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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells his mom that it does not bother him that Ivy and Thomas are staying under the same roof. The house is so big there is no reason for them to even cross paths. Now Thomas flirting with Ivy does bother him. Liam pours wine and says looks like a lot of rain is on the way. Thomas tells Ivy that he could not sleep and he was wondering if she was lying awake too thinking what he was. There must be more to do than just sleeping across the hall from each other. Steffy calls Wyatt to make sure everything is okay. He says they are coming back right after the meeting and he will fill her in then. He just wishes Ivy were here. Ivy tells Thomas perhaps they can play a card game….but bridge takes four, something like chess maybe with just two. People rarely beat her. The lightening scares Ivy and she lands in Thomas’s waiting arms. She says playing games is not going to help either of them. She goes upstairs to bed. Thomas says he is going to make a snack but he doesn’t. He texts Steffy that she is going to lose the bet.

Steffy clears the text when Liam says he wants all of her, no more messaging. She laments that she never wants him to underestimate his importance in her life. He says she energizes him like no one else does. He wants to hold her tight and hold her safe. That is the only woman he can say that about. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her if she will let him. Suddenly he pulls out a box with a huge ring and asks if she will marry him. She says yes as she kisses him. He slips the ring on her finger and she kisses him again. Wyatt debunks Quinn’s idea that Ivy, sweet Ivy, is a lot like his former goody two shoes Hope. He sees nothing wrong with that. Quinn just wants him to be happy and if that is Ivy then she is okay with that. He says Steffy came back to town with one thing on her mind – Liam, so he never had a chance with her. He is with Ivy and he is committed to her now. Thomas knocks on Ivy’s door and without covering up she tells him to come in. He comes closer and asks her if Wyatt appreciates her the way he does. She lets him kiss her and returns the kiss. But she tells Thomas she can not do this. She is with Wyatt. He tells her to be a little crazy, be crazy with him. He kisses her again and she returns it. He lays her back on the bed while nuzzling her neck. Wyatt is on the phone texting her but she is paying no attention to the phone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla was upset over losing Bo. Steve tried to comfort Kayla. Steve blamed himself for bringing Bo home. Bo wanted to tell Hope what happened. Ciara talked to Caroline about Bo and Hope. She was afraid that Bo couldnít get over Hope moving on with her life. Bo and Hope met at the park and talked about their relationship. Hope apologized for not sensing that he was in trouble. They ended up kissing. Steve and Kayla helped each other deal with Boís diagnosis. Caroline told Ciara about Bo kidnapping Hope at her wedding. Kayla apologized for leaning on Steve. She didnít want him to get the wrong idea. Steve brought up how they kissed and he knew that she still loved him. Hope wanted to know why Bo left the pub when Ciara suggested they get married. Bo broke the news that he had a brain tumor. Hope cried and wanted to know how much time they had left.

Kayla didnít want to talk about them now. Steve assured Kayla that Bo would fight the tumor. Bo wanted to talk about his future with Hope. Bo wanted their kids to carve their names in a tree. There were flashbacks of them being together. Hope didnít know how she could live without Bo. He was sorry she doubted his love for her. She apologized again. She begged him not to leave her. He wanted to plant their tree. She wanted to get married again. He wanted to recite their vows then. There was a flashback of their first wedding. They kissed again. Caroline had a flashback of Bo and Hope. There were more flashbacks of Bo and Hope. Hope recited her vows to Bo. There was another flashback of Bo/Hopeís wedding. Bo and Hope kissed one more time and then he died.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Elizabeth arrive at Cassadine Island to join Jake, Nikolas and Helena. It appears Helena is on her death bed while Sam and Jason (although not Elizabeth nor Nikolas) probe her about giving them answers about how and why she did what she did to Jason. She evades the question telling him it was Faison and not herself who attempted to kill Jason whereas she saved Jason's life. Both Sam and Jason wonder why she caused what happened to him. She reveals she might have the answer to that but does not tell them what that answer is. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, although Nathan wants to believe that Franco ran Carly off the road Halloween night, he does a search to prove that Nina is correct that Franco was not driving the car. Kiki was. Franco wants to take the rap for Kiki but Nina and Nathan but tell him they won't let him do that. Carly goes to the station to learn, although she does not believe, that Franco has been wrongfully accused of the crime and Kiki hit her and left the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Morgan wants to protect Kiki and takes her off to a private cabin. She tells him they can only hide so long and he's being unrealistic to think they can escape the law or that he can abandon his family. As soon as Franco calls them and warns them the cops are after Kiki, Morgan behaves in a "manic", "bi polar" mode by believing cops are outside the door when they are not and gets his shot gun ready to take action. Meanwhile, Epiphany takes Sonny to the boxing gym for physical therapy. She motivates him not to let being in a wheelchair prevent him from venting his anger and channeling his energy boxing as he did before his injury. Meanwhile, Patrick comes by for the same reason Sonny is there. Sonny knows Patrick is upset and needs to take off steam in a similar manner, due to Patrick's own personal stuff involving Sam and Jason and the whole situation. Sonny is able to coach Patrick as Epiphany has coached him and it seems Sonny may be making progress in his recovery.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Gwen are sitting at a table in the Athletic Club dining room discussing Neil always being around Hilary. Gwen lets it slip and remarks something about Neil being guilty. Devon asks Gwen as to what Neil is feeling guilty about. Gwen tries to be evasive but Devon asks him as to why she is lying to him. At home, Sage sits in the floor and holds onto a baby blanket of Christian’s. Nick comes in. Nick asks her to go and help him feed the horses but she refuses. Nick lets her know that he cannot go on like this. They begin to discuss how that they need to grieve together to get past this but Sage begins to lash out at him for trying to make her grieve the way he wants her to. Nick suggests that they need to talk to someone. Dylan talks to Sharon by webcam and tells her that he wants to visit her for Thanksgiving but Dr. Anderson is in the room with her and motions for her not to allow Dylan to come. Dylan lets Sharon know about Nick and Sage losing their baby. Sharon begins to panic. Gwen assures Devon that Hilary is the main problem here and Neil is always there for her. Neil and Hilary kiss and lie back on the bed. Hilary wants to make love to him but Neil pushes her away by letting her know that will not be right. Devon gets a call from Dylan that he has gotten some new evidence. Dr. Anderson stops Sharon’s to Dylan but then when Dylan begins to investigate it, he finds that the computer is off because of the Paragon virus. Gwen becomes upset over the fact that Hilary does not know who her husband is. Gwen reminds Neil of all the lies she has told for him. Sharon questions Dr Anderson as to why Sage and Nick’s baby had to die and hers is still alive and growing. Dr. Anderson prepares to give Sharon another injection to make her sleep.

Dr. Neville visits Hilary to give her more medication but she orders him out. He prepares the medication for her as he tells her about his past. Gwen urges Neil to tell her the truth about what is going on between him and Hilary. Neil lets Gwen know that he is still drawn to Hilary. Devon and Dylan rush in to the Athletic Club and find that Neil left Hilary alone and Dr. Neville could have gotten to her again. They search Hilary’s room and finds her gone, but they do find medication. Sage and Nick see a psychiatrist to help them deal with the death of their son and to help to save their marriage. Dr. Anderson calls Emma to check on Christian and tells Emma that she has plans for the baby. Dylan sees Hilary in the foyer of the Athletic Club and asks her about Dr. Neville but she tells Dylan that Dr. Neville had left town. Sharon looks at herself in the mirror and realizes that she isn’t pregnant at all.

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