proposes to him, hoping he still intends to marry her. He accepts her proposal and they are ready to spend Thanksgiving together with their extended family.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victor visits Adam in prison and tells him that Paragon is back and he thinks Billy and Phyllis are behind it. He offers Adam a deal- he will get Adam out of prison if Adam will help him stop Billy and Phyllis. Adam agrees. Dr. Anderson calls Mariah to tell her that Sharon's baby was born. She asks Mariah to let the rest of the family know but Sharon doesn't want visitors. Mariah shows up at Fairview and demands to see Sharon. Sharon spots her and waves her in. Dr. Anderson claims that Sharon must have changed her mind. Dylan finds Dr. Neville in a motel room. He wants to know the name of the person who hired him to treat Hilary. Dr. Neville agrees if Dylan can get him a reduced sentence. Hilary pleads with Devon not to call the police on Neil but he calls Paul and tells him he will be in to talk to him about something he learned. Dylan calls Paul and tells him that he found Dr. Neville but he wants Paul to come alone. Sharon calls Dylan to tell him about the baby but during their phone call, Dr. Neville stabs Dylan with a syringe and runs off. When Paul gets there, he finds Dylan passed out on the floor. Hilary tries to pretend she loves Devon to save Neil but Devon knows it's a lie. He and Neil go to the police station but Paul isn't there. Neil says he has to lose his freedom to be free. Devon has second thoughts. He doesn't want Neil to throw his life away.

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