Thursday 11/19/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/19/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Thomas that he did not have to do all of this. She was perfectly happy with just making some soup and going to bed. And it is just one night as Wyatt will be back tomorrow. Thomas says if he had her to come back to, he would come back in a hurry too. She says it is only one night. Thomas replies a lot can happen in one night. As they eat she tells him she is very appreciative of what he is doing. Steffy is distracted and Liam asks what Bob Hope movie are they going to watch tonight. Quinn and Wyatt check into their hotel in San Francisco. She says they need to grab some bibs and go get some lobster. He says he has an early morning meeting so he’s just going to grab room service. She cajoles him that it’s only been a few hours but he is pining for Ivy. Quinn is surprised when he says Ivy is not at the beach house but staying tonight at the Forrester Estate. He wishes she was here and he will call her when he gets a little privacy.

While Ivy takes Wyatt’s phone call, Thomas faxes Steffy if she can guess who is staying across the hall tonight. Then he listens in to Ivy’s phone call. Then he asks her if not being alone at the beach house is her only reason to come here tonight. Liam brings out a very expensive bottle of wine Bill brought from France. He tells Steffy this is not about their past but their future. She has Thomas’s text on her mind. Wyatt too is distracted while Quinn yammers on. She wonders if he is thinking about Ivy staying in the same house as Thomas. She says Thomas is threatened by Wyatt and trying to make his life miserable. Wyatt says he is just a jerk and he could care less about the guy. Quinn says he does not respect Wyatt and he will never respect Ivy either. Wyatt retaliates by saying Ivy is not that naïve and would never fall for Thomas’s moves. He is not taking his girlfriend if he has anything to say about it. Quinn does not want Wyatt to be naïve and it is true that his girlfriend is staying the night in the same house with Thomas. Thomas won’t let Ivy go to bed this early and says they are alone since all the others are out of town at some charity event. They have a lot of red velvet cake to dive into. She does go upstairs but changes for bed and then comes back down to get something in kitchen. She suddenly spies Thomas also there and says she came down for a glass of water. He says he could not sleep because he was thinking of her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

People gathered at the pub for a surprise party for Bo. Abby wanted Ben to help her with the baby, but he hesitated before he did it. When Ben let the midwife in the cabin, she picked up the phone. When Abby was telling Wendy (the midwife) and them, Ben shut her up. John admitted to Marlena that he was fired from the ISA. Chad wanted Stefano to help him find Abby. Andre didnít think it was a good idea. John didnít want Marlena to feel bad for why he got fired. He wanted to focus on finding Sami. Bo got dizzy at the party and Hope asked him if he was okay. Bo and Kayla exchanged looks, but he said he was okay.

Abby continued to have contractions. The people at Boís party were sharing memories of Bo. Steve wondered if Bo should leave the party, but Kayla didnít know. Caroline had a vision of Bo dying while heís with Hope. Caroline didnít tell Bo about her vision. Victor and Maggie demanded to know about Carolineís vision. She told them about seeing Bo and Hope crying. Chad showed up at John and Marlenaís place to see her. Chad told Marlena that Abbyís in trouble. Chad wanted Marlena to hypnotize him. Marlena wanted his help in return. Wendy let Ben know the baby would be born soon and wanted to call an ambulance. Ben put his gun out on Wendy and demanded she put down the phone. Bo called Chelsea to let her know heís home and that heís okay. Marlena hypnotized Chad. While he was under hypnosis, he remembered his fight with Ben. When Chad came out of the coma, he couldnít remember anything. Ciara suggested that Bo and Hope get married at the party. Hope was willing to, but wanted to know what Bo thought. Bo needed a minute and left the pub. Ben wanted the baby born at the cabin. Marlena wanted Chad to see if the DiMeras kidnapped Sami. Chad agreed to do it. Marlena found the codes in Samiís doll. Hope thought Bo couldnít forgive her when he walked out of the pub. Steve found Bo outside and noticed that he was in pain. Steve advised Bo to tell Hope whatís wrong with him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nina rushes to the police station to find Franco and demands Nathan tells her why the cops suspect him in the hit and run accident where Carly got hit. He tells her the have positively identified Franco's car and know his past history with Carly and possible motive to run her off the road, not get help and leave the scene and to suspect it was not an accident. Yet she knows he's being falsely accused. Meanwhile, Kiki finds out, for the first time, that Franco has been charged for the hit and run accident she has caused. She tells him she has to go and take action so Franco does not go down for her crime. He goes with her and they agree that Franco should go down so that Kiki's future is not ruined although she objects and tells them she cannot live with herself if that happens. Morgan the encourages her to go away together where they can start anew, as they both know there is nothing more for either one of them in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Sam and Elizabeth travel together by airplane to Cassadine Island to find Jake. They argue about who is the "better woman" for Jason but agree they have a common goal which is to find and save him. Before they find him, however, he's already gotten into the house, found Nikolas and found Helena. She faces her grandson, Jason as well as the two women and is about to reveal the bit secret, while on her deathbed.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Paul and Dylan question Hilary about the drugs she was given because her tox screen showed that she'd taken them again. Hilary lies for Neil again and says she met Dr. Neville in the park and got them for him. At the station, Dylan tells Paul that he doesn't believe her and he thinks Neil and Gwen are more involved than they claim. Neil takes Hilary back to the club. He tells her about the plane crash and she has flashbacks. She tells Neil that he never stopped saving her and she kisses him. Lily tries to be supportive with Cane but he says it's too late. Joe tries to give Cane advice but Cane tells Joe to burn in hell. Chelsea and Michael visit Adam in prison. It's obvious someone has beaten him up. Adam asks Chelsea to never come back to the prison. He doesn't want her to see him like this. She goes to Victor to beg for help. Victor tells her to get on with her life because Adam betrayed them both. Jack figures out that Phyllis and Billy are working against Victor and he wants to know what Billy is up to. Billy is listening to their conversation out in the hall.

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