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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Next day Ivy thinks about the night before with Thomas. He walks into the office and says he is thinking about last night too. She pretends to just be focusing on the office business. He kisses her and she stops him and says last night was fun but it will never happen again. She does not want him to get the wrong idea. She does not do that, ever in her life. She says she is glad he did not push her to the next level. She feels like she did something so terribly wrong but right at the same time. He said they needed that. She wonders what does she say to her boyfriend. Wyatt tells Steffy that it was a successful trip. The jewels were exquisite, but Quinn adds not as much as that ring on her finger. Zende shows up to see Nicole and says he had his first business trip. She says it is the first time that he has seen her pregnant, so does she look any different, like a glow or something. He says he is still trying to wrap his head around it but she looks the same. She wonders if there is a change in him or how he feels now that she is pregnant. He says he has not lied to her and he will not start now. He wishes she were not pregnant. He wants them to grow together but that can not happen now. She has another top priority now. He wants her all to himself, not share her just yet. The baby should be #1 and he wants her to be proud of her decision. He still supports her and that won’t change. She says it has changed. He has not seen her in days and he still has not kissed her. Maybe it will gross him out now that she is pregnant.

Wyatt is distracted thinking about Ivy and can not focus on the meeting with Quinn and Steffy. He excuses himself. Thomas tells Ivy that there is no need to tell Wyatt anything, just will get her in trouble. Just believe in serendipity. If they had gone all the way then they would still be in bed right now. He wants a repeat of last night and invites her back over to prepare Thanksgiving. Wyatt walks in and Ivy and Wyatt gravitate to each other’s arms despite Thomas being there. Wyatt says he hopes she enjoyed last night as he has big plans for tonight. Thomas says they were in the middle of something, designing his dress with her jewels. Wyatt says he will fire up the grill and get a bottle of wine and be ready for tonight. Alone, Thomas says she is a free agent. There is no ring and no commitment so she does not have to say anything to Wyatt, just let this play out. Wyatt speaks with Steffy and she questions him of what he is doing tonight. He needs to tell Ivy that he missed her and is making it up to her tonight. Thomas says Ivy needs to spend more time with him and figure this out who she really wants to be with. She says she loves Wyatt so she should not even be considering this. He says she is beautiful and young and they can be a little crazy. She says she has never been attracted to two people at the same time so she does not know what to do. He kisses her passionately and she definitely does not pull away but kisses him back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was devastated that Bo died. She called Kayla, but couldn’t come out and tell her what happened to Bo. Steve got a letter from the mystery person. He showed the letter to Kayla and promised her that nothing would happen to Joey. Ben refused to let Abby get help by going to the hospital. Abby grabbed her phone while Wendy helped her. John went to Andre to give him the codes and passwords in exchange for finding out where to find Sami. Andre wasn’t sure if he could trust John. Wendy urged Ben to let Abby go to the hospital. Stefano overheard John and Andre talking and he thought they were working together. Abby tried to text Chad, but she had a pain in her stomach. Unfortunately for Abby, Ben saw her with the phone. Kayla and Steve arrived at the park and saw that Bo was dead.

Ben took Abby’s phone and saw that she texted Chad. Ben smashed her phone and told her that she would regret making that call. Andre lied about why he kept it from Stefano that he was talking to John. Hope thought she was being punished for why Bo died. Steve and Kayla had to force Hope away from Bo. Steve said goodbye to Bo. Steve covered Bo’s face with his jacket and broke down. The EMTs took Bo in the ambulance. Hope walked off while Steve and Kayla fixed the tree that Bo planted. Steve and Kayla broke down after Hope left. John brought Marlena back to the DiMera mansion. Ben thought Abby waned him and not Chad. Wendy told Ben that Abby just waned help. Ben yelled at Wendy and told her that Abby would have the baby at the cabin. Kayla and Steve were outside of the pub and didn’t know how to tell Caroline what happened. Andre took John and Marlena to where he was keeping Sami. Stefano found out that Sami took his codes and passwords. Ben refused to let her get any help. Kayla went to the pub to break the news to Caroline, Roman, and Shawn D. Steve went to Victor’s place tell him about Bo.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While alone in the cabin with Kiki and believing he's protecting her from the cops coming after her, Morgan takes drastic action, grabbing his shot gun and ready to open fire. She is worried, not about her "situation" as much as what is happening with Morgan. She promptly calls Michael. He calls his mom and Max to come with him to assist with Morgan. Sonny wants to help them, blaming himself for his son's bi polar episodes as well as the fact that he's in a wheelchair unable to take action. Alone in the boxing gym with Epiphany, they talk about parenthood and about bi polar disorder while Carly, Michael and Max go to find Michael. Knowing that Kiki called them and feeling betrayed, Morgan yells that they have all betrayed his trust and he hates them all. Meanwhile, Sabrina waits for Michael after evading all his questions about the pregnancy of their child. Anna attends her session with Dr. Maddox and admits that she killed Carlos. He promises not to betray her confidentiality and tells her she's making progress. Helena is on her death bed ready to reveal the secret about Jason (or so she says) when she suddenly dies. Both Sam and Jason are skeptical that it's really happened. Yet, alone with Nikolas, the doctor assures him his grandmother has in fact died and we don't see any "pay offs" or revelation of Nikolas lying to the others at this point nor evidence it is not true that Helena is deceased.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Paul he thinks Joe framed him for Hilary's kidnapping and tried to kill him in the Newman tower fire. Paul brings Joe in for questioning. Paul lets Joe go because he has no proof against him, but he tells Cane he does think Joe is hiding something, and if he can get some proof of it, he will arrest him. Lily tells Cane to stop blaming Joe for the problems in their marriage, because he is the one that keeps pushing her away. Neil breaks up with Gwen and tells Devon the truth about Hilary's accident. Devon wants to have Neil arrested, but Hilary tells him not to call the police, because she has her memory back, and she still doesn't want to be with him. Nick and Sage go to therapy to deal with the loss of baby Christian. Nick gets upset when Dr. Anderson talks to Nick before his therapy session and says that  Victor will do anything he has to do to save his company.

Victor tells Nick that he thinks Billy has figured out a way to keep the Paragon virus alive, and he needs to get Adam out of jail to fight Billy, because it will be a long and dirty fight. Nick is hurt because he feels Victor has pushed him out of the company. Sharon has a crisis when she thinks that Nick has stolen her baby and an orderly has to sedate her. The orderly calls Dr. Anderson who tells a sleeping Sharon that when she awakens, she will have her baby. Sharon awakens and Dr. Anderson congratulates her on the birth of her baby boy then she puts baby Christian in her arms.

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