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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas won’t let up. He keeps badgering Steffy to bet with him that he can be successful in taking Ivy away from Wyatt. Quinn and Wyatt have an overnight business trip and he kisses Ivy and says he needs a few more of those to tide him over. He wishes she could go along but she laments she has designs due on Ridge’s desk tomorrow morning, so no can do. He does warn her to stay clear of Thomas as much as she can while he is gone. She even says she will not spend the night in the beach house as being alone there would creep her out. She will stay with Uncle Eric at his house. Katie congratulates Liam, and Bill is happy. He always said that Steffy was the woman for him and now he is going to do something about it. So don’t screw this up. He just hopes Wyatt will be as smart in finding his woman. Katie says perhaps he already has.

Steffy won’t make the bet with Thomas, not for money, dinner, nothing. She sees how happy Wyatt and Ivy are and thinks this is wrong. He takes that as a challenge. Besides Wyatt has not put a ring on her finger so Thomas feels justified in going after anyone he wants. Steffy tells him this is not a game. She sees Wyatt before he leaves for San Francisco and asks about him and Ivy. He wishes she were going with him but can’t this time. Thomas hangs up from talking to a late night booty call when Ivy walks into the house. Steffy walks into the cliff house with lighted candles everywhere and dozens of roses. She thanks Liam while kissing him, then goes to change into something more comfortable. Liam can tell her mind is still at the office and he wants all of her. She mentions Wyatt and Ivy and he sees she cares about them too. Liam laments he thinks they are good together also. Wyatt is a good guy even though he is misguided at times. Ivy comes downstairs to find that Thomas wanted to share a special meal with her since it is her first time back in a while. He has ordered her favorite meal from a restaurant and pours drinks and wants to offer a toast. She asks about the phone call she heard him hang up on. He wonders if she is jealous. He says he cancelled those plans the second he saw her walk through the door. He can not stop thinking about their kiss and here they are alone in this big old house and it could be a night to remember.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and Kayla accused each other of setting up a hotel room with romantic things. They wondered who did it since they didnít. Bo brought Hope back to the house. Ciara was happy he was there and wanted him to move back in the house. Hope was in her bedroom and panicked when she saw her bloody wedding dress in a bag. Kayla was upset about Bo so she didnít know how Steve could have thought she did it. Steve found champagne and realized the person had money. Steve offered her a glass so they could drink it, but Kayla threw the glass on the floor. Ciara thought Bo didnít want to be home and got mad. Bo explained that Hope was dealing with a lot right now. Ciara left and didnít want her parents to act dumb. Hope screamed upstairs and Bo rushed after her. Hope cut up her dress and Bo tried to stop her. Hope told Bo she couldnít live in that house anymore. Kayla thought the champagne was drugged. Steve didnít think so and then Kayla suspected that he set up the room again. Abe noticed that Theo and Lani got along very well. Abe asked Theo what he thought about her. Theo liked her so Abe told him that sheís his sister. Bo got rid of Hopeís dress. Bo assured Hope that she had her family. Hope wanted to know if she had him. Hope didnít think Bo wanted her anymore. Bo let her know that sheís the love of his life. They kissed each other.

Steve denied setting up the room. Abe explained how Lani is Theoís sister. Theo was upset by the news and walked out. Bo and Hope made love. Bo was in pain after he and Hope made love. Steve wanted to find out who sent them to the hotel. Theo talked to Joey about Lani being his sister. Bo went to the police station to talk to Rafe about Hope. Bo told Rafe that heís dying. Theo talked to Joey and Ciara about Lani. Bo realized that Rafe loves Hope and that she would do right by her. Hope looked for Bo and thought about being attacked. Joey realized that Theo had a crush on Ciara. Steve promised he would keep Kayla and their kids safe. Steve told Kayla that sheís the best thing thatís happened to him and wanted her back. Steve and Kayla kissed each other. Hope realized that she imagined Aiden and started to cry on the floor. Bo arrived at the pub and found out Caroline threw a party for him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

As soon as Sam discovers that Jason has gone, she knows he needs her help and she needs to be there for him although Patrick is very disenchanted about how she makes that more of a priority than their relationship. Elizabeth is still very persistent and "possessive" of Jason, not wanting anyone to talk to him alone or to risk him re-gaining his memory before she finds him. Michael is confident that with Jason's offer to help him, he can take over ELQ, overthrow Nikolas and file criminal charges against him. Yet when he talks to Sabrina about her pregnancy, she continues to evade him. Lulu is unaware of Dante's new professional relationship working with Valerie while she attends the police academy. After having seen them together in a car at night and then noticing Valerie sending Dante emails about the "exciting night" they had, she assumes this obviously means that they are sleeping together again behind her back. She is increasingly angry and distrusting of Dante when she believes he's lied to her after having sworn that he was only with Valerie that one time and is committed to saving his marriage. Maxie also sees the email as well as overhearing Valerie sharing with the waitress the "adventure" she had the previous night and she goes to confront her. While Dante explains what happened and proves to Lulu that she's really pushing this too far, Valerie explains and tells Maxie the same thing. Dante concludes if his wife cannot trust him, maybe there is no point in trying to save their marriage and they should end it. Meanwhile, Jason travels to Portland somehow knowing (without knowing) that Spinelli is the one person with the computer skills to find out what he needs to know in order to get his life back. Although he admits having no memory of being Spinelli's friend, he feels a close bond in confiding with him about his present situation.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Devon and Lily confide in each other about their messy lives. Dylan pressures Hilary with questions and shows her a picture of Dr. Neville. She collapses and is taken to Memorial Hospital. There, she tells Devon he can leave. He says he will never abandon her. Gwen questions Emma about Dr. Neville but Emma knows very little about him. Later, when Neil questions her too, she guesses that Neil was the one who paid Dr. Neville to treat Hilary. Paul gets word that Patty's body wasn't found in the wreckage of Newman tower. Ian Ward was not found either. Christine thinks Adam lied. They tell Chelsea, who confronts Adam but he sticks to his story. Victor arrives and accuses Adam of working with Ian. Christine takes Adam to jail. Victor tells Chelsea that she can't trust Adam. Victor is unimpressed with the accommodations at Jabot. Ashley storms in with bad news. Paragon is back. She suspects that Billy is behind it because he's acting strangely. Billy acts offended but calls Phyllis to tell her that their plan has hit a snag. In Ashley's office, Victoria tells Ashley that she's suspects Billy. too.

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